Bhavans,Kilpauk - is it really worth it? Feedback on NPS and Lady Andal

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Lourdes 2011-09-12 15:38:35


Hi All,

We are going to try for Bhavans, Kilpauk admission this year for 2012. I heard they charge a hefty donation - in lakhs - I'm wondering if it really worth it?

I'm also considering NPS, gopalapuram and Lady Andal, chetpet. Please send in your reviews that will help me make an informed decision.

Thank you all in advance!

Lourdes 2011-09-12 15:50:41


Forgot to add.

I'm ok with paying up the amt I just want to know if its worth the hullabaloo the school creates.

I've read plenty of reviews in parentree (probably too much tht Im nowconfused :-) ) I'm hoping to get feedback from parents who have put their kdis in the above schools (from the horse's mouth so to say)

I'm not for the typically preparing -kids-for-IIT kinda school - I'm looking for holistic development, a bit relaxed, want my daughter find out what she really wants to do, a happy place and most importantly - good Peer group (that last one being the most important ). By good peer group I mean - educated parents, mostly from middle and upper middle class.

Is that a tall order? :-)

I really Harishree Vidyalaya but I moved to Chetpet so its too far off now


cbse 2012-10-01 14:37:19


 hi, Did you get any info about the Bhavan school?  I am in the same boat- looking for LKG admission for my daughter 2013-14 (sep-09 born). So where did you put your daughter? If you share yr experience, it would be great. thank you.



Lourdes 2012-10-03 16:54:02



I ended up putting my kid in NPS montessorie and Im really happpy with the school. So far great. Only gripe is they dont have a play area for kg kids. But the teachers and peer group is really good. And Lady Andal has started cbse i heard so u can explore that also. I didnt try Bhavans since my kid was under age for lkg and they didnt ahve pre-kg and I didnt want to risk waiting a year.


priyapayyakkal 2012-10-04 15:26:52



I am looking for LKG adm for my daughter 2013-2014. I stay in mogaippair..

Can somebody tell me the school options that I have and the issue of app date..




 Former member 2012-10-04 19:18:20


Hi Lourdes,

i just want to know more about NPS. Could you please tell me how's it in the higher classes( If you know that is). As I can see,  I too have exactly the same expectations out of a school as you have posted above. I don't want a school that just concentrates only on aceds, but a school that promises holistic development, without torturing the child, or snatching away its individual liking/interest. How does NPS fit in this bill? I am of late hearing very very good reviews about NPS and I am impressed. But at the same time I don't want to be carried away by it either. So I want to just know real experiences.

Thank you! :)


Lourdes 2012-10-05 11:36:14


Hi qwertymom,

nice to know you are looking for the same things in a school! I can be sure that in montessorie classes the individual is given utmost importance. This should be the case in any Mont school like navadisha /abacus/patasla too. And as such, even for higher classes, from what I heard, NPS is a chilled out school , not too stressful. But I do not know much abt the cbse classes and i havent expereinced it myself. From heresay, all i can say is, not many complaints. The teachers were telling that they want to give mont option in primary clases also but so far it  had not started. So, in short, i can vouch till mont III classes and not beyond. 


sowmyaguru 2012-10-09 13:39:35


hi lourdes....


nice to hear that NPS also has Montessori.. i heard of it.. but did not try.. i did my schooling in daughter is in DAV gopalapuram... 2nd std...

what is the fees for montessori and till which grade they have in montessori...pls brief i am planning or just started to think of changing my daughter to montessori.. kinda studies..



sanbala 2012-10-10 13:35:19


 and plz do share ur reviews too withme



Lourdes 2012-10-11 10:04:39


Hi sowmyaguru

NPS has mont only till mont 3 (equiv of ukg) and not for primary school. Also mont schools will not accept non-mont children in any other class other than mont 1 ( pre -kg) this is the rule in any mont school because children will get confused when switching to mont from other stream. Its impossible to unlearn what they have learnt.


sowmyaguru 2012-10-11 14:00:25


oh.. ok so from std 1 it is the main stream....


