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lakshana 2011-10-07 15:33:27


Dear Parents  ,

        Hi to everyone, Please give me your valuable suggestions on these 2 schools .

              I have enrolled for my daughter in Sishya when she was born and i have got the intimation to attend the interview this month 19th ,but we are still confused what to do ??? As many people are saying kids will get spoiled as its a high end school ,is it really true ???? Is anybody's  kid studying there ?We are only middle class family so is it ok to go on for Sishya ?????

              How abt DAV gopalpuram ? I  have to apply for it .My daughter D.O.B is 12-2-08 ,is it easy get admission in DAV ?We are staying in Saidepet .Heard its very difficult to get in DAV 

      Please let me know ur suggestion regarding these 2 schools as i dont want to rely on DAV and leave this Sishya school.Thanks in Adavance for ur time ....

Warm Regards ,




NJ 2011-10-07 18:16:50



Spoilt children will be there in every school. It will be mostly the parents moulding that is going to shape the childs future. School is only the second contributing factor for this. Sishya is a good school. If you get in it, then go for it. DAV is very academic focussed and you also have to put as much effort as your child in academic performance. The DAV boys branch in Chennai especially, is rated one of the top 10 schools in India itself, but there will be a lot of emphasis on studies. If you dont mind this and you are an at home mother, then you possibly can try this. But DAV as any other reputed schools in Chennai is tough to get in without recommendations/sibling/alumini.


AppaAmma 2011-10-08 11:07:46


Dear Friends,

I have few quetions.

1) what about Sishya OMR ? How is the teaching and rating about the schools ?

2) I booked an apartment in IndiaBulls perumbakkam and plan to relocate to this area ? Current my children are studying at Jawahar Vidyalaya Ashok Nagar ? is it worth to do the re location ? Any best CBSE schools matching JV ashok Nagar available in and around perumbakkam ?





NJ 2011-10-08 23:17:29


I think Sishya in OMR is a franchise school like PSBB millenium. Its called Sishya mehta. You may want to call them up and confirm.

Any schools in OMR will have teething problems at the moment since they are all new schools.

Some upcoming schools in that area are gateway school, headstart, PSBB in eden park, BVM global in bollineni hillside and hiranandani upscale school. Among these I would place my bet on PSBB in eden park and BVM global in bollineni hillside.


KaveriB 2011-10-11 13:27:44


 Sishya OMR is not a Franchise. It is the same management, and trained teachers from Sishya Adayar have been shifted to the OMR campus, in order to maintain the same calibre.

Infact there are some teachers, like the school counselor, etc., who teach at both schools. The campus is only 2 acres, as opposed to Sishya Adayar which is 5 acres, and as an old student of Sishya, my loyalty is with the Adayar campus, of course. But I can vouch for the high quality and standard of the OMR campus. It is just another campus, and except for the fact that it is June to April year, while the Adayar campus is January to December year, everything else is the same.

Any other queries you may have about Sishya, pl feel free to ask me, as I am an active alumni member, was a teacher there, and am currently a very involved parent of Sishya Adayar as well!


p.s. Sishy'a fees being high, and it only being for rich kids, is a myth. From the 1970s to now, my relatives in Vidya Mandir, Abacus, Navadisha, are all paying higher fees than us!

There ARE a lot of very rich, high profile kids in Sishya... No doubt about that. But there are also plenty of kids from very ordinary middle class backgrounds. I have never been aware of any of my classmates social, religious or materialistic background while in Sishya.

The friends that I had then, in school, are still my closest and most easy going friends.

This is just my 2 bits' worth. I'm sure many others will have many other opinions. So ultimately, you need to make your own decision!


saigee 2011-10-11 14:46:36


Hi Kaveri

I would just like to know when is the good time to apprach the school for admissions?



AppaAmma 2011-10-11 15:15:13


Thanks a lot KaveriB. How about getting admissions for my children of VI & II Stds in OMR Branch ? When , where & whom we need to approach for this ? Thanks again.

- Sowmi


lakshana 2011-10-11 17:05:55


Dear NJ,Sowmi  and Kaveri ,

          Thanks Much for all your comments .Im very much surprised to get a comment from a old student of Sishya itself .Thanks once again !!!!

