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suji2012 2012-02-09 17:57:11


 Hi all,

We  recently moved from US.We have 2  boys one at 4th and the other at  lower kg.

My elder son  knows only english.He doesn't know hindi or tamil to write and read.

I would like to put him in a school where there is more of activities and less of homework.I want this transition to be smooth to him.

We enquired some schools which r expensive and reviews also not ok.

I'm much confused with cbse and icse system.I'm not looking for much standard one rightnow.

Can anyone Pl.suggest me about the right school for my elder son.

We live in kk nagar.



NJ 2012-02-10 11:24:48


There are many schools here that have more activities at lower age groups upto 1st std. But beyond that, there will be homeworks, the amount of homeworks, may vary from school to school. Perhaps the international schools following the cambridge syllabus may have more activity oriented approach. But most schools following Indian standard boards have intensive academic curriculum for the higher classes.

A few schools that may fit your criteria -

American international school - at Taramani

The school KFI at Besant Nagar- This is ICSE based, but I have heard they dont force kids.

There are other international schools along the OMR like head start, vaels billabong , gateway, St Johns(Neelankarai branch) and MCTM international(at Alwarpet I think) . But I dont know if they really follow cambridge syllabus or a mix of indian and cambridge syllabus. You may want to visit the schools to find out more.


suji2012 2012-02-11 08:51:30



thanks for ur reply.American international school is so expensive.

Today i'll check Besant nagar school.






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