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jishnu2011 2012-01-23 17:52:15


my son's interview went off very well today afternoon...we are keeping our fingures crossed till 6th of Feb, when the results will be out...

Gpillai 2012-01-24 10:07:52


hi Jishnu,

can u pls share what was asked in the interview?



sweety0202 2012-01-24 11:33:14


 Yes.. plz share it with us.



arunm027 2012-01-24 12:09:08


I had my kids interaction yesterday with MVM.. The questions were mainly around.

  • Identifying Colours.
  • Identifying Animals
  • Rhymes.

Please note that the shortlisting of candidates will primarily be based on the distance from the school and that too will happen throgh lots. I am not sure how big an impact will kid's performance be considered for admission.

All the best.


theo 2012-01-24 13:25:47


I had my kids interaction on 22.1.12 with MVM went well. The questions were mainly around.

  • Identifying fruits.
  • Identifying vegetables
  • Rhymes.

Please note that the shortlisting of candidates happen throgh lots. I am not sure how big an impact will kid's performance be considered for admission.

All the best.


arunm027 2012-01-24 13:38:15


Theo.. I guess I should have obtained copyright on msg format.. 

Any reason why you removed the distance consideration? dont you consider this as a major factor in lots?


get2mani 2012-02-06 13:39:25


 Maharishi Results are Out


srivimal 2012-02-06 14:31:34


So, is this fare. It seems not fare results i got the information.


jesuambi 2012-02-06 16:56:36


hi friends,

my daughter also attended the interview and everything went well....which indeed gave us a great hope in heart that my daughter would be selected....but today the result has indeed broken our dreams and it that we cannot dream to enroll our kid in a good school.....i indeed wonder what the selection criteria was for the it that only money can speak in schools....why then do these create dramas by first issuing token then application on slots then submission of application and all the above interview.....why such dramas....they could better put in an auction sale for the seats of such so  called hi- fi schools....and should also put on note how much they expect in return for seats.....ashamed .....if i had a chance i would indeed recommend these schools to be taken over by the government....

 a parent who has just ssc proudly tells me that they have got admission in MVM by paying 1 lac.....


these schools only ditch us.....

please friends atleast from next accademic year please dont fall by name....if u are able to pay book ur seats by paying a huge sum.....dont be disappointed afterall only money speaks not the students talent or interview....




jishnu2011 2012-02-06 17:01:44


jesuambi : same here...i also felt my son did good...but his name was not there...u know i went through the list at the least 5 times to be sure:....schools are all about money...i really wonder what do they teach? if they really teach good than it is okay...else we also studied and all my friends are doing excellent in their fields...

if u see my earlier comments how much i payed as a school fees...i know things have change and lifestyle is costly but how much it can change....



jesuambi 2012-02-06 17:15:50


thanks jishnu2011 ...

but do you know it hurts a lot....i had also applied in DAV gopalapuram same thing happened there...

 but do these schools honour the brilliance and intelligence of the not at daughter is 3 years 6 months....she stands first in her prekg grade....she know at least of 30-40 rhymes....all the above she has won and has certificates for colouring competition....she can write her alphabets both capital letters and small letters....she can also write till 50 and count till 100....adding to all this she is music too....i have hometrained her with names of domestic animals,wild animals, birds,vegetables, fruits, and even opposites....above all even story telling too......what else should a child know for entering into lkg.....she understands and speaks excellent english....

but now its a fire in me to make my child excel in everything show to such hi-fi money eaters that not the school builds a child's future but it is God's given knowledge and hardwork that builds up a child's future....

the money eating schools should be ashamed of themselves....



jishnu2011 2012-02-06 19:30:18


jesuambi : it is really good to see your zeal for life and towards your daughter...u know my son does not half of what you have mentioned but his interview went really well as he answered all questions except one or two...

thing is i feel pathetic for chennaites....sorry to say this but yes this is true...i am not from chennai and came from delhi in 2008 when my son was just 5 months old...i came because of job...but never had any plans to settle down...though it is already 4 years that i m my son has become 3 and half years to go to LKG...he is going to a pre-school also...

now if u know...this is not the condition in cities like delhi or mumbai...u know in delhi there are 10 to 15 CBSE schools in a area of 5 to maximum of you have lots of options...i mean there are very good, good, not so good schools but u can try in all...also as much as i i m trying hard to move out of this city at the earliest...schools there ask for donation at a limit...

i mean there are schools who just ask for 10k donations and there are schools that ask for 20k or 30k there are options...

here it is not...i m staying near harrington road subway....sherwoood school is nearby...u will not believe what happened today..

sherwood is asking for 1.25 lakhs donation excluding the school fees...on the day of interview we did not atten the interview as we will not be able to pay so much...this school is at a walking distance from my i got a call from the school and they said my son's seat is confirmed...i had to just confirm if i can pay 1.25 lakhs or not by today evening...

see i did not even attend the interview and they r ready to offer my son a seat in exchange of money...

i heard that principal of school is having 10 to 12 cars and she buys a new car model as soon as that arrives in india...

so this is india...and no sorry...this is chennai...







bavishya 2012-02-06 23:04:20


Hi ..

Even i applied for my twin daughters in MVM. I didnt t get thru'. Yes, its all about VITAMIN "M" that plays and place the kid in school. Ppl are already booking their seats with money. Exactly said, if all is gonna be based on money why the hell they go thru all the application, interview and selection process. And if they MVM says its thru lots, they should call and pick up in front of the parents to whom the appln has been issued. ALL BIG DRAMA..Iam waitng for Chinmaya and BHAVANS for the results to come. I heard admission is also over at VIDHYA MANDIR, MYLAPORE but only the interview is going on.

