Best School !! what are the criterias we (Parents) look for ??

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manju2madhu 2012-02-03 05:37:56


Chennai Parents , lets discuss , what we really expect from our kids school. what are the main criteria we are looking for . how do we judge a school as good, better and best.

My kids are already into one of the best schools(?) in chennai. But I am not satisfied. The class strength is 45 and only one teacher. Not much place for playing. No extracurricular activity.

Thru this discussion , lets discuss about our wants, what we receive from schools and how  kids feel!!

Divswami 2012-02-03 11:01:43


Nice topic, though a common one, most parents sail through the same boat,

My expectation from a school is to:

Allow my child ample opportunities to explore and experience various skills sets in order to help him identiy his area of intrest, thus instill self-confidence in the child and help mature into a confident, positive adult with

  • strong values and principles,
  • compassion towards others;
  • ability to think, act, and decide independtly and face life as it comes.

How to identify the best school for our child?

Here are my thoughts (This is for the primary classes)

1. Student capacity must be restricted to 30 to 35 for every teacher

2. How big is the campus? What are the outdoor and sports activite? - Are all children made to participate and enjoy sports and physical activities?

3. What is the education pattern ? (CBSE, Montessori, ICSE, IGSE, International schools) and whether it gels with our ideology. For example, for a parent who totally belives in motessori, a trad school like DAV where academic results are top priority may not be the right choice and vice vers. Sometimes, as parents, we find it difficult to decide between a trad school and a new age school

4. Extra-curricular - This is a big must. Now, everyt school allows extra-curricular activities, but to what extent, how often and how varied is the question.

Most trad CBSE schools restrict these activites to art - drawing, dance - Bhartam, Vocal carnatic music, Musical intruments, may be yoga/karate, drama, debate etc

Some schools like Chettinad for example allow primary children to go take up swimming as well. All kids are given swimming lessons but., if a child is not intrested, he or she is not forced. The new age schools also encourage chilren to involve themsevels in intresing activities such as Theatre art, Gardening, pottery, and western instruments. (Schools such as Abacus, Head Start, Vale's Billabong, CV have intresting and a variety of such activities)

Now, how will the child know what he or she is good at unless he or she tries it out? so, does the school provide ample opportunity for the child to try out his or her various intrests. This way the child learns to choose and make decisions early on.

4. Next, on academics - I personally think that atlesat for the primary school education, kids must not be pressurized wiith exams, each parent may have a differnet take.. so how often are exams test conducted? For example, I know that in P.S asignments are conducted every 15 days, but of late I hear that the kids can gain extra marks through their extra curicular activities for each assignment.

Few other key points would be:

  • When was the school establised
  • What are the results in class x and xii? (Our children at the end of the day have to face the board exams! i HOPE this changes by the time our kids turn 15 :) )
  • What are the achievements at state, national and international levels in sports, quiz, and language competitions?
  • Are the parents allowed to interact with the teachers and are the teachers approachable? (This has to be feedback from personal exp of parents of a given school)
  • Are the parents allowed to tour a school and observe a class in progress while choosing a school?
  • Is the principal approachable, can you anytime ask for an appoitnment to meet the princi
  • Is importance given to good manners, socializing, and values such as sharing, humanity and so on
  • What is the communication channel between parents and teachers and how often are the kids skils graded for feedback (graded not rated)
  • Last, but not the least, how happy is the child about the school. Does he take pride in the school and its culture?

Well the list can go on. but to summarize, if we ar looking at all these things, it is a bit difficult bcos new age schools are fresh with ideas and enthu but may lack the experience and acadamic result record. While the trad schools like PS, DAV, PSBB, Vidya Mandir have a good record on results but may not offer variety in extra-curricular activities and pressues may be more on academics.

Most importantly, these so called new age schools have a high fee structure and parents actually feel a pinch in the pocket.

So the balls comes back to our court. What is our priority? What is our affordability? etc baded on this we need to choose one of the new age or trad school (of course after validating all the promises made by the school authorities through feedback from many parents and making multiple visits and discussions with the teachers in the selected school/)

Chennai parents please share your comments and personal expreinces.




 Former member 2012-02-03 17:15:21


That covered most...I wish to add as one last point...