           Like you all said let me give a try in Sishya as DAV is very difficult to get in and same time don want kids to get pressurized in their small age itself .I will let u guys know if i get into Sishya .

Warm Regards ,



KaveriB 2011-10-14 12:57:54


 PLease visit the OMR branch on any Thursady morning and meet the trustees there.

The trustees meet at the Adayar campus on Wednesdays for Adayar admissions and at OMR campus on Thursdays.

Frist come first served basis. no need to drop names or have references. 

If your kid is applying for any class above UKG, and there is a vacancy for him/her in that class, they will give you a date to bring the child for a test. There is no need to study for that test. It is just to assess whether the kid knows all that her/his classmates have already learnt and will be able to cope. they do a oral comprehension, a written test as well as a one on one conversation with the child. It will also let them know if the child is too far ahead of the class!

For higher classes they will test English, Math and the second language (Hindi or Tamil).

Std 6 in OMR branch will not be a problem as they have only a small number of students there. The younger classes are the ones which are full. As those classes move up, all the classes will eventually be working to full strength.

PLease feel free to go and talk to the Headmistress, Ms.Vijaylakshmi. She is a lovely person and can answer all your questions far better than I will be able to.




Bibhu 2011-10-15 00:28:36


 Dear Kaveri,

After hearing a lot on Sishya, I am interested to apply for my son. He is 2 yr 2 months now and we are looking for Pre KG shool for 2012. Can I make a try at Sishya Adyar branch as I stay at G N Chetty Road, T Nagar. Whom should I contact/ Can I contact them over phone ?



NandiniBala 2011-10-15 09:16:21


Dear Kaveri

We live in Dubai but are relocating to Chennai in March. I have started looking out schools for my son who is in 2nd std right now, studying in a CBSE school here. Definitely Sishya was one of the options , but would like to know whether is it possible for him to cope up coming from a CBSE background as I could understand from the website that the year starts from Jan itself and here the year is getting ended only in March, In that case, will he be losing one year if i decide to put him in Sishya? Pls clarify. Anyway my hus is there in Chennai next week, and he is planning to go to the school on a  wed and find out the options. We will be staying in Gandhi Nagar 4th Main road, Adyar. I also want to know how the school is considering admissions for students coming from CBSE as the academic year of both the syllabus clashes.

I will be very greatful if u clarify my points. Thanks




AppaAmma 2011-10-15 09:30:28


Thanks a lot KaveriB for the timely input. Also Many more thanks to all who participated and gave their inputs in this regard. I got enough details to do the further followup with school.


saigee 2011-10-15 12:06:14


Hi Kaveri, Thanks for all the info.I just have another question. How early do we need to go on wednesdays at the Adyar branch?



KaveriB 2011-10-15 13:26:52


 Dear everyone,

I am not a trustee, and cannot say whether or not there is place, or if you will get admission. PLease contact the school itself for that.

There is no Pre kg in Sishya. It starts at LKG, at the age of 3years. (The child must be over 3 years as of Jan 1st of that year)

Sishya Adayar is very hard to get into at LKG and UKG level as it gets filled up years in advance! There is no entrance test for these classes. It is purely on a first come first served basis.

ON the wednesday when you go to meet the trustees, you will find a few parents who come by 6.30 and 7am and wait. Most unnecessary. The trustees come only at 9am., and never take more that 10 minutes with each parent/guardian. So you will end up waiting for 2 to 3 hours before they come! Why? You'll be let into the gate only after 8.30am so please go only then. The watchmen will be able to guide you as to where to put your name down and where to go, and are usually very sweet about it, but please don't go early and bug them when they are trying to manage the regular school day traffic and children. It is a duty that requires their full concentration, so I'm sure you understand.

Many people come from CBSE syllabus. They will not put unnecessary pressure, and the teachers will work with the student to help them catch up, if they need to. What do you mean by "lose a year"? Having to spend an extra 3 months in the same class can be seen as a gain, rather than a loss... IN a person's lifetime, 3 months of extra time is hardly a loss!! I'd love to have 3 more months to finish what everyone else is getting less time to do! :-) I've never understood which is losing a year, and which is gaining a year!!!! Just a different perspective!



p.s. I'm not sure how well they respond over the phone for a first meeting.... I think it's best to go in person.


