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SumiSudha 2011-06-29 11:04:43


Hi All,


I'm wondering how much writing work is given to LKG kids.. My son was getting 4-5 pages to write for a day. And he shows no interest in writing at all. I'm clueless here.. pls share your thoughts.


umabala 2011-06-29 12:03:45


WoW,,4 to 5 pages every day!!!! Which school is he studying in? I don't think schools give so much of writing work everyday in LKG level, atleast not to this extent..maybe 4 to 5 pages every week sounds ok. 


subhapunati 2011-06-29 12:13:12


My kid is in Grade - I and daily he gets 2-3 sheets of work.. And in that one sheet will contain concepts related to thinking skills.. And hardly it will take max 30 min for him to finish 2-3 sheets..I hope 4-5 pages for LKG is very high Home work..

Experts pls share your thoughts.....



mimmy 2011-06-29 13:10:03


4 to 5 pages of work in LKG for a day....is really too much work.

I remember my son used to get practice sheets at home, but he has no binding to finish it in  particular time. He can do it on week-end or any time.

Kids in LGK start to write but that doesn't mean that they do heavy amount of writing.


7 2011-06-29 14:28:46


 OMG.....My son is also in LKG.. But daily 1 - 2 pgs are given for HW...I am really surprised to hear that 4-5pgs of HW is given...which school is he studying??


SumiSudha 2011-06-29 15:28:28


He is in Shemrock,Adyar. its a playschool kind of.. I didnt want to overburden by son.. So I thought let him continue here itself...  He was getting 2 sheets in the first week, then it got increased to 3 sheets.. yday it was 4 sheets + rhymes to learn + one coloring sheet...

And he doesnt want to write at all... I feel very bad to force him...  He likes to scribble something on free sheet and If I ask to write specific aplhabet.. he can write some 10-12 aplhabets... But he hates doing it in workbook...



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