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shaliniGopal 2011-12-08 20:58:31


Hi All,

can anyone help me in choosing play school for my daughter...... i have already filled a form in Seed ( Kilpauk), but then someone told me that its not a good school, as kids to teacher ratio is not good & moreover teachers are arrogant...

thanx in advance

cvikas 2011-12-11 22:49:31


I would suggest Enchanting Elves(next building to seed) sure.. Pretty good school.. Doing very good job..

My daughter is enrolled there and as a parent Im more than satisfied.


7 2011-12-13 15:34:51


 Hi Shalini,

My son studied in SEED and My nephew studied in ENCHANTING ELVES. Both are good schools but the crowd in enchanting elves is more comparitive to Seed. Here in seed the teachers are very good...caring....aayas are also good. Very  professinal in approach....good curriculam....because of the training my son performed very well in the LKG interviews in CBSE schools....... once my nephew did potty in his pant...they did not noticed it at all....atlast he came back home wet.....So if you ask me I WOULD SUGGEST SEED.


Sureshk360 2015-01-08 20:39:51


I would like to share my reviews it might be useful for people who are thinking or in confusion about putting their child in SEED Kilpauk.
My daughter currently studying PreKg in Seed Kilpauk Name called Mirdula (2014 Batch), I saw some bad review about seed Kilpauk, but it's almost eight months now we didn't face any problems with the school or with the teachers. i don't want to compare with other school and say seed is the best one, but i personally seeing my daughter growth in this school so i will definitely recommend the school. Teacher are soo Kind with the children and Parents. The strength of the class or max 12 to 14 so it's easy to get personal attention of each students.  As promised they took my daughter for field trip. Last field trip they went to Children Park and Railway Museum, and one more pending on this month. They have 3 teachers and 2 Aiyyammas all are good with children.

The one thing which i can point out is, little more safety needed in the Play area. As i already discussed this with the school chairman and teachers in the parents meeting. 



rajvin 2016-03-05 20:31:23


im Rajesh residing in kilpauk and my daughter currently studing preKg in seed kilpauk name ILANTHALIR(2015 Batch), it almost 8 months now we r with seed kilpauk no complaints....good school with good care for childrens.I joined my daugher because of the small strength and No crowd. My daughter has improved a lot and she performed well in interviews at all the schools for her LKG because of the teaching of viji mam, and two other teachers their approach is good.....



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