pls suggest good CBSE schools near Rajakizpakkam, Tambaram

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dkelamaran 2011-11-03 18:01:48


Dear Parentree people,

I am new to this community. While trying to find good schools near Tambaram, I got this wonderful community and have joined recently.

I have 3 year old kid and wanted to enroll him in good schools around Tambaram as I have stayed close to Rajakizpakkam near Camp road, Tambaram.

As far as I know from here, I can get one good school named, Good earth (ICSE) as there were no reviews about other schools near Tambaram.

Kindly guide me what are the good schools (CBSE) near this place. Since it is so close to admission registration time, I am so much worried about it as I am new to this place too.

I am looking forward your valuable suggestion on this, please.



Rakseta 2011-11-03 18:22:52


Alwin Public school. But i have no ide abt this school .



sark 2011-11-04 12:21:40



     alwin of zion group is jus started n its review is too gud,boaz at medavakkam near by is gud but cost is high it seems n for central govt employees kv 1 n kv 2 r der n newly started kanchi mahaswami is fully packed with gud infra


Gopinathj 2011-11-16 18:14:47


School Name & Distance from Jains, Rajakilpakkam

Kendra Vidyalaya 0.3

Zion 1.5


Campus  3.5

Sankara Vidyalaya 3.5

Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir    1.5

Vivekananda Vidyalaya 4.5

Lords International 5*

Vels 7

Bharathi Vidyalaya 7

Bala Vidya Mandir 8

PSBB Millenium 10

Srimathi Sundaravalli 10.5

Parent Choice  11.5

Gateway schools 12

Crescent Scool 12

Omega International  13

DAV - Velachery 14

APL Global School 15

Good Earth 17

Vaels Billabong 17

Hirananadani 17.5

Vidya Mandir 18.5  


priya1 2011-11-17 09:29:15


I'm in the same boat too.. a little shaky than yours.. I'm looking to rent an apartment in Tambaram area AND a school for my 2.5 year old.. so, i may have to find out a good school first so that i can rent an apartment nearby..

Suggest some good schools around Tambaram please.. Appreciate your help!


Gopinathj 2011-11-17 11:46:21


 @Priya: I cant attach files here.. If you can send me you mail id.. I'll pass on the list of schools along with the area..


ogvenkat 2011-11-28 18:05:05


Dear Gopi,

Please share me also the attachment at


Thanks, Venkat.


SanjuMom 2011-12-20 21:30:19


Hi, I have joined this forum today. Share me that attachment. My mail id is :


Gopinathj 2011-12-21 12:36:46




SanjuMom 2011-12-21 13:16:42


Hi, I am looking for a CBSE school near to santhoshpuram and i found to see Boaz public school is very near to my location. Hw gud is that school compared to others? Ur kind suggestion really help me.


JANANIVENKAT 2012-01-03 01:00:55



Good to see this group..I am residing at MADAMBAKKAM( near Rajakilpakkam).I have a daughter who would be 2 years by in the process of collecting info abt schools....

@gopinath...can u share the attachment to me too??

mail id:






kakishore 2012-01-03 06:49:22


Hi All,

I have missed to get the admission form for some of the  CBSE school for LKG. I would like to know are there any other CBSE schools available from where I can get the admission form. I am staying in Rajkilpakkam near Selaiyur. Any help will be appreciated.




Gopinathj 2012-01-03 10:37:30


 @JananiVenkat: Done


Akila25 2012-01-04 12:01:35


Hi Kamal..

Now only came to know that Sundaravalli admission got over by october itself..I think Boaz public has started distributing the forms as I saw a big queue yesterday. My son is 2.5yrs thus planned to put him directly in to LKG by the yr 2013 to 14..If u want to go for ICSE..Good earth is good. Not sure abt the feed back on Lords international and campus school..If u come to know abt the feed back on those schools pls share so that I can plan..




ogvenkat 2012-01-08 05:53:14


 How about a copy to me Gopinath?? to


priya1 2012-01-11 20:33:13


I'm planning to put my son in Sankara vidyalaya, east tambaram.. they are gonna distribute application forms by Jan 20 it seems.


kakishore 2012-01-29 21:42:04



would like to know about Olive Public School in Chikalapakkam . Recently my daughter got admission in upper KG but not sure how is the school. Any input will really help me in taking decission.




kakishore 2012-01-29 22:05:51


Hi Priya,

Any update regarding sankara vidyalaya.

Sorry no idea about Lords international and campus school, I am new to this place and exploring the school like other parents.




JANANIVENKAT 2012-03-23 14:30:12


 Just sharing this info...KMVM(Kanchi Mahaswami Vidyamandir) at Rajakilpakkam has launched Pre-kg this Year.For more info check out the website


vmprarthana 2012-08-30 11:44:09



I am new to this forum. I am also searching a good school near camp road, Tambaram. My daughter is 2.3 yrs now and I am planning to put her in LKG in 2013. Can somebody give me idea about Boaz, and Vivekananda vidyalaya(CBSE) and also about Alpha and NSN (Matric). Hi Gopi, Can you also send me the list and my id is



Akila25 2012-08-30 15:15:35



I also came to know that MAV vidhyashram CBSE (Sembakkam) is also doing good. They also have extra activities like swimming, yoga ect...But need to know more feedback abt the school. Parents of this school please advise. I too have 3.3yrs old son planning to put him in LKG.



Night 2012-09-03 14:20:33


 Just wanted to share.. please do not go to EUROKIDS, TAMBARAM. The man who runs this branch is only money minded. Teachers do not look after the kids. I had a very bad expirence.. dats why requesting everyone ..if you love ur kid then please do not send to this school . 


vmprarthana 2012-09-03 15:15:45


Hi Chitra,

Can u share me about Vivekanandha Vidyalaya?





Reyno 2012-10-16 13:19:03


Hi im new to this community. I am in the process of collecting info abt schools.... Im staying in chromepet..

gopinath...can u share the attachment to me too??


anusai2008 2012-10-16 15:15:57



my son is in pre kg in roots2 wings ,rajakilpakkam.

Am unable to decide whether to change school from LKG or wait till 1st std.

Mr. kind of u to share the details ...can u pl mail me to




Gopinathj 2012-10-16 16:17:26


 Mails sent..


Gopinathj 2012-10-16 16:19:07


 Hi night, what is the bad experience you had with the Eurokids, east tambaram? Can you share the details please?

Money minded?? Are they collecting any extra fees?




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