Gayumtg 2012-10-11 17:26:28


H i Lourdes. What is the school timing in NPS? I heard that it is bit difficult to get the admission there, can  u please share u experience on admission and the donation they are expecting out of the applicants. Thanks in advance:)


Lourdes 2012-10-12 11:29:08


For mont 1 its 9-12.15 . for kg its 9-12.30 . for 1std i think its 8 - not sure till what time. mont 2 and 3 also have slightly extended timing. I don't know what excatly is the criteria for admission here but didnt "try" anything. I just applied and got thru. Maybe my kid was just lucky. My hubby is a entrepreneur and im work in IT - thts our profile. And we live within 5 kms. I do know people who come from >5 kms also. The class is a good mix of people from all over India. It kind of represents a mini-India :-) Im guessing they consciusly keep it a healhly mix of people from all communities - which is nice.  So apply and keep your fingers crossed. Oh and i think for mont the child should be 3 by sep and for lkg the child should be 4 by sep. Please check with the school.


Lourdes 2012-10-12 11:34:23


In case it wasnt clear - there is no donation concept here . The school fee is fairly steep but I'd rather do that than under the table donation.


 Former member 2012-10-12 11:49:19


Hi Lourdes,

sorry to be bothering you, but the one complaint that I get too often is their Fee Structure. Isn't it quite high compared to other schools? And how do they justify that?


Lourdes 2012-10-15 13:02:45


Hi qwertymom,

yes tht is a complain considering their infrastructure is avg (only kg/mont classes are ac) and the playing field is very small and there is no play equip (like swings or slides for small children). But if you see their fee structure, bulk of the school fee go to the teachers salary. So the teachers are well paid in the school, which according  to me is important. Im a working mom too so I know that I wont give it my best till I think Im paid my fair share :-) From whatever I ve seen in montessorie the quality of teachers are really good. So thats my justification for being ok with the fee structure. They have also acquired the neighboring building (which will probably be turnd to more classromms/labs) So even then I feel lack of space to run around for children is a major crib for me. Im sure you have a criteria list as did I. You may not get all of it in 1 school so you have to prioritize on what you want for your child. Somewhere at the back of my mind I still covet lady andal or bhavans for the sapce they provide and the extra curricular exposure they give but Im learning to make peace with it  :-) Do talk to other parents whose kids study there and try to catch a glimpse of the schools you like before deciding.


 Former member 2012-10-16 11:29:03



Indeed. A valid response. One more question. My daughter is less by a month for their age criteria. Do you know of anyone who has had relaxations in the age criteria for LKG? I called up the school, and they are telling me that my daughter would be eligible only for Mont. I don't want her to lose a year just by a month, if at all I want to put her at NPS.


Lourdes 2012-10-16 13:03:40


Hi qwertymom,

all above schools mentioned by me are strict on age criteria and for a good reason. But each shcool has slightly differnet cut off date for month so check with other schools - maybe ur kid will qualify for lkg. That said, I personally think it did my daughter good to wait a year (she s jan born so is currently the oldest mont 1 kid ) . She adjusted so easily in school and even her immunity is much better than it was last year so she doesnt take frequent sick leaves.  Also when they go into 1std, it is a sea change - a child has to be atleast 51/2 before she can hold a pencil and write those long sentences. My girl will be 6 1/2 so Im happy abt it. Other moms I spoke to also confirm that the older kids in class found it easier to handle the change and is an advantage.  You may agree that for young children even a  year makes a lot of difference! So chill out and let ur kid have a longer childhood :-) See it this way - ur kid is gaining an etxra year of childhood!


jayshreevijay 2012-12-16 19:22:50



I guess bhavans also has only 25 to 30 seats for G catagory. Parents pls dont fix your minf for bhavans unless and until you have astrong recomendation. you might get if your house is less than i Km even then the chances r remot.


 Former member 2012-12-16 21:41:06


Hello Jayshree,

Initially they will screen all the applications and then only will they select right? How do we move in there even if we have recommendations?



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