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Divswami 2012-01-23 12:56:22




Can anyone suggest good play schools near thiruvanmoiyur an adyar.

This is for my twin toddler boys :)

I would love to hear from parents who have had a personal experience with the play/pre schools in and around TVM and adyar.

Thank you,


sweety0202 2012-01-23 12:58:36


 tree house,abhyas,temple tree,redwood...

there are so many nice pre-schools in adyar area... good luck to yr search.


Divswami 2012-01-23 13:01:49


Thnx a ton Sweety for the quick response.

Yup as you rightly said, I have finished my first round of survery,

Here are some schools I have shrtlisted

English Kindergarten

Achariya Bala Siksha Mandir


Learning Tree

Do you have comments or personal experiences with any of the above schools or if you can provide me more info about any specific good playschool in tvm, it will be of great help.

Thnx a ton once again :)


sweety0202 2012-01-23 13:33:56


 I only had a survey too. yet to send my kids over there. English Kindergarten seems to have a upper-middle class air, which may or may not be yr choice. And it is run by NRIs,from what I heard. But they seem to provide good brunch during break time.

  I didnt get many good feedback about seed. heard aaya languages get picked up by the kids of that school.

   No idea about siksha mandir.

  Learning tree is good. You should check out Temple tree. It is run by a nice lady - Nandini Palaniappan. limited kids,good outdoors,nice curriculum. Kids get a good snack too. Comes to 4800 pm though ( 9 am to 12pm). They have upto UKG.T

  I dont have personal exp. But therez a redwood montessori near kalakshetra. a bit expensive deal, (24k per term). But I got really good reviews about this school.They provide organic food - b/f,snack and lunch. 

  Theres a play-coup by princess Naik in adyar. This has good reviews too.They have attached day care too.


  Whats your plan? only for play/pre school or are u planning to keep the kids there for KG too?


Divswami 2012-01-23 13:44:24


@ Sweety. If I put them in Learning Tree, I may continue till kg, bcos the ciriculum is good, but otherwise, I would prefer only till pre-kg,  Anyways, my kids can get into regular school only in 2013 June. so I still have a year to go, Till then, I need a play school . Yes I need to chk out tree-house. What about you? How old is your child?


Rami2011 2012-01-23 21:05:05


Hi Divya, I will strongly suggest SEED thiruvanmiyur for your children.  My daughter was there for 2 years and we had a very nice experience there.  Teachers are experienced and trained. Support staff are also caring.  They have an excellent curriculum.  My daughter enjoyed both her play and preschool there. They also offer junior and senior KG. Overall, a very good place to send your child to.


Divswami 2012-01-30 11:19:30


thanx Rami for the inputs, Ideally  i would prefer SEED for their ciriculum, my biggest concern is that these days bcos of the brand name, their class strength is a good number and bcos of which individual attention may be difficult,                                                                                                                                                 May be in 2009, it was much better bcos the school was growing and was not over-crowded.

I love the play area. Vry few schools have a good play area.                                                    Do you know any other school near by tvm . I am sure you would have feedback from other parents/neighbours in your area,                                                                                           

I would to decide based on personal feedback..thnx a ton for your inputs.                                 


sundhary 2012-01-30 14:59:38


 My twin girls go to EuroKids Adayar in Parameshwari Nagar, Adayar. I would strongly recommend that too.... the student teacher ratio is 1:10. 


Divswami 2012-01-30 15:42:40


Thnx Sundhary,

I did check out the school, the outdoor area seems impressive and so does the curriculum. I had a very good interaction with the lady who manages the school, she herself is a mother of a 3 yr old. :)

My second thoughts are:

Most of the time the kids have to be locked up inside a classroom (thats what I saw), I actually witnessed a child crying profusely and the teacher continued with the class. It disturbed me so much that I asked one of the helpers for reason, she just said, the boy is a new joinee and he always cries like this. His house is nearby so he wants to go home.. etc etc.        What upset me most was the child cried his lungs out and continued to stay with the rest of the class!! I pity that child.

I do understand that any new joinee will cry but the aayah/helpers must try to pacify the child and then let the child join the group, atleast thats what most schools claim when I enquire about "Handling a child who is upset or crying"


Secondly, for the fees I have to pay, the space is too small,I am talking abt the indoor. I think pre-kg kids must climb upstairs to go to their classroom, but I must appreciate they have done a nice fencing for the stair case.

These are only my observations. I am glad your twin daughters are enjoying the school


Divswami 2012-01-30 15:57:51


Hi Sweety,

thnx for the feedback, I checked out Temple Tree, It is run by Mrs Usha. in tvm, Nice premises, I way happy that it is in the ground floor. Curriculum seems nice bcos they have it decied at a HO level in Mumbai. However, no snacks provided and, fees is very resonalble. Nice teacher student ratio but, i think they could better with some more outdoor and indoor equipment. I like their idea of prayer in the morning.                                                                                                                                                         I must say I liked Kidzee in TVM, it is a new outlet, but impressive collection of equipments and playthings, the lasy who runs this is very young and passionate about the whole thing. It is slightly pricey so am having my second thoughts.

he english kindergarten makes the kids watch phonics / rhymes on DVDs everyday for 20 mins. Well, you may be teaching Phonics, but DVDs are not the only option. In the span of 2 hour, I would not want my child to be spending 15-20 mins in front of a TV THAT too everyday, I dont mind it once a week or so. It is easy for kids to be in front of TV whether it is Kolaveri song or Phonics or Ba Ba black sheep. But the purpose of me sending my kids to school is not make them learn through DVDs! :(

So now, my choice is limited to SEED, Learning Tree and Bala Siksha Mandir, (yet to chk out Red wood)

I may settle in for learing tree unless I find something more convincing. I love SEED curiculum. It s awesome! the feedback is in extremes :(


NJ 2012-01-31 00:23:05


Divswami, your reviews are quite useful. Does any of the playschools you have shortlisted have day care as well?


sweety0202 2012-01-31 01:22:42


 temple tree and usha? are u sure ?

