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Krishvish 2011-10-24 14:04:05


 Hi, Iam in Muscat. My son is studying 5th here. We are plan to shift next year for 6th std. to chennai. Please tell me which CBSE school is best in chennai and also the admission procedures? Thank u

NandiniBala 2011-10-24 22:27:43



We both are sailing in the same boat. We are living in Dubai and will be shifting to Chennai in March. My son is in Grade 2. I have done some homework on the schools in Chennai, particularly in and around Adyar and Mylapore, as we are going to be residing in Adyar. As far as the schools around these area concerned, almost all the schools start issuing forms around Dec end or Jan. And there will be written test and personal interview. But one encouraging factor is that most of the schools give preference to relocations,particularly from abroad. And some schools like Chettinad is ready to give u a seat in the middle of year also, if u are ready to pay the capitation fees which was around 1 lac for grade 2. This was told by the principal herself when i met her this July.

Let me know which are the areas u are looking at.




Krishvish 2011-10-24 23:19:49


 Hello Nandini, I am sharu. Thanks for your informative reply. Since ur son is in 2nd u dont have to worry too much. But i know foundation is also very important. Now iam concentrating only on good schools if i get admission then i will search a house near by the school. By searching in the net i found Vidhya Mandhir Sr. Seconday school in Mylapore is good and they are having a branch in GST Road also. Also Ramco Group of school named Arsha Vidhya Mandhir  near Guindy is also good. Some are saying Chettinad is concentrating more on extra curricular activities than academics and fees also seems very high. What about PSBB? SBOA? Since we are NRI in all schools minimum we have to pay 1 lak donation.

Last year one of our friends relocated to India and got her daughter admitted in VIII std. in Modern School in Nanganallur. She said academics is  good.

Please let me inform any information u cm to know abt schools. Keep in touch.





NandiniBala 2011-10-25 16:46:18


Hi Sharu

You have to set your priorities first, whether u want a school which is concentrating both in academics and extra curricular or only academics. I heard thru my sis-in-law who relocated to Chennai 5 yrs back from Muscat, that PS senior secondary school, Mylapore is the top most school in Chennai right now. Vidya Mandir is also equally good. They have a branch in Adyar, not sure abt GST road. I heard abt Arsha vidya mandir but some say that they will give preference to Ramco employees. Chettinad, ofcourse fees is high, the one factor i was not convinced abt that school is no of students in class is abt 60 which is definitely going to be a struggle for our kids, as they have been getting much of individual attention here. So obviously the environment will be highly competitive.

PSBB , obviously is an old school and a best place for NRIs i heard, esp for people coming from US, as they balance both academics and extra curricular well.

End of the day, I feel whichever school they go, we as parents have to put up some effort from our side to bring them up. We will keep in touch and share infn mutually as and when we receive any inputs.





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