Good Schools in Chennai esp around T.Nagar

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Gaya3Sivakumar 2011-10-08 12:55:15


 Dear Friends,

Just joined the group. Found the discussions very useful and your enthusiasm in helping each other amazed me. Cheers for all the parents enrolled in Parentree..

And now coming to the discussion..Could you all please help me in enlisting good schools in chennai esp in and around T.Nagar? 

NJ 2011-10-08 23:28:26


PSBB, Jawahar vidyalaya, good shepherd


Gaya3Sivakumar 2011-10-09 11:52:14


 Thank you NJ


charulatha 2011-10-12 10:36:10


Hi Gaya3,

Me too stays at tnagar only. other schools apart from NJ listed are:

Shrine vailankanni school

Holy angels

Boston matriculation school

Alpha matriculations school


and many towards west mambalam side like narayasamy school etc.


rrunmai 2011-10-12 15:03:12




I need the admission info for the schools in Tnagar.  And can any body rate the schools?  I am planning to put my son in LKG.  I have 2 options - one is to put him in a LKG and UKG in some montessori school and try to get admission in KV for his 1st std.  If I could get admission in a very good school in LKG and continue there itself.

What you moms say about ICSE/IGSE upto 5th Std.?  Is it  a good idea?


Gaya3Sivakumar 2011-10-12 16:10:18


 Thank you for the list Charu..


charulatha 2011-10-13 10:53:41


I'm on the same path runmai.....I also have the plan to try putting my baby at KV for 1st std. But was searching schools at in /around tnagar till UKG (and he may continue if rejected at KV)..But boys school are few here.

Planning to join him either at PSBB (PREKG) or Chettinad (LKG).next year..Let me wait and see.

Now my baby tarun is 2.6yrs old ,so I put him at nearby school for prekg on vijayadasmi day..(as I thought, if he gets selected at chettinad for LKG, he should be little prepared for the school)...Just shared my details, as it may help any mom.


rrunmai 2011-10-13 11:12:18


Hi Charu,

Thanks for sharing.  Is PSBB upto the standard as it used to be?!  I heard negative comments also.  Chettinad is too far-na?  Since both of us working, we expect the school to be nearby home, so that even in our absence elders can go and pickup.  Rightnow he is in level 2 in Blooming buds play school.  I am doubtful whether it is ok to continue there if we opt for KV.  A school in Nandanam and Patasala at Mahalingapuram are there in my options.  But I need some good review of the schools in and around. 




charulatha 2011-10-13 18:11:54


Runmai..what u said is too hearing few negatives in my office circle. That means, they leave the kids free, they dont force the kids to learn etc....Still every parent has their own experiance based on the individual teacher.

But I like the school in encouraging our little ones to engage in play activities and making them learn in their own way. (I knew this as my cousin's kid is studying at kknagar branch)..

Abt chettinad---yes its far only. they dont have prblm for this distance..but we need to think whthr our lil one will get tired by this travel and some times we cant quickly access the school whenever we need. I dont think without donation, we will get admission at chettinad (1 lakh).

positive is good school and even they have food facility for kids (good for working moms).

Me also concentraing on nearby school only (except chettinad which is my last option). My first preference in PSBB,Tnagar only..if not, will continue at shrine vailankanni(my kid doing prekg thr) or alpha matric,nandanam.

If we get admission at KV at 1st std., all our tension will get relieved i hope.


PoojitParent 2011-10-31 21:54:03


Hi charulatha,

I am a parent of boy child who is 3 yrs and 7 months old as on today.

Last yr got rejected for prekg at PSBB,chettinad so continued him a nearby play school this time applying for lkg schools.

Am in west mambalam Stn rd. so thinking of opting for shrine vailankani into lkg they are issuing applications from 10th November 2011.

Basically I m from Other state and do not have any idea of Shrine Vailankani,plz put some light on the standard of the school.

Now that u have ur kid there in prekg u may be the correct person to get info abot that school,plz help



geeths 2011-10-31 22:37:06


 Hi, me too would like to know about shrine velankani school.....





shivark79 2011-11-01 17:32:37


 Hey parents,

I would like to know about the school boards mentioned above..whether is it CBSE or ICSE or State board. I am not looking to put my daughter in a state board as moving to different cities will be a problem.

Shrine: I have generally heard bad reviews about shrine velankani as kids speak in local tamil which I am not comfortable with... and moreover teachers too dont encourage the kids to speak in english.. Good thing about shrine is they also have Vijaydashmi admissions if kids dont complete 3 &1/2 yrs in June...there is always an option during October..

Holy Angels: I have spoken to a teacher in Holy Angels and LKG admissions start in January 2012 for 2012-13 batch after Pongal. I guess this is State board school.

PSBB:  This school is very strict in terms of admissions and they only accept kids from Pre-KG.

My daughter is Feb 2009 born so was concerned if I could admissions for her in the 2012-13 batch. She is currently is currently doing her pre-kg.


shivark79 2011-11-01 17:54:44


Admission forms for National Public School has already started from Oct 28th onwards. The form costs Rs.250 and you should carry the birth certificate and photo of the child.


charulatha 2011-11-01 19:03:44


Hi Pradeep/Geetha,

My baby born on March'2009. So I may try for Prekg at PSBB or LKG at chettinad next year. Thinking that If my baby selects at chetti, i cant just like that put him at LKG directly as he feels difficulty moving with other kids.

So I took temporary plan to put him at shrine vailankanni for prekg. No permenant plans. Now no issues for the baby. But kids used to not even talk in english their, which is necessary now. Even my aunty kids studied their till 5th and now moved to other school as she felt no improvement in their activities..they go to school,come back,read and sleep,nothing else. They dont encourage kids to talk in english and to involve in extra curricular activities, a major draw back I feel. But I've heard students who have done Btech also, studied in this school. If you feel ur kids capable enough to comeup with this setup and ofcourse with ur help, you may choose this school as I wont say that bad. (also as I am an ex student  :-)

I've plan to get application from alpha matriculation school also. You may apply this school also. This is at saidapet (near to Tnagar bus stand)..Good school..They asked 2500 and 9000 per term for coudn't put my baby thinking fee too high and also van facility not for prekg's. But van facility available from LKG..They will issue appl. on Jan'12 for LKG, they said when i went on sep'11. kid shd complete 3yrs as on june.


charulatha 2011-11-01 19:09:43


I'm thinking to drop chettinad now as I dont like my baby to travel long and his school shd be easily accessable to me/my mom..


Even Don boston school is at may check this too. Pradeep,many good schools are at west mambalam narayanasamy mission(CBSE) etc..Did u check any?

I hope holy angels is only for female baby/kids.



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