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amitdg 2012-02-15 09:41:09


Hi Parents,

I am looking for a good CBSE School for my Twins in and around Tambram/Perungalattur.Currently they are studying in LKG in Bharathi Vidyashram.But i am not satisfied at all with their Kids Development activities.The studies are OK,but there is no activity at all.No foeld trips(as promised @ admission time),no extra activities like School annual day,gatherings etc...transport is also a big issue.

Please if anyone can suggest a good school which can take care of the overall development of the Kids not just studies....

Even out of this area i am ready to relocate to a different area for the sake of my kids.
I need to take a decision in this week so parents request your valuable feedback urgently..You can even call me on 8056024866...


Gopinathj 2012-02-15 11:22:15


Check these schools.. In few schools admission would have got over..

Campus  CBSE In MCC College campus, Tambaram. Only till 5th std. Sankara Vidyalaya IGCSE Selaiyur Vivekananda Vidyalaya CBSE Chitlapakkam Lords International ICSE West Tambaram (might move near kishkinta) Srimathi Sundaravalli CBSE Pre-kg to 2nd std in Perungulathur. Other stds in Chrompet. Crescent Scool IGCSE Crescent College, Vandalur Omega International  CBSE Kolapakkam, near Airport Good Earth ICSE Near Kishkinta Vidya Mandir CBSE Near SRM 



Gopinathj 2012-02-15 11:23:04


 Sorry I pasted it from a excel sheet..


amitdg 2012-02-15 13:11:51


Dear Gopinath,


Thanks for the quick reply.
Actually i want to know which of these schools ae really worthy..

If you know anyone who has kids studying here or some first hand info..i will really be greatful...


Gopinathj 2012-02-15 16:00:31


here are my views about these schools..

 I have personally visited Lords international in West tambaram and met couple of parents there.. They were very much happy about the school.. They are shifting a big campus near Kishkinta this year..

Vidya Mandir is a very famous school in Mylapore for many years.. It has its own brand..

I have also visited Good Earth.. Its located some 8kms away from Kishkinta.. Very very big campus.. Heard that getting admission is very tough there..  The School accepts admission for classes LKG and XI only from 5th of Janauary this year(2012). Spoke with couple of students there, they were very happy and positive about the school..

Campus is only till 5th, so not interested much..

Sankara has a very small campus, so not much interested..

Got positive feedback about vivekananda from few parents.. Kind of above average school..

SSM - till 2nd std they have to go to Perungulathur and after that in Chrompet.. Have got good reviews from the local residents around Chrompet..

Omega - My friend's kid is studying there.. He likes the school much..

Crescent school  - I think it starts from 6th std only..

If you ask me to select 2 best schools.. I would select Good Earth & Vidya Mandir.. But this is just my opinion.. 

Opinion and requirements differs to each parents.. So you better visit all the schools personally, speak with the management/student/parents and then take a decision.. Do not take decison based on the comments from forums.. All the Best..











Srilekha 2012-02-15 16:27:46


Choose which type of education you prefer for your kids first of all.

Go to Montessari method if u dont want to pressuire too much

If you want to concentrate more on acedamics go for regular method.

For montessari SSM is the good school near by.

For Acedamics you have other options.

I have admitted my son in SSM this year. I have atleast 10 ppl known well known, kids studying in that school gives only good opinions. The child is moduled very culturally and they start eat properly. They take care of the kids. Untill 2nd std they follow montessari method, which makes the kid learn on their own. No need to sit side to them and make them read. Most of the parents concern evolves around these two.

They admit either in JM1(prekg) or SM1(1std). If you are interested try for 1st standard.


Srilekha 2012-02-15 16:31:57


When i visited the school, i felt is im leaving my kid to our own family members. Also respect for human not for money. Which i dont see in any of the other schools (4 Famous schools in chennai).


amitdg 2012-02-20 11:43:35


yeah even i was trying for SSM, but they do not admit for LKG and UKG..

Currently i m trying for VELS school pallavaram..I heard its a good school...

Any views on VELS?



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