I think u r talking abt tree house.


sweety0202 2012-01-31 01:30:59


 @NJ.. tree house has day care.. but u've to send food.

Treehouse also has transport. They send their own ayyas in the van to make sure that the kids are dropped properly in school. (thats what the princi told me)

and temple tree is next door to adyar kanchana paati. U can talk to Nandini to have ur kid dropped in Kanchana patti after classes are over. Nandini was willing to help me with that.


Divswami 2012-01-31 09:37:08


@Sweety, yes you are right, I mixed up Temple Tree with Tree House.


@NJ - Most of the schools I have shortlisted have day care, Learning Tree and Achariya Bala Siksha Mandir in Sastri nagar do not have day care.



Divswami 2012-01-31 09:58:56


@ NJ...If u priority is day care + snacks provided - English Kindergarten or Grandma Grandpa is the answer



NJ 2012-01-31 11:20:23


Thanks Divswami and Sweety,


I prefer non snacks daycares since my son has multiple food allergies. However I shall visit Grandma and Grandpa. After reading your review on the English kindy about making kids watch tv for 20 mins, I dont want to go there, since if they show 20 mins of tv time for 2 hours, then for day care which will be for 4-5 hours, they would defintely be having more tv time.. I think this tv time is the teachers free time opportunity. Since during that time kids would not be fighting with each other and would be occupied with tv, and hence the teachers can take rest during that period.


Does tree house have transportation from day care to home? Since in the morning usually the school buses would take care of the transportation from home to school. Is your child in this daycare?




Divswami 2012-01-31 12:23:55


thnx NJ,

well, they teach phonics by making them watch DVDs  - This is what the teacher told me. I suggest you try visiting them may be you will have a better idea and get a different version,

Apart from the monthly fee of 3000, they take a one time reg fee of 9000 rs.

You can try Kidzee  - further down from Kalakshetra foundation, towards valmiki nagar, new school, limited kids, a bit expensive (Grandma Grandpa too is expensive i think)

I love their collection of indoor play equipment!!

I will be checking out Temple Tree and Grandmas sometime this week.Will share my comments. Kindly do share your comments on any schools you have visited or your neighbours have experienced.


Viz 2012-06-03 22:01:31


hi Divswami

have you made the choice for your kid. how old is she/he.

im curious because i have an inclination to put my daughter at learning tree.

wantd to know if there are any supportive views.

temple tree is a nice school, but i was comparing btw temple tree and learning tree.

i was keen abt the montessori methodology.

pls share your views on the school and beyond.



Dcee 2012-07-02 13:04:49


I strongly suggest visiting the playschools and meeting/interacting the teachers along with your child. Ultimately the kid has to be comfortable with the school and environment.

Also check out in Besant Nagar -



saigee 2012-07-03 09:20:30



Learning tree is really good.My kids went there.I'ld suggest you to fix an appointment and visit their facility.This way you can ask your queries and see for yourself.

I liked their methodolgy.Kids like going to school:)

Btw Temple tree i heard is also good.At temple tree they provide snacks whereas at Learning Tree you have to pack their snacks.


Hope this helps


Divswami 2012-07-03 22:21:16


hey thnx for your inputs. I have put my kids in The Yellow Bus. While it is too early to comment. I love the personalized attention they provide and the patient way in which they handle kids.

I think I have made the right decision. I would recommend this school for all my parents in the TVM, Besant nagar area.




preithig 2012-10-03 12:32:06


I plan to put my 3year old daughter to playschool starting vijayadasami. Can anyone let me know about  TreeHouse adyar? 


ria243 2013-02-05 18:37:11


 seed thiruvanmiyur is horrible school


ria243 2013-02-05 18:38:10


 if anyone has doubts abt seed mail me at


lavush 2014-09-05 15:28:08


Hi everyone,
thanks for such good insights,
divya thanks for plenty of ground work you've done.
yellow bus has been highly recommended by a friend. i have a girl turning 2 in november. i live close to english kindergarden but 20 min dvd clearly is escaping from work!
how has your exp. been in yellow bus. i agree with everyone who had a bad exp at seed.i almost burnt my finders enrolling my older boy in seed academy. thankfully my gut feel and the bad conduct from the school principal stopped me.
there seems to be unhappy staff and unhappy parents from what i have seen and heard. bad culture out there. stay away.
would love to hear more about yellow bus from all moms. redwood anyone?? just an autoride away. would go by your suggestions.
thanks again


th2011 2015-01-09 20:20:19


Hi My daughter DOB Dec 2011 residing in near RKMutt Road mandaveli. I need to put her in pre kg/LKG 2015-16 . i understand from my colleagues of importance of recommendations for getting into schools. I am looking at vidya mandir,ps senior, Rosary n st.Michaels. can some one help me get a reference/recommendation. i am really looking forward to all your support. i am reachable at

anya2019 2019-07-17 19:58:07


Hello Divya,

your kids must be all grown up now. Can u recommend some good playschools in Thiruvanmiyur area please? I did look at a few, little Elly, Amelio, kidzee, English kindergarten. Amelio is good but a bit expensive and too far for me. 


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