Ravindra Bharathi Global School in Medavakkam main road chennai

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GBRAJA4U 2012-10-08 16:14:12




Did you enquired about the fee sturucture, How much they are asking for 1st standard?


sajai 2012-10-08 17:31:20



Got the application forms on saturday. the fees seems high but looking at the proximity am planning to put my daughter for pre-kg. though am concrerned about the play ground and outdoor area in the future.





Nag4Yog 2012-10-09 16:09:31


 Hi All,

I went to the school today for admission enquiry for my son.

Application Fee: Rs. 1000

Admission Fee: Rs. 30000

The above two items are one time charges.

All Kinder Garden: Rs. 60000 (can be paid in 3 terms 30K + 18K + 12K)

Std I and II : Rs. 65000 (32.5K + 19.5K + 13K)

Std III, IV and V: Rs. 70000 (35K + 21K + 14K)

Std VI and VII: Rs. 75000 (37.5K + 22.5K + 15K)

The above fees is excluding uniforms and books which will be charged around 10-12K seperately.

Transport is optional.

Rs. 20000 per year (1 to 10 kilo meters)

Rs.25000 per year (11 to 12 kilometers)

What is speciality of this school?

Are they taking care of building the character set / food habits of the kid?

Any feedback from parents whose kids are already studying in chennai RBGS?

Are you seeing any improvements in your kids activities?

How well the teachers are responsible?

please update.



cell: 9790931189


nirasa 2012-10-10 09:08:15


my son studying in

prekg. iam satisfied about the school. My son started talking in english. Other dan playgrounds all others r fine. Dey have indoor games, yoga, dance for  physical activity. 


Sadhaya 2012-10-12 11:20:51


the fees structure seems too high for CBSE curriculum. I was keen on this school as they had mentioned it will be IGCSE pattern from I to V. But, when I enquired the to other day, they said it is only CBSE. Now, am in a dilemma whether to go for this or wait for other schools.

Is breakfast and lunch provided to kids at school?


YN 2012-10-14 13:22:15


Hi ,

     I am planning to seek admission for both kids in that school.Any idea whether application forms are being issued for UKG and class V?

So whats the future plan for theri play ground activities?


aa09 2012-10-16 17:33:31



I am looking for LKG admission (2013- 2014) for my kid. I read thru all the previous pages, are you guys satisfied with the facilities now. What is the timing for KG's now? I heard that they give a lot of homework, projects and assignments for lkg & ukg kids, is it true? Do KG's also have school on saturdays? 



Gopinathj 2012-10-16 17:45:20


 Fees enna romba kammiya iruku :)


Gopinathj 2012-10-18 15:47:53


 Went to school today.. Only two blocks.. No way for expansion.. 

Will they shift the school after few years?


Raji10 2012-10-21 17:02:37


hi, i m new to this network.

Just wanted to share my bad experience with Ravindra Bharathi Global Schools Chennai.

My son was doing PreKG  in RBS and we have discontinued his studies from that school last week because of their careless.

One day he has asked for bathroom few times as it was a rainy season.  

The displeased idiot servant-maid pulled his penis as and it got injured serevely.

i complaint this to the Class-teacher and the pricipal. But they were trying to convince me and there is no action taken against that lady.



Amaresh 2012-11-02 13:23:00


Hi All,

I got LKG admission for my son. I inquired about the playground, it seems they bought land opp to "e4e building" (on Pallavaram bypass). Admission is on First come First Serve basis. No interview process. Fee structure is same as mentioned by Nag4Yog. Please keep posted every update on this thread. Thanks,Amaresh

tharasri 2012-11-03 12:00:50


can i know which section. even my kid is in prekg. dey r taking enough attention in deir class.



tharasri 2012-11-03 12:12:26


Except language teachers all otrher staffs English conversation is very good. Even the u.kg kids started conversing in english within dis few months.

 The students are also playing outdoor games. they have planned it excellently in dat area  to make the childrens play.

Two field trips have been taken for this sem.

Academic wise dey are perfect.

Dey are giving equal impotance to acadamic and extra curicular activitiesand also making the children to get world wide knowledge.

V r lucky to have such a school in our area.


maryjoseph 2012-11-05 11:41:59


my kid is studying in 1 std.i now regret joining my kid in this school.The kids learn good manners from elders,in school esp from teachers...my kid said  one teacher was calling them IDIOT,so shocked to hear that....and  was asking me "why teachers are using such bad words".

