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sundhary 2011-11-11 22:34:58



I am seeking admission for my daughter in the LKG. I had been to the HUS school in OMR early this week and following were my impressions.

- Approach road was fine. A big plus point when compared to other schools like BVM Global, PSBB L&T, PSBB Millenium and Headstart in this vicinity.

- Fees was slightly high (+10k) when compared to other CBSE schools in the vicinity but the infrastructure that is coming up hopefully will make up for it.

- Infrastructure amenities that are present today and under construction looked pretty huge and showed a lot of future for this school in another 2-3 years from now.

- Could not interact with Teachers but the Principal could be reached and was friendly to clarify doubts.

- Lack of playground at present but a huge playground is being leveled and they are promising delivery by June 2012.

- Classes operate until 7th and they have plans to go up until 12th once the students progress from one class to another.

- CBSE pattern is followed but a separate IB building is also in the making nearby.

When compared to other schools in the locality, found this one to be nearer to padur (where i may be put up) and infrastructure built-up was promising. If anyone has any additional comments or opinions about this school, please post.

Anishaditya 2011-11-12 17:49:45


Hi Sundhary,

Any idea when are they issuing the form. The fees mentioned is per term or per month.


sundhary 2011-11-12 22:44:54


 They have already started issuing application forms. You can get it from the principal and submit right away.

The fee can be paid in terms (3) or on the whole in which we get a 3K discount. Not per month  .... 


Murugavel 2011-11-23 12:30:29


@sundary: Have you secured admission at Hiranandani? Today i visited the school...As you said infrastructure & vicinity is quite good when other OMR startups...They have asked to pay the fees ASAP to confirm the admission. They said they have limited seats for outside people ( not staying in Hiranandani Apts ).


sundhary 2011-11-23 15:16:51



Yes! We have. We are planning to settle around Padur and didn't want to send our kids too far in the van for LKG.

Especially after seeing the approach roads for PSBB, Siruseri (through SIPCOT -shortest distance from padur) and HLC (through Thazhambur road - which would the shortest distance for us). PSBB Millenium road is fairly better than the former two but too far for us.

This was our main consideration while choosing the school, ofcourse with the knowledge that Hiranandani schools in Mumbai have good overall reviews ... 

Hoping for the best. 

Are you planning to admit? whch class?



Murugavel 2011-11-23 16:16:59


I'm looking for LKG...I've to shift to nearby locality if i decided to join in Hiranandani...Not yet decided...very confused....i want to wait but school is not ready to wait, they asked to pay the fees by 1 week....



sundhary 2011-11-23 21:06:52


 Let me know if you decide on HUS :) One common LKG parent friend to discuss ....

Good luck! 


Anishaditya 2011-11-23 22:34:21



Me too looking for LKG. what is the school timings for LKG. Is there any day care neary by


Murugavel 2011-11-24 11:13:20


@sundary: Sure, will let you know...

@Anishaditya: School timing for LKG & UKG: 8:15 to 12:30 ( bit more time than other schools)



Dheepak 2011-11-24 11:25:22


Murugavel  SIr,


Can you please give me your contact number.


Dheepak 2011-11-24 11:45:59


 @Sundary @Murugavel


is this school registered with CBSE schools....?


Murugavel 2011-11-24 12:10:21


@Deepak: Yes. It is CBSE affiliated. You shall e-mail to j.murugavel@gmail.com. I'll revert with my phone number.


sreesub 2011-11-28 11:54:03



I am also looking for LKG admission for my daughter. I am interested in HUS school since it is the closest from where I stay and also on the main road. I called them on Friday. They did not give much information on phone and asked me to come personally and take admission asap. Why are they telling to take admission so soon ? I think most schools do the admission process in Jan/Feb.

@Sundary, Did they ask you to pay one term fee or only the admission fees. How much is the amount we have to pay for taking admission ?

@Murugavel, Did you check if they are ready to wait if we take admission later ?



sundhary 2011-11-28 15:22:57


 They are asking you to come soon as the apartment might start getting occupied after which the first preference would only be to those students. And, also, lot of schools have started admission in Nov/Dec, like PSBB, BVM, etc...

Yes! We paid the first term fee only.

21 (caution+admission+registration .. or sth) and then 46K (if paid in one shot) or 49K totally (if paid in 3 terms). 

We also have a constraint of distance due to which we went for the school ... and as I said, the approach roads to other ones literally scared us! Imagine our kids travelling in that everyday!! 

Hope this helps.


