Sai Ram vidyalaya ,Madipakkam

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geethuma 2011-11-29 19:13:15


 any reviews abt sai ram vidyalaya ,madipakkam?

thamaraiselvi 2011-12-03 02:59:14


madhu see the below fb page .you can get some idea.


v3 2011-12-03 23:05:30



I have enquired fro pre kg there for my son for 2012 june batch. The school is sister concern of sai martriculation. The school for KG to 12th will be there but now they have only till 5 or 6th only. The pre kg section is fully a/c. and each section will have 25 kids . They told to come and enquiry for form after pongal holidays (ie Jan 14 ,15). It is recently started school just 2 to 3 yrs Old but since they have already a reputed school it should be structured.



ramravi 2013-11-04 19:29:19


My kid is studying there , i would rate this as average school. They do not make children involve in any extra curicular activities even in KG classes. Teachers communicate with students in Tamil and always they are in the run of completing their portions.But they are relatively better than schools in madipakkam

Parentof5yrold 2014-06-11 22:43:40


This isn't a good school. Their teaching methodology isn't good. They pressurize the children with heavy workload. More of reading, writing. They don’t have time for any other activity. I see my wife and son struggling every day.

education can be made more interesting by deploying entertaining media like movies, graphic novels, games and storytelling. this will arouse curiosity and engage students thus reducing the burden that bogs them down.


VichuR 2018-03-05 11:18:11


  How is Sai Ram Vidhayala CBSE school. Im planning to put my son in Pre-KG. 

1. Is the school is good? rate out 5.
2. Admission fees is 25K, refundabale fees is 50K and Iterm fees is around 40k?
3. whether 2nd and 3rd term fees will be the same amount or it will be less?
4. whether  first term fees include the book and uniform or i need to pay it separably?

VichuR 2023-03-03 08:25:11


respected sir/madam,
the school education is verry very poor. it is the not education what i see 4 years back. teahers are not understanding the questions and provide the wrong answer. one teacher will teach the subject and other teacher will do the revision in other method. finall student will confuse and get poor mark. they will say lot extra circular activiy but no use... no proper teaching. they are running behind the advertisement and collect the money from the parents. if we pay the school fees in online, you will get the error message saying transfer failed but the money will transferred successfully. this bug was there for last 3 years. dont now whether managaement is having time to look into the problem. teacher are putting tick mar for the wrong answer. communication skilll students are very  very poor. teachers need to upgrade themself. they are now how to teach the student , they are eaching only for the particular class not providing the values what the students needs.  it seems some thing is going worng in the school .. most experience staff are leaving the school.  current sairam cbse school in madipakkam is not doing well in providing the education.. school name is only in the publicity but not in the education. parents are putting more question to the managenet in the parents teacher meeting so no meeting has been scheduled for last 7 months. management and teachers need to change and work for the welfare of the student. teacherrs should be trained welll on how to teach the students . teacher needs to talk only in english not only infront of parents. i saw even if we speak in english the staff and students are talking in tamil. i

SairamVidyalaya 2023-04-18 13:07:54


The best school in India


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