There are some teacher whom i know dont even have B.ed or teaching  experience.Some days they dont teach anything (my kid say the whole day they will be drawing or colouring) and they cover up alot of portion in a single day(they finished two chapters in EVS within a day.Maths-4 to 5 exercises a day).When we ask them  abt this their answer is dishearting...."They are told to finish the portion within so n so period".So their only intenstion is to coverup the portions and not to teach them.

I am 100% unsatisfied












cravi4u 2013-01-10 16:53:07


I totally agree with the above comments.

My son is also studying in RBGS. As far as academics is concerned, the standards are very poor. Fee is very high for what they are charging. They promised a lot but at the end, they delivered very little. Every month they are sending notes to buy something or the other. They asked us to buy the skating gear but there are no classes till now. Other day we are asked to buy Karate uniform but the karate classes are not happening regularly. Every other week there are some or the other projects that the teachers send home. Most of the times, these are additional work for parents and not for students.

For the last 1.5 months, there is nothing happening in school except preparations for Maths Expo happening in school followed by Christmas celebration and now republic celebrations. Classes are rarely happening. They are teaching lessons all in 2-3 days and then leaving the kids.

There are lot of unscheduled holidays which are not there in the calender/school dairy. 


balabrj 2013-01-11 19:50:52


hi ravi


which std your son is studying, i am planning put my son in 2nd std,


baluubk36 2013-01-15 07:18:34


Lkg , and 3 rd std  ,


balabrj 2013-01-16 13:04:53




planning to put my son in this shcool , what is the view about your son ???????????????



VishnuReddy 2013-02-15 12:08:52




I have mixed opinion about this school. My son studying Pre Kg. here. I met school teachers and they are good caring and speak good English. I can observe that with my son. But fees is too high and not matching with what they are providing in the school. But I feel no option for the parents in this location as we don’t have any other CBSE schools with these standards.


ramyasathish 2013-02-17 14:50:03


even i have mixed opinion, my son is very shy type. now he is coming out as dey said dane is compulsorry in sports day and also in dis item talk, but so confused abt what step dey are going to take to extend d school campus


Shanmugha 2013-02-25 20:10:33



We regret a lot in putting our child in RBGS School, Medavakkam, Chennai. 

Why? Promises Vs Actually delivered is too wide.

Teachers: Quality of Teachers recruited are really pathetic. I could not fathom out how such basic mistakes can take place in an organisation which claims to run 100 plus schools in India. Some of the Teachers are openly admitting that they dont have experience in teaching CBSE methodology.

Books: Definetly not the high quality CBSE publication you would expect in a Global School.

Infrastrucutre: Playground is missing and no worthwhile activity in any name takes place here.

FEES: This is the only area where  RBGS School, Medavakkam, Chennai leads is correcting exhorbitantly high fees. 

RBGS seems more interested in opening new branches in Chennai than concentrating in making the existing one's shine.  



jenny123 2013-03-12 22:48:56


 I totally agree....

Totally useless school.
Lot of promises made at the time of admission but nothing has been implemented so far.Only the name states as Global school,but the prevailing standard in the school is worse than a corporation school.

1.No playground ,no idea how the school will be expanded in future,but another branch has been opened with the same set of promises.Infrastructure in the existing school itself is damn poor.
2.Pre-primary Kids are not being escorted by maids till their respective class room in the morning.Kids carry heavy bags & climb the steps all alone till 2nd & 3rd floors.The co-ordinators & the principal not aware of this until a parent raised the issue.Wot for they are sitting in a glass cabin witout even bothering wots happening inside their campus....
3.Wash rooms are not cleaned properly,teachers complain that they buy & provide the handwash & cleaning items to the maids.Wot is the mgmnt dng without concentrating the hygiene of the kids,teachers & maids handling the kids????wot for they get so much fees then????
4.For sports day a huge amt of Rs.1000 was forcefully abducted from parents,to organize a flopshow!!!!!!.The uniforms weren't been provided & the march fast conducted was shamefull,students exhibited lack of practice in their performance wit some kids wearing color dress & sme with school uniform.Its a shame on the part of Principal that she dint even have the courtesy to apologize for the delay in sports Uniform.For those who were provided the size is of too big & not worth the money.
5.No professionally trained teachers.PT & YOGA teachers appointed as class teachers.Even parent of the pre primary though they don't have any teaching experience are being appointed as class teachers.Lot of complaints about the pre-kg class teacher.she is a nightmare for kids.Parents say that their kids are having sleepless night & kids crying in sleep that the teachet is scolding & beating.The  teacher is black mailing the parents that their kid would be depromoted if she doesn't write A TO Z properly.Is this how a pre-kg kid would be treated?is tis for this purpose we spend so much & send our kids?????

