Samaseer Kalvi - New Tamilnadu equitable education syllabus

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sathya 2009-10-29 09:58:26


The new uniform syllabus (samaseer kalvi or equitable education) proposed for all state, matriculation and anglo indian schools in Tamilnadu has been posted to the Tamilnadu department of education website at

When you open the webpage, on the top right sidebar you will find an image of a set of color pencils. Click on it to get the syllabus (took me a while to figure this out :-)

Or you can use these links below:

Samaseer kalvi Tamil syllabus (Class 1 to 10)

Samaseer kalvi English syllabus (Class 1 to 10)

Samaseer kalvi Maths syllabus (Class 1 to 10)

Samaseer kalvi Environmental Studies/Science syllabus (Class 1 to 10)

Samaseer kalvi Social Science syllabus (Class 3 to 10)




ajitkoshy 2009-12-08 18:17:14


hi sathya,

do you know whether this samacheer kalvi is going to be implemented anytime soon? i am planning to relocate to india from jan 2010 and looking out for an admission for my son into grade 1/first standard

am a bit confused about which syllabus to go for? i heard cbse, icse are all very tough.

can you give me some ideas?





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