KaveriB 2011-10-15 13:31:44


 Not all ICSE schools are Jan to Dec. Only Sishya Adayar. 

ICSE exam used to be held in November - December each year till 1980. Then when they changed that examination also to February- March, all the other ICSE schools changed from Jan to Dec academic years to June to April years. But Sishya found that by remaining Jan to Dec, their students got 3 full terms in the 10th, plus an extra 2 months to prepare for their 10th board exam, and so they didn't change. however, 11th and 12th stds start only in June and follow the June to April schedule.

Is that confusing enough for you?





NandiniBala 2011-10-15 22:45:26


Hi Kaveri

What I was trying to understand was that, if my son who is in Grade 2 in CBSE in case given a seat in Sishya, will be taken into Grade 3 in Jan? If that is the case, he will not be even completing Grade 2 in CBSE which is ending in March. So how do they admit without even we getting a completion certificate? That's y i was under an impression that he will be put up in Grade 2 itself, in which case he will be lagging behind one year if he had studied in CBSE.

Guess i have confused much..:-) Pls clarify....




leena1982 2011-10-21 18:58:23


Hi Kaveri,

Very nice to see you response in this forum.Its very useful for a parent to get a feedback from a Ex student as it gives us a valuable info about the ICSE syallabus.I have a query reg the omr sishya, if you could help..

 We registered for my son for LKG for the 2012 batch (sishya omr), we have been given a chance list and they said they will inform us once the intrview process starts.Any idea when the interview process starts for omr sishya? does sishya has website when we can find all these info?, as I guess the inteview process for Adyar Sishya has already started.



sanaa 2011-12-02 11:48:33



We have relocated to chennai from UAE. My kids come from the very best ICSE school in Dubai. we are trying to get them a place in sishya, 7th and 2nd grade.

can u throw some light  on the school's academic part  from 7th to 10th grade.

1)Do parents have to cram with the kids Or the faculty do a good job in making the child understand?

2)how is their board results?

3)where do sishya children stand in comparison with PSBB/DAV/Vidyamandir on academic front?

4)heard most children are tution dependant in 9th and 10th.



NandiniBala 2011-12-02 12:58:23


Hi Sanaa

We also live in Dubai and will be relocating to Chennai this year. I got an online appointment in Sishya and asked my sil to visit the school for admission for my son into 3rd grade. She also met the trustees, but she says the chances are not very bright as they have said admission is purely based on vacancies created by transfers and also they are very particular about maintaining the strength at 30 (which impressed me a lot) .But she said the campus is fantastic and the school has got very good infrastructure compared to other top schools in chennai. Finally the trustees have asked to come in Jan and try again, but the academic year starts there in Jan.

BTW, which school ur children go to in Dubai? Modern High School?

Hope this helps.


KaveriB 2011-12-02 20:37:18


 Dear Nandini,

They (Sishya), need the TC from the previous school, which will say what class he was studying in. For all students of std 1 upwards, they have a small test of English, Math, and for 3rd std upwards they also test their 2nd language skills to see whether or not they will cope with or are ahead of the class standard. 

They do not need a completion certificate! They get to know a lot more about the child with the face to face, one on one testing than they will ever get from a certificate.

yes they do not take more than 30 per class. That is why till someone takes a TC and leaves, they cannot assure anyone else of a seat in that class. Even if the year starts in jan, and they know about the vacancy only then, they will give the first person on the waiting list for that class a place in that class. Even it means that they will join a few days or weeks after school re opens. I know of friends whose twin girls were given admission in Sishya in April this year, even though first term was getting over in 2 weeks time. The trouble is that sometimes a parent gets transfered to a job in another city in the middle of a term, and has to take their child out of school and move right then. It isn't fair to expect them to move according to the school calendar, as companies do not transfer people according to school calendars! 

Hope that this is helpful. All the best, trying in Jan.



KaveriB 2011-12-02 20:57:48


 Dear Sanaa,

There are parents who insist on cramming with their kids, there are parents who send their kids to tuition because their friends do. There are those who don't as well. I'm one of those who doesn't.

Sishya advices you not to send them for tuition, but if you feel your child needs extra tuition, you are asked to first talk to the subject teachers, the class teacher and the headmistress to discuss why you think he/she needs tuition, and after that to talk to the school counsellors to see if there is really a base for your concern about the child. After that if you still want tuition fopr your child, they will not stop you.