Dheepak 2011-11-28 18:55:54


@Sundhary: I am going to pay by next week......is this school ok as of now?



sundhary 2011-11-29 15:26:01


Kids start going to the school only by next June! So, as a 2-time visitor to this school, I've mentioned what I feel about the school in my first post in this thread above.

Hope that helps.


ammsu 2011-12-02 17:26:59


Hi Friends

Hiranandani is really good scool with all leading infrastucture and amenities.

They have day care inside the school campus.

In other 2 years Hus is bringing  Play ground in 24000 Sqft,where it has everythind

Cricket pitch,tennis court,volley ball,foot ball,swimming etc

They are bring mini hospital inside,Since we are the parents we have the access to use all the facilities of HUS club every thing

I have seen the kids,they seems really bright and active

I had paid the fees today,s i agree ther rushing us to pay the fees for L.K.G

Bcoz intially they had a plan to open 1sec,sice they have received the many applications 1 sec in L.K.G is over.So they are planning 1 more this 2012 batch.

They have good name in north,since this is they 1st project and 1st branch in chennai definetly they will give the best to hit the market.

Definetly the quality of teachers,atmosphere,approach to the school every thing is A class.

I have seen almost all the school in OMR and  School in ECR that is Vaels int school.People who stay in ECR vaels is good again their they have seperated the kG'S in Injambakkam amd from 1 to 12 in other place near by that.But approach to the building is again worst 1-12th std building






sundhary 2011-12-02 18:40:00


 Hi ammsu,

Nice to read about another HUS LKG Parent giving good feedback about the school. I have also admitted by twin girls for LKG there. I also felt the same about the school as you had written. The first impression is certainly the best I guess :)

My mail ID is - sundari.mohanakrishnan@gmail.com. Lets be in touch.

Where do you stay? We presently stay in Tiruvanmiyur and would have to look for a rented apt in OMR near the school by 2012 April.

Stay in touch ....

- Sundari


ammsu 2011-12-02 22:30:32


 Dear sundari

At present iam staying in porur,constructing the house in navalur.My iD is viji.senthilkumar26@gmail.com



sundhary 2011-12-03 05:36:01


 Sure. We'll be in touch :)


dafftulip 2011-12-14 22:33:23


Hello All ... Admissions started ... you can download online app too





RaviR 2011-12-14 23:42:08


I have had e-mail conversation with the principal of this school, she is very prompt and responsive. 

Any one has idea about the IB syllabus offering in this school?

How the teachers quality are as this is a new school?

I am sure the facility and the location is good.

Thank you all the informative posts.


DivineVictory 2011-12-15 06:32:20


Hello Ravi,

Yes I agree the principal is very prompt and responsive, I met her and have spoken to her on phone. Also the infrastructure of school is also very good, visited the school and though construction was going on, it was neat and tidy.

Regarding syllabus, currently they are doing CBSE, my friend joined their kids last year because they will be starting IB soon BUT she recently got the news from the school that it will take atleast some years to start the IB syllabus.

I am also looking for review on teachers, activities but in vain....My friend did mention that if your looking for a traditional CBSE school with homeworks, projects following CCE pattern, this is and will be one of the best schools in the coming years with gigantic facilities for playground, library, classrooms and more....the student teacher ratio is also very low but I don't want to count on that because as soon as the hiranandani complex starts occupying, class strength will grow.

Hope this helped, which class are you looking admission for?





RaviR 2011-12-15 12:15:33


Thanks Divya.  I am looking for 1st std admission.

What is student : teacher ratio there? How experienced are the teachers?

Do you know what are the extra-curricular activities they teach/support?

I am also looking for an apartment to live close by.

Thanks again.



vanithasekar 2011-12-15 12:21:48


hi divya,

Did u secure admission for your kid?


DivineVictory 2011-12-15 20:42:59


Hello Ravi & Vanitha,

Ravi: My friends sons are in 1st and 5th standard. 1st standard student teacher ratio is 1:20 with only 1 section. From what I hear from principal, all teachers are well qualified and CBSE trained. For activities my friend said they have Yoga, music, art, library,dance and computer science and all these are included within the week on specific days. The only sad part is the 2400sqft playground will be coming up hopefully starting of this school year 2012. We will be moving to Sholinganallur in March or April close to the junction.

