Good Playschool near egmore,purashawakkam

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shikaa 2011-09-16 16:59:02


Which playschool is good.. i am living near by egmore.. anyone can tel me about seed school in kilpauk and The house of Harington school egmore.. which one is best for my kid

RamyaSrinivasan 2011-09-16 17:41:00


Hi you can try roots to wings, Stepping Stone Montessori


7 2011-09-21 12:51:08


 My son studied in SEED, kilpauk.............its a very good school, personal attention is shown to each and every child since it is not crowded. The annual day which is done every year will be awesome were all the SEED branches will join and do it....My son had a great exp studying there......fees is also nominal...teachers are good.....ayyas are good. Even my cousins son is studying in this batch. 90% of the kids who studied in SEED got placed in Chinmaya, Sindhi, Maharishi and Bhavans.......even my son is studying in Chinmaya. Bcos of the good coaching kids are able to face the interview for LKG........

Let me know if you need some more info. 



jesuambi 2011-09-21 22:17:04


hi all,

my daughter has been going to applekids for the last 2 years....she is indeed enjoying my surprise the teachers have been taking good care and also pay attention to discipline and eating habits....also they pracitce good mannerisms....also the kids from that school have been able to secure admission in good schools like the mvm,dav,chettinad,mcc......

try putting in applekids egmore....they have started a new branch and i think they admit kids during vijayadasami too....check out...dont miss it




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