CBSE Schools in west tambaram

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ganee 2011-11-15 23:17:56



I'm residing near west tambaram 3KM away from railway station. I wish to know the CBSE schools  around west tambaram to join my 3 years girl next year. 

Gopinathj 2011-11-16 09:44:42


 SSM - Perungulathur, Vidya Mandir - Guduvanchery.

Lords International - IGCSE (now in west tambaram but shifting near Kishkinta)



ganee 2011-11-16 16:00:27


Thanks gopinath. I was searching for CBSE school only in west tambaram. Any advice.


Gopinathj 2011-11-16 16:10:42


 No idea.. Someone else might have some answers..



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