Parents, Please provide me suggestions about teaching methodology in BVM Global school

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Devi20 2012-02-21 13:34:38


My son is studying PreKG in BVM Global Perungudi. My son enjoys going to school and he is telling lot of slogas and he is very good in drawing.

my concern is they will make students to write only at UKG and they are not giving homeworks at all and the parents dont know what the kids are doing in the class. They are not even proving diary to update parents regarding daily events in school. They are not even conducting Parents Teachers meeting.

i joined my kid in BVM only because I am working in a MNC and I wont get time to teach kids and also  I dont want my kid to be stressed out and he should learn in a playful environment. But now I am fearing whether this much playful education will work out for kids. I just want my kid to be strong in fundamentals and after read that article that kids of fourth std dont know to read a tamil story, I am very much shocked. In my school days, I hadn't made even a single spelling mistake in both Tamil and English language though I studied in a very normal school in Tirunelveli. I remember I started studying tamil books at the age of 6 itself.

Parents please let me guide whether this much playful method of teaching and no homeworks will make kids to learn and ll they be strong in fundamentals.

pvenkatesh 2012-02-21 14:15:39


I think he is doing good.

Those days are gone, kids of this generation are very smart and not like the way we have been brought up in 80's/90's. My experiences in neighbourhood and with my son are completely surprising, I dont think whether we were this smart during our childhood.

Our kids are learning good stuffs in a different environment.

Do not worry too much about him :) Just check if his communication, drawing and other skills are improving.



Devi20 2012-02-21 14:54:55


Thanks a lot for ur valuable suggestions.

I really see lot of changes in  my son's communication skills,  and he is drawing very nicely and he is able to identify shapes and he is able to relate everything he sees with what he learnt. he is reciting lot of slogans.

but my only concern is in that school they are not updating anything abt our kids development and activities and the parents of higher classes are complaining for no exams and homework and everyone is having a doubt whether this much playful method is good for kids in the long run.

I dont want my son to be like a memorizing machine and I am keen that, he should not be get stressed because of a pressure to get high ranks. He should enjoy his school days fully and I want overall development of my kid.  Mainly because of these reasons, and after did a lot of research abt schools in Chennai, I enrolled my kid in BVM. But after hearing complaints from parents, I am very much confused  whether my decision abt school had went wrong.



Sadhaya 2012-04-24 09:32:49


Dear Parents,

Am new in this forum and planning to put my son for I std in the next academic year in a good school...

A good school would be what Ms.Devi had said... he should enjoy his school and also learn... though no pressure for ranks....

By reading various posts in the forum, am only confused whether BVM, Perungudi will fit my bill or should I look at some other options....

Can someone provide a concrete opition on the school and also about fee structure?





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