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ravich 2012-01-14 12:03:32


Dear All,

Could you please give your opinion about Alpha Matriculation School located at sembakkam, chennai. My kid is 2.4 months old and I'm searching for good schools near that area.

Please give our views about the school on curriculam, standard, extra curricular activities, fee structure etc.

Your views would be a great help for my child in future.



neel12 2014-01-09 16:44:18


Hi All,
My daughter is in pre-kg  studying in Alpha Matriculation school - Sembakkam .
My daughter everyday when she comes she is full of mosquito bites , when went to the class while dropping my daughter at her class .I could see mosquitoes flying across the teachers . When asked the teachers regarding this , here we cant blame the teachers . The management is responsible . The teachers are handed over mosquito bats . the class room  doesn't looks like a class room . It is actually written sports room , were all the sports items are dumped .
If they would have let us have a view of the class rooms before admission i would have not put my daughter in that school. Corporation schools are far better than this school.  For pre-kg kids the class room should be neat and clean not dined with mosquitoes . I would prefer parents who are planning to put their kids in Alpha - Semabakkam please have a thought about this school . As of this issue i am planning to go directly and complaint to Principle .

vino4all 2014-02-04 14:49:39


Hi neel12,

I'm planning to put my daughter for pre-KG in MAV vidyashram or Alpha Matric school under CBSE syllabus. Can you please share the fee details in Alpha School. Till which grade this school is offering. Till 5th or 8th or 10th standard?

And if you have any views or reviews about MAV Vidyashram, could you please share it here or to my personal email

I heard that MAV is just three years now. And it is having classes till 8th grade.


 Former member 2014-02-04 20:59:20


Hi vino4all,

Regarding MAV Vidyashram dont know much , when i visited that school for admission last year construction was going on and the teachers were very young in their early 20's and yes the school is new only 3 years old , so then i preferred Alpha . As for Alpha , they are starting Cambridge syllabus from this year for LKG onwards and  the fee for LKG is 80K . For Pre kg I paid 30K   , the teachers are good but class lacks lot of things and full mosquitos . Probably they will be shifting Pre-kg to the new block. Decision is up to u.

jerlin 2014-03-18 16:20:28


Hi all,

How about the infrastructure of the school - Alpha. whether they have the latest facilities


tknn 2015-03-06 23:32:20


I went to the school seeking admission. Fees is 50K donation and 80k Fees inclusive of all (books, uniform, shoes etc..) along with extracurricular activities. But I feel 80K is too high compared to other schools. The principal told they will provide AC Classrooms for students preferring Cambridge syllabus. But I dont see any AC outdoors fitted on the walls from outside. School is already running Matriculation board, and they tell the new block is built is for IGCSE students, but Im little worried on how they can accomodate all the people in the space and they dont have any vacant land to expand in future also. 
If any parent already having their children studying here, can you please clarify my queries ?


Angy 2015-03-12 16:13:46


Is it possible to run two boards in the same campus? Pls check and then get admission. As far as I know, two boards cannot exist in campus which does not meet land requirements.

anusai2008 2015-03-25 16:16:27


Hello tknn
My son is presently studying in ukg ,alpha matriculation. We are planning to move CBSE-i in alpha.
Exams are going the classrooms are not ready.model classrooms will be ready by April end.
They have closed admission for matriculation. Children who have been admitted last year for lkg is the last batch of matriculation.
Till 12 th those got admission in lkg last year can continue in matriculation.
So in a phased manner whole school will follow only cbse-i
To put in a but shell
Lkg-5th std -- cbse-i
6th -10th std- CBSE
We had two satisfactory years in alpha.
Which class you are seeking admission


tknn 2015-03-29 08:11:05


Hello Anusai
Thanks for your valuable comments. I got clarified. I'm admitting my child in 1st STD, My only concern is the fees. It is 15k-20k more than the other CBSE schools. Need to know whether this will be justified.


anusai2008 2015-03-29 23:08:59


Hello ttkn When we had a discussion with principal mam ,she said it includes fees ,uniform, books,4 extra curricular activities, 3 field trips and all d stationary will be provided by the school. As far as the fees it s high compared to CBSE school and less to international schools. I guess coz they r following cbse-i , fees is on higher side. One thing for sure...alpha will always offer something more than others..with two year experience am saying. You can try for 1 and 2nd std..if not satisfied ..u can always move to another school. Pl let me know what have you decided Thanks

Bobby20 2015-04-16 20:54:27


Hi Ravich,
I think you can also try for Discneykidz International School which is affiliated to IMS for KG and Grade 1 and 2 with Edexcel with UK. It has neat ambience and newly started, HO is in Nangamanglam. The fees is very nominal comparing to other schools..........not as high as alpha. Please try..........


Angy 2015-05-26 11:10:22


Please don't go by what they offer, just check if they have got the affiliation. I have had a bad experience with Alpha, who have been taking high fees and have not got affiliation as yet. You ask them about affiliation and they have no answers. Your child's future is important so think twice before you put your child in any school.

tknn 2015-05-26 13:31:11


Hello Angy
What you said is correct. They dont have affliation to any board except for the matriculation as of now. I dont have any other choice rather than going with them. Except for Alwyn and Boaz no other school in the location got the affliation either. I tried in these 2 schools, but no luck. I am little hesitant in going with samacheer, as you see the results are totally crazy. 41 students getting 499. Lets see what they do. 


tknn 2015-08-12 08:12:11


Hi anusai 2 months over in alpha international school, my kid is studying in 1st grade. I'm not at all happy with the quality to teachers. How do you feel? My kid was doing better when she was in matric itself. Principal is not hearing our woes. Nk

8055 2015-12-09 04:29:41


Hello tknn.. I am planning to join my child in alpha for pre-kg igcse board in June 2016. Do they have affiliation number? How is the classroom and the teachers?

anusai2008 2015-12-09 10:11:37


Hello tknn, Yeah teachers not upto the standard. They should concentrate more on reading, speaking and writing skills.. Hopefully they do better in 2 nd std.can you please tell me your kid's name? Regards Anusai

tknn 2016-01-14 23:59:11


Hello 8055, I don't think they have any affiliation number to my knowledge. Classroom is good but the quality of teaching should improve a lot. Atleast they should select people who are interested in teaching even if they are in-experienced, rather they are just filling the positions. I hope they will improve in future as they have good background, but till that time they are not ready to compromise in fees either. Its your call.

Hello Anusai, Sorry, I don't want to disclose name or email-ids in public forum. Will try to find you in Yokibu and communicate thru that.


MTHE 2019-08-07 21:27:15


I did not have a good experience with the school. unchecked corporal punishment.


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