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Thiran 2013-02-27 17:55:25



 Hi Kaveri,

You are like a glowing candle in a dark room. The problem with the parent tree is that there are only parents who is seeking for admission and the parent who got the admission are left and never bother (nothing wrong in it). Thanks to you for being there shedding lights.

here you go, my set of doubts  I got my sons 2016 LKG admission in sishya OMR and we are happy about it. I took admission when he was 4 month old and got a confirmed seat. The only problem is bothering us is the infrastructure.. The campus looks very small and they need to exapand when students are promoted to higher classes and we dont see much vacant space around. I guess 2 acre is very less for school to run till higher standard. I dont have any doubts about the education quality as the staffs are from Adyar branch. If they planning to expand, i dont see any viable vacant land adjusent to the school. Are they planning to expand ? where? pls explain. 



Murugavel 2013-07-29 14:05:36


Hello Kaveri, My son is studying in Sishya OMR. I have a doubt regarding choosing the 2nd language whether to go for tamil or Hindi. I'm a Tamilian. Could you please shed some light on this topic. Personally, i prefer my son to choose Tamil as 2nd language. But, some people were saying that anyway my son knows tamil, & let him learn Hindi. Kindly advice. Thanks.


jollyjoe 2014-01-13 15:55:30


Hi Kaveri

Appreciate you taking time to provide all those responses. I went through the website of Sishya school and clearly there is no mincing words that its a very Christian org. My only concern is does this seep into the school also ?  How much of an influence is it in the day to day running of the school and the children's experience in the school ?

Once again thanks for your commitment.

Jolly Joe

chitra1 2015-01-22 02:42:17


Kaveri, come back we need your inputs on sishya

NitJai 2016-08-10 15:15:53


Hi Lakshana,
I'm looking for LKG admission for my kid in Sishya. I just saw your post 4 years ago (long time though).
My son is just 4 months old, but I've heard we gotto register in Sishya on the year of birth as early as possible.
Could you pls help me out in the procedure.



viparu 2016-11-08 16:30:31


Hi Thiran,
Hope your kid is with Sishya OMR now.  I have the same question as your's.  Did you get any clarity yet on those?  if yes, please share.


3117 2017-07-10 09:52:28


Hi kaveri my child is 6 months old.. Is it possible for admission in LKG 2020..pls let me know about sishya one school and extra curricular activities..

Thiran 2017-07-10 11:17:14


Hi Vidhya, Sorry for the delay msg. I have cancelled my son's admission in Sishya OMR and now he is in APL global school..  we are very much satisfied with APL

MohanapriyaN 2017-07-16 19:53:39


I just joined the parent tree group and was going over the latest threads and seen some queries on Sishya OMR. With my two kids in this school, I can add few information.
Anyone seeking admission you can right in the register as soon as the child is born, or you can make a visit even before it and check in the office. But that is not the only process, so many people have got admission in between. For that the management sees if the parents are really interested to have their child admit here. So you can visit on Weekdays (not sure of the day, may be Monday or Thursday) and keep checking with them now and then consistently. When the school was started infrastructure was not good, but now they have developed a very good basket ball court and a very nice senior block with AC auditoriums . They have a plan to construct Junior block also as like senior block shortly. The play ground is smaller compared to many schools, but they have built  a very good foot ball team.
Also now they have opened a fine carts club , where there are several classes being conducted which is not part of curriculum. As part of curriculum they have SUPW and extra classes which is after school hours for 3-4 days a week above class 5.



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