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sark 2012-01-02 19:03:12


 CBSE schools near your area are

1. Alwin memorial public school

2. MAV vidhyshram

3. Sri Kanchi mahaswami vidhya mandir

4. srimathi sundaravalli memorial school( perungulathur)

5. Boaz public school( gowriwakkam).

6. olive public school chitlapakka

7/ PSBB millenium (sholinganalur)

8. BVM Global ( Perumbakkam)


pppv11 2012-01-02 21:46:13


9. Vels Vidhyashram - Pallavaram


G102 2013-11-06 23:23:06


Please select your kid's school with care. Please do not admit your kids in a school which has no recognition and not affiliated to any board. You can check the sites of respective boards (CBSE,ICSE etc) and education departments to know whether a school is properly recognised and  affiliated. If you admit your kid to a non recognised school, you are giving him/her education which is not recognised by any board. You will face the consequence when your child have to appear for Board Exam or when you want to get transfer from the school for any reason. If your child have to appear for Board exam, he/she needs to be studied under a recognised board. If you want to get transfer to another recognised school , the TC has to be attested by the respective board and the board will not attest the TC, unless the school  is registered properly (you will get admission in another unrecognised school, they won't need any TC at all). Please do not believe the false confirmations of school authorities that they will get recognition soon. As per law , a school should not be run without recognition from State (and without recognition one cannot apply for  affiliation at all ) and such schools may get closed at any time(refer the Chettinad A schools case).
Unfortunately some schools running in the area are unrecognised schools and Education Dept, through Newspapers requested parents to be aware of such schools.
My humble advice to all who seek admission in schools is to enquire properly and at the same time please get yourself aware of the State Education Rules. 



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