Details about B.S. Mootha Sr Sec School, West Mambalam

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SurajJ 2012-01-17 10:50:09



I am planning to get UKG admission in B.S. Mootha Sr Sec School for my daughter. I want to know How this school is in education standard.

Please share if anybody having any ideas about this school.

 Former member 2012-01-17 18:55:28


 This is a very very decent school. Education and everything is good...


SurajJ 2012-01-17 22:27:11



Thanks ArjunR!!

Is your kid studying there? Can you give me some more detail about this school?

Thanks in advance!



SurajJ 2012-01-17 22:43:59


Hi ArjunR,

I want to know How are they concentrate in developing communication skills.

How is the education quality in KG , I-V, VI-X & XI-XII?


 Former member 2012-01-18 10:08:29


My friends daughter is studying in 2nd std.

In prekg/lkg/ukg they primarily focus on understanding each child, focus on communication skill development. mainly they make child speak and understand english. they would not start teaching second language yet...second language starts at 1sr srd..most of or all of time child is in school goes towards teacher understanding child, child understanding and bonding with school...and then communication.

From lkg there is little bit writing practises and little bit homework twice a week..lkg goes with story teling, storry understanding, etc.,for example if story involves elephant, they show elephant toy, children would touch, understand, see pictures, understand what is elephant all about, understand story and would be able to tell story in thier own words..

during festivals they explain with examples story about festivals - dusshrea, diwali, christmas, id etc.,

if teacher recognizes skill about child it is communicated to parent. teacher finds out any special skill unnoticed by parent - from every child...

prekg to ukg - parent can communicate daily with teacher..

from 1std parents can meet teachers only on saturday meeting time 9am to 12noon..

for prekg till ukg there are 2 teachers per class and one ayamacaretaker. 

to make child under stand diff concepts happensfrom lkg to ukg..

comprehending prose poetry starts from first std... 

seating: every child gets opportunity to sit in different seats...that is to avoid monotony, every child is made to sit in diff seats every day...a child doesnt have to sit in last bench always or first bench always, it varies every day, teacher takes care of this shuffling every day.

as much as special skills are communicated, any defects are also communicated with parent.

excursion from 1st std - only once per yr..

in annual day - KG day for kg students - each and every child gets to participate in annual day..from 1st std, parent is informed about various programs and competitions and participating is optional..

My friends daughter who never spoke in english because she used to communicate only in mother tongue, started speaking fluently in english by LKG. I m witnessing her progress every day.

I dont know about higher classes..


 Former member 2012-01-18 10:28:34


 please bear with my typos..


SurajJ 2012-01-18 14:03:14


Hi Arjun,

Thanks a lot!!!

Your comment would help me lot.


 Former member 2012-01-18 20:36:56


 :) welcome.



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