I took my kids today to the school and met the principal again. Took a look at the UKG classrooms, the playground that is going to be build and the bathrooms (just because my kids don't use it in their current school because of them being wet, stinky and indian style...(we moved from US a couple of years back) and I should say I was impressed. Clean classroom with projectors, clean bathroom with western toilets and equipment, huge playground which according to them will be ready by June 2012. Library which is gigantic and awesome was on 2nd floor where classes 1 - 7 (only 1 section each) along with labs are there BUT they didn't allow us.

WHAT surprised me is with so much construction going around the school & ground floor is for Pre-KG, LKG & UKG, 1st floor under construction and 2nd floor having classes from 1-7, I COULDN'T FIND ANY DUST or DIRT!!!

Vanitha: My husband is out of town and is coming next week, I have convinced him about this school because of me visiting twice, took my kids today, education is traditional CBSE with Formative Assesment exams and Summative Assessment exams, homework, projects just like the school they are in now. All activities are the same. Infrastruction IS million times better than the existing school. Fees is the same 1st year 71,000 if paid in one payment then 3000 discount so 67000 for entire year! Starting the second year of admissing 49000, if paid in full 46000 for entire year.

My cousin's daughter studied in Hiranandani Pawai and its a very reputed school and i don't doubt atall that this school will come out in flying colors..

I have applied in BVM (no hw, exams until 5th) & PSBB Millenium (staff very strewd, first impression not good) and to add the route to both schools are crazy. So I am guessing this school is my only option in sholinganallur. It took me 10-12 mins from the junction to school on this rainy day so...

Let me know Ravi & Vanita if I can be of any more help....





RaviR 2011-12-15 23:20:46


Thanks much, Divya.  You have pretty much provided the information that i was looking for related to this school.  Strong points are your cousin daughter studying in Hira Pawai and your friends kids studying in Chennai in 1st and 5th grade and you are impressed.

You have taken into account the points that we parents look for, teachers qualification, extra-curricular activities, syllabus, good play grounds, skilled principal, cleanliness and transport. 

Your posting is very useful and helpful for me to understand about the school without visiting - Thanks again.

We are returning to India next May-June 2012 and will stay as close as possible to the school.

Vanitha: We were in touch with the principal couple of weeks ago and with the school incharge.  We will be approaching again on Jan 1st week as we are out of home for next 10 days.  How about ourself?  What grade your looking for?




Regina 2011-12-16 10:11:26


 @ Divya: Thanks for writing such a wonderful review about HUS. I wanted to know fee inofmration about fees structure

"fees is the same 1st year 71,000 if paid in one payment then 3000 discount so 67000 for entire year! Starting the second year of admissing 49000, if paid in full 46000 for entire year."

I couldn't get your point. What is Ist year and 2nd year? Could you pls clarify my doubts?

Thank you





DivineVictory 2011-12-16 11:29:00


Hello Regina & Ravi

Glad to know I can be of help, I am a parent myself and I know how critical it is to know the tiny details that will make our little one's life comfortable and make our minds at ease! I am a software engineer but I have resigned to make sure my little ones (studying in 2nd and 3rd) find me always when they need me!!! Career can wait, kids grow fast and at this age they are soft clay, we need to mould them and be there when they need us! But at the same time I know the importance of two parents working, we do that also for the same kids to make them happy and give them all that we couldn't get!

Regina: 1st year is when you are admitting your kids new to the school so the Admission cost is included. Hiranandani has Rs10,000 Admission Cost + Rs10,000 Caution cost and + Rs 1,000 Registration fee = Rs 21,000 + Fee for the entire year in 4 quarterly payment = Rs 49,000 so this adds to Rs 21000 + Rs 49000 = Rs 71000 for the 1st year. If this is paid in full when your child is enrolled as a new student in the school - discount is Rs 3000 so you pay Only Rs 67000.

For the next year, which means your kids have been in that school for the entire year and are moving on the next class - you pay only Rs 49000 in 4 quarterly payments. Once again if you want to pay in full, discount of Rs 3000 so Rs 46000 for your second year without the Admission, Caution & Registration fee. Hope the above is clear, pls let me know if you need more clarification. When you get the Admission form, you will recieve a catalogue as well as the fee break down structure.

Ravi: Where are you & your family settled currently? We moved from Dallas, TX a couple of years back...Regarding staying close to school, HUS provides a school van which picks and drops kids but I understand, we were in the same situation when we moved and we rented a house close to the school and purchased an automatic car. Currently I drop and pick them up daily. Might plan to do the same when we move to Sholinganallur, lets see not sure yet...

hope the above helped...




Regina 2011-12-16 11:48:10


Indeed it is very clear about HUS fee strucutre. Thanks Divya for sharing this info.



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