The school does not insist on each and every child getting 90% or 100%. They do want the child to work to his/her full potential, though. If the child is capable of only getting 60% average, then they are happy if he/she gets a steady 60%! But what I like about the school is that they try to find out where the child's talent lies. Even if it is something that is not offered by the school but he/she learns it outside, (like an instrument, or a sport that the school doesn't have facilities or a coach for), for every medal or concert or acheivement in that sport or instrument, they will give the chld encouragement, and show case them to the rest of the school.

In fact when I first moved my son to Sishya from another school, he was in 2nd grade, and missing his old friends and old school. But within a week of joining, there was a small article about him in the newspaper as being the youngest birdwatcher participating in the Madras Naturalist Society's bird watching competition/event. The head mistress took a clipping of the article, asked me for a photo of my son and put these both up outside her office with a note below mentioning his name and which grade in Sishya he is in. Just the pride of seeing that made my son love the school! 

The overall ICSE and ISC results in Sishya are really impressive, though. Everyone passes, and gets over 65% or 70% average. More than half the students get over 90% average. For ICSE syllabus, and considering the number of sports, cultural and other activities through the year, I think it's quite impressive. They conduct their own culturals and Model United Nations Conference every year, which the teachers hardly do anything. It is totally organised and managed by teh student body. I love the confidence levels of the students who come out of this school. It is reflected in the number of successful alumni. I don't mean to advertise Sishya, but it is because I think it's the best that I put my kids in there. Not because I studied there.




NandiniBala 2011-12-02 23:08:47


 Dear Kaveri

Thanks for ur reply. But my worry is the trustees have told my sil not to wait for this and try in other schools also. We cant predict the chances of getting also. But as u said, they might call in April also. Now i need ur advise on this, whether to try in other schools or wait for Sishya?But I am very impressed about the school after hearing it from you. 




jramesh5425 2011-12-08 09:33:15


Hi Kaveri,


Could you please advice is there any recommendation works for getting admission in sishya adyar.


edwin 2011-12-13 13:37:32



  this is edwin , i  need admissoin in sishya for my son 2years 8 months, iam not resister that time , but i try for 3 times, i dont no how to get the admission,plz guide me



PriAnoo 2011-12-13 18:44:36


Hi Kaveri,

We live in Perungudi and we heard Sishya OMR is the best school in this locality.

We approached for LKG admission in 2012 batch and also registered for the same. But we didnt get any promising reply from the School management on the admission and they informed us that the admission is over till 2015. Is that true?

Please let us know when the admission process starts for LKG 2012 batch.


deepadhana 2012-01-09 15:58:07


Hi all,

I am looking for admission for my son for LKG 2013 batch. I would like to know the feedback about the academics and sports in the school. Can someone share me their thoughts if their kids are put up in sishya.. I am in dialemma whether to join icse/cbse and also confusion b/w Sishya/BVML Bollenni. We are staying @ thoraipakkam and sishya is near for us..




Akila25 2012-01-09 17:08:54



What u said is correct..I called them to enquire abt 2013-14 LKG for my son,they told me that admission is over till academic yr 2015-16.. If u come to know abt any updates pls let me know..


SowymaChennai 2013-01-16 15:47:07


Hi KaveriB

I want to understand what is the process.for Sishya  We registered for the appointments and met the trustees . However we were told that the admissions for 2013 is open only in november and that we were asked to register again in novemeber.Want to understand the following

1. What is the appointment for and why is it open to anyone now ? We did not get any proof that we have met the trustees nor did we get any waitlist #.

2.  If people have registerd even while they were pregnant do they get any proof of registration?. What is meant by registration process here ? I.

Can you please help out here as I am totally clueless .


jerokpradeep 2013-01-25 11:32:05



Is it true that in Sishya (in Both Adyar and OMR), more than half of the seats are filled only by recommendations? If that is the case why are they keeping us waiting for so long and asking the parents to meet them again and again?

Sishya mgmt asked us to come and meet them in Feb. They gave us 5 mins appointment. What will they ask and what should we prepared for?

Apart from this aspect in students care and techers qualifications etc I hear only good reviews about Sishya.





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