I would also like to mention to fellow parents at this juncture, that we can file these schools and the change the scenario if WE ALL GET TOGETHER FOR A CAUSE...


tharini 2012-02-07 09:50:12



   Sure Bavishya.....Like u all even i also affected by these dramas. u know yesterday i was too disappointed on hearing the DAV and MVM results. My collegues (chennai based) asked whom u have approched for these admissions, i said i have approached the schools...they were laughing and said you have to approach some person who can recommend for the school admissions. If u could have approached them, without the application form you can get seats. I dont know what to say.


jishnu2011 2012-02-07 10:01:53


tharini : reading at what you mentioned i think these schools should stop issuing application forms and conducting interviews...what is the use?...ifthey are taking children only by recommendation...

i will wait for Bhavans and Chinmaya...if nothing works out...then will finally admit my kid in 'eurokids'...because we are not eager to stay in chennai anyhow in the long run...

but as i mentioned above i definitly would like to participate and also participated in the good cause Bavishya started...

but guys...i hardly see any message or reply to her...

are all parents in this group are getting thier kids admitted through recommendations? even if you do please join us in going for this noble cause because this will be for better future of chennai only...your own city...

i m not from this city...anyway...will leave someday...but u all local guys r born and brought up u should for the better future not worse...




tharini 2012-02-07 10:14:53



  Do you know why they are issuing application, even in that application fee Rs.200 they can easily get nearly 10 lacs.(4500apps*200rs). This drama is to get that extra lacs. We poor parents didnt know that.

   I dont know IT department wont ask for the accounts or Taxes of these schools. One more thing if anyone who works in IT dept will get seats easily in DAV.

  Bavishya will join you. Will copy all these blogs and send to some responsible person.


jishnu2011 2012-02-07 10:31:57


hashri76 : Hi...just want to know...what is 'prohithar'?


krishiaishu 2012-02-07 10:56:14


  jishnu2011 - "Prohithat means Priest". The one who facilitates poojas and other good or bad rituals..


jishnu2011 2012-02-07 10:58:04


thx for explaining things: krishiaishu...i appreciate let us all convert to a priest then:...i am sure our kids will get admission anywhere....right guys?


tharini 2012-02-07 11:23:03



Hahaha……For LKG admissions we have to change our house, our office, our profession and at last our disciplines (making us to bribe)  

  Sure Jishnu - The school in which all our kids are going to study will become one of the best schools in Future.

 Really almost i have friends in 3 Top IT companies in past 6 yrs, but no one studied in any of the above schools (for the schools we are struggling).

  So dont worry surely our kids will get admission in good schools. All is well.


tharini 2012-02-07 11:34:19



   Am not hurting anyone, i may not have collegues who studied in these schools. Sorry Guys.


jishnu2011 2012-02-07 11:45:41


yes, i hope all remains well for our kids...


srivimal 2012-02-07 11:51:36



I discussed with Head miss in MVM, regarding 98 seats. whether the 98 childrens may not join in various reasons. That means at least one or two childrens have got seats in some other schools or they may not pay the required donation. But she said that, no definately they will join. I asked her again, are you or they committed with MVM with earlier. For this query she din't reply any thing yesterday.


jishnu2011 2012-02-07 11:59:26


srivimal : what else can the head miss comment? they only need thing she could have replied if there will be a second list in case children who are selected among 98 opt out to a different school...

i m sure she told u just blindly...even she may not be knowing what are the parents of these 98 kids going to do?

but whatever would have been good if they think about a second list... let me know if u have any further update on this...


Rajiprakash 2012-02-07 12:02:00



I am also disppointed with the way they select  .. As you say, even if they want money, they can tell upfront, instead of interviewing kids and wasting time of  parents in Queue..  Just they can bargain money and select top 98 money providers for their seat ..


And I have doubt.. how come they are approaching management and talking abt money.. for that also we need some recmendations is it.. I hear for Bhavans, it is 2L, for MVM it is 1L to do we know that..



srivimal 2012-02-07 12:11:51


This problem going to solve by only who ever getting the seat in the MVM. Please help me to whom we need to contact with these type of issues and how to approach. At lease we can follow same thing in some other schools.


srivimal 2012-02-07 12:15:23


Hi, jishnu

I asked yesterday is there any second list, if any body is not willing to join in your school. But she said everybody will join and there is no second list. That is the first and final list.


jishnu2011 2012-02-07 12:27:13


srivimal : good that you asked but i feel there will be changes within and internally...

i m not saying about the may be good in studies etc., but looking and reading at all the feedbacks we all r giving it is hard to believe...


Rajiprakash 2012-02-07 12:27:57


Do any of you know, when and how this money bargaining happening inbetween..

I went little late sterday to c the result,they kept all noticeboard inside and security is not even allowing me to check result in officeroom and he asked me to come today.

After getting application, do we have to personally ge appontment with school and talk ? or even If we try going to school, security itself is not allowing people to enter school and telling, come and c the result on that day on noticeboard..

Evn that needs recomendations !!;;;

Better normal people, eventhough wealthy and are not smart enough in these approaches better stop trying those schools :(.. atleast we can avoid disappointments.


srivimal 2012-02-07 12:51:53


This problem going to solve by only who ever getting the seat in the MVM.



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