   Every month an activity is conducted in the name of competition but nothing is disclosed to the parents.how their wards have performed?,whether their wards have won the competition?,wheteher they will be recognised????nothing.
6.No play time,play area or play ground.But the while taking admission they give false promise that swimming pool will be built,indoor & outdoor games will be there,basket ball,cricket practice,etc.nothing is done so far.
7.The quality of uniform,shoe & socks are very bad.But the fees is exhorbitantly high.
8.No proper communication followed.During rainy season,info rgdng school is not reaching the parents on time.They send mails.who will check mail early in the morning?wot for they get mobile numbers?why not implement group sms facility?
Chennai city school send sms rgdng the homework on day to day basis with subjectwise info.everyday portions are uploaded in their website,so that if a student is not attending the school,he/she can chk for the day's lessons in their website.Thatz how the technology is being utilized to enable faster communication but in this school,its very hard to find a teacher who speaks good fluent error free English.Then how will the kids improve their standards??????
9.The so called honorable principal is never available for open forum or parents group meeting.Already 2 letters have been submitted requesting a group meet,no actions has been taken so far.Teachers say the letters would've gone to the dustbin the moment the parents leave the campus.I feel its true.
10.So very upset & doubtfull regarding the future of our kids.we pay so much & we the parents have the rights to question their credibility.its their bounded duty to show improvement.unless there is a group meet before the nxt academic year,lets not pay the fees.


sajai 2013-03-13 18:23:24


shocked to hear the feedback about the school.we have also took admission for our daughter for pre-kg, starting june.reading your comments it seems we made the wrong decision now.


YN 2013-03-26 10:29:35


 Hi I have admitted my child here in

UKG... Can some one help me as to what is being taught in LKG with regards to English,Maths and Tamil in

this school?This would be helpful to prepare my child as we are migrating from overseas.... Thanks 



Rajmohan2 2013-03-27 18:41:09


 Hi Ravi / Mary / Jennifer,

I am kind of getting mixed emotions here. The key take away from your post is this school is not value for money. We end up paying 100K for our kids for nothing is what i am trying to understand. 

I would like to quickly take your thoughts on the following aspects:

1) Infrastructure - not good. Probably they may develop down the line

2) Cleanliness and Safety / Security - Is absolutely zero you're saying

3) Academics / activity based learning - Good

Am i right in all these parameters. 

I dont have a choice now. Let me know if i have one. RBGS is my last resort. I bought an apartment in Kilkattalai couple of weeks ago and planning to relocate in the month of May, so scouting for a good school in this locality. We are in the month of March, so admissions would have been closed in most of the schools.   

Do you know any other school nearby. One small Sankara Vidhyalaya school is there. Any review comments about this school? 


Jdoe 2013-04-08 13:04:59


Have a 6th std daughter at the school and totaly agree with many of negative comments about the school

Shanmugha nailed it -

"RBGS seems more interested in opening new branches in Chennai than concentrating in making the existing one's shine.  



From my side -

1. Insane fees. This year 2013-14 they have increased the fees by 10K. New admission fees have gone up by 30K, you have to now shell out 40,000 as admission fees.

2013-14 Fees break up for Ist std NEW admission -

Admission fees - 40 K

School Fees - 60 K

One time transportation fess - 20 K (this is the minimum)

Books - Approx 8K

Uniform - 2 pair shirt + pant/skirt + shoes etc - 8K

>>>>> Total - 1.36 Lacks <<<<<<

There is no concession in admission fees or school fess even if you have kids studying in the same school.

For a CBSE school with no school ground or extra-curricular activities this fee structure is out of the world.

2. No periodic communication from the school. They ask you to buy gear or something or other and send last minutes notes on same.

3. At one point they gave wrong impression that they had acquired the adjacent ground later came to know that they had rented it and it was all part of their marketing gimmick to drive up admissions during their maths expo gala.

4. They are aggressive in developing more and more schools in Chennai and started a new branch while the existing one is in a limbo state.

5. 1 time called office and a support staff picked up the call, did not understand me a bit, it was like taking to a wall and he cut me off after 5 minutes too scared I guess. They could have at-least trained him to hand the phone over to another person or ask for a call back.

1 Good thing is that most Teachers at-least the higher std ones are good and passionate.

The entire admin and support staff team suck big time.

Heard they are going to have a new principal. The old one was a short tempered hag and had both the students and teachers freaked out.

Verdict - If you are desperate and have enough money in bank then go for this school else stay away.



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