Finally school chooses you. We dont normally get to choose school..We have to apply in many schools. If we could get in one school then we have won a marathon...


krishiaishu 2012-02-03 17:22:59


 Concur with arjunr.  


vaishuappa 2012-02-03 18:45:20


schools which are not transparent with the selection process, asking for donation/recommendations can be considered as best schools?


gauthamappa 2012-02-04 06:53:07


Those schools have no transparent selection process and asking donations /recommendations must be avoided.These schools will spoil our childern's future.My opinion is any school must be nearer to our home atleast for primary level.


mikukiku 2012-02-04 11:52:30


hi gautham,

I echo ur thought. Emotional security is the most imp. deciding factor for primary level


 Former member 2012-02-04 13:37:00


If a school seeks only money - or only affluent parents - then we know what is their critieria.. it is clear..

same with recomendation...

if school makes criteria clear - the parents would choose or not choose to apply...

I like following schools because they are so clear what they want:

1. Lachateleine - they want child to be within 2 to 3 km...nothing else they want...the parents doesnt need qualified / need not show income/ MUST not have recos/ no need to mention community...

2. MVM - distance plus merit, clarity of child voice..responsiveness of child..

3. harishree vidyalayam - big donations, they want only affluent parents (looks like that reading reviews and posts of other parents here- not my views)but this is an amazing school...i love this school...

4. Amrita vidyalayam - early birds get seat

5. bavans, vidya mandir and chinmaya - distance.

6. KV first preference to CG employees...restof seat filled according to norms of govt...



 Former member 2012-02-04 13:50:13


 7. SBOA - have white paper so you can give your quotation on donation..

8. chettinad vidyashram - any distance is ok, has vast fleeet of vans and buses...can pick up any area in chennai, provides breakfast and lunch - good, selection - by interview and donation. has huge number of children...largest school in asia...


9. BS mootha, LM dadha etc are all neighborhood schools. giving admission to neighborhood people..


 Former member 2012-02-04 13:56:24


 child house being in nearby school would definetely give a peace of mind to parent...and child would not be burdened to travel...even say 5 to 6 km X 2 times is big distance...while coming back - many vans take around one hour travel plus pick up time in school around half hour, they would get hungry, want to go to toilet, peer pressure in van, seniors pressure in child pinching, that child hitting, omg...

if school is nearby then any issues we can go to school often, if they want us there we can go immediately - one person in house can go immediately for any requirement...


gauthamappa 2012-02-04 19:50:07


Tamil language  was not taught  in KV at Ashok Nagar.So without learning our mother tongue how can we study further.


 Former member 2012-02-04 20:25:26


Learning mother tongue is a must must...KV is a national school spread all over is for kids of people who get transferred jobs all over India..suppose a kid comes from say Acity to Bcity. Kid cannot learn from scratch language at say BCity. even if he tries his peers would be ahead of him at that point...tatz why there is no regional language in KV- kv isfor nationally mobile group...


 Former member 2012-02-05 08:06:23



10.KFI - amazing and top notch school, highest values, imparts virtues alongside education...

11. Lalji Omega inkolapakkam - admission transparent.


 Former member 2012-02-05 08:11:35


but as i said earlier, what ever be the criteria, school chooses us.

we can only apply and keep our finger crossed. since we know what the schools and their admission criteria is like, atleast we can apply to schools that we feel match criteria...


 Former member 2012-02-07 14:07:17


Most cbse schools admission over...looks like MONEY is only criteria...


krishiaishu 2012-02-07 14:36:37


  3. MONEY

vaishuappa 2012-02-07 14:39:47


@arjunr, krishiaishu, just to clarify things, you guys have been saying money plays an important role in selection, but what i dont understand is how parents approach schools and offer them to pay hige money? as someone was saying in another thread, we are not even allowed to go inside the school to see the notice board, how did the parents even approach the school to pay the domation? do we need to recommendation for that too? just curious.....


 Former member 2012-02-07 16:41:35


vaishuappa ur words are innocent...u dont go inside school to give them money...u find someone -  to approach them and pay up and reserve seat...:(


 Former member 2012-02-07 16:42:36


yes recommendations ,touts, etc....


jishnu2011 2012-02-07 16:53:16


Sherwood school principal calle me yesterday morning and asked me 'if i can pay: 1.25 lakhs? if yes, please confirm by evening...your son's seat is confirmed'?

guys: do u know the best part here:

my son did not even attend the interview with principal as we just came out of the school on the interview day as the money is too much for us right now...

so, everything sells now a days....even school seats in exchange of money...



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