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Itanium 2008-12-22 19:19:20


Just bit confused on identifying the right age for my son to get a KG Admission. He was born on July 2007, now he is 1 Years 6 Months old.

Already the admissions for KGs in most of the chennai schools are over and i'm in the process to begin the hunt.

He is just now started to talk few words... Would it be the right age for my son to start the Pre KG by next year (2009) May ? Or Do I need to wait for another year.

Guys can some of you throw light..

mango_mama 2008-12-24 07:57:20



Your child is still young to apply for admission for KG but you could start exploring preschools or playschools in your area (preschools are before KG and lay foundation for school etc.).

Usually for upper KG (before 1st standard), kids are about 5 years

lower KG kids are about 4 years

preschool is before that.

The right age for starting preschool really depends on you. Around 2 to 3 years. But if you start early, make sure that they have a lot of play. My personal opinion is that start at 3 or closer to 3 if possible (if mom not working) and let the child be with the mom or dad. But then mom needs a break. My kids though did go early--my daugher started at 19 months and son at 2.5 years.

 Here Some helpful tips on deciding the age and what to look in a preschool

Good luck!



snhemalatha 2008-12-24 13:06:13



I think by July 2009 your kid will be only eligible for Play group. Nowadays all the schools are very strict about the age criteria.

If you are at home you can wait for one more year and put him in Pre-school in 2010.

Talk to him a lot. Sing Rhymes together. Give him some puzzles.








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