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Laxz 2011-09-08 10:58:32


Hello Everybody,

My daughter is 2 yrs & 2 months now. We are planning to put her in Pre-KG in a reputed school by June 2012. We are working parents & she is being taken care of my Mother in law at home.

Will it be a good option to send her to a nearby Playschool by this Vijayadasami?

Or let her be free till next June 2012 & go to Pre-Kg directly.

I have a slight dilema on this as i feel going to Play school might give a good exposure & get her trained to the daily routines & will be getting better attention than in pre-kg to start with... Maybe she might even enjoy it as she mingles well with other kids...

On the other side... She will definitely be exposed to more infections as well & "Might" get sick often.. We are concerned if this might deteriorate her health.

I would like to hear your opinions/suggestions regarding it.

Thanks in advance!


Divis 2011-09-09 15:47:43


Hi Lax,

I am also a working mother and I had left my son in a playschool when he was 1 year and 10 months - during the last vijayadasami.Initially my in-laws were looking after him and they didnt like him going to playschool at a very early stage, but trust me now my son is in pre-KG + day care in the same school and he goes there without crying. 

I would suggest that playschool is a better option before putting your kid in the Pre-KG. Because first thing, they will get into the habit of going to school, sitting in class, mingling with other children , eating habits. There are many benefits from a play-school.

They might fall sick but it doesnt happen to all the kids. Trust me, In the playschool where he goes, hardly I hear anything like this. kids will get adjusted very soon..

This is purely my experience and my suggestion is Play school is important before sending to Pre-KG or main school..

Now my



winy1984 2011-09-09 16:23:43


hey laxz,

Putting a kid in a playschool cultures him/her very well. But if you miss the Pre-kg admission process this year, will they admit kids in L.k.g? Be sure of that.

My kid is in Pre.Kg now (2.8 yrs). Although the initial days of his schooling were lil tough, he's used to it now. i dint put him in any playschool b4.



Laxz 2011-09-13 10:59:14


Thanks Divis & Winy....

We are in Thiruvanmiyur & planning to send her to SEED Playschool by Vijyadasami...

Planning to give it a try... Any reviews on SEED?




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