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NBS 2011-06-22 23:38:40


Hi ,

We are re-locating to chennai, please suggest some good cse schools near OMR/ adyar. my daughter is in UKG,

please suggest some good schools.




namenick 2011-06-22 23:43:40


bala vidhya mandir is a good upcoming school


umabala 2011-06-23 18:50:56


Hope this helps...

1. ABACUS Montessori - ICSE
2. Pon Vidyashram
3. Vael's Billbong ICSE
4. Headstart Learning Center IGCSE Headstart Learning Centre, Chennai, INDIA
5. The Gateway school -
6. PSBB branch in OMR, siruseri 
7. American school- IB
8. Primrose -
9. British International School. IB
10. GT Aloha Mandir
11. APL Global school IGCSE syllabus.
12. BVM Global school at Marg SwarnaBhoomi
13. BVM Global school - Bolleni Hillside OMR -
15. Alpha Clarion International School - Alpha Group of Institutions
16. Sishya branch in OMR - Thoraipakkam
17. BVM Global at Perungudi -
18. PSBB school - @L&T eden Park - starting operations in June 2011
19. RMT school - RMT International School - thoraipakkam - International school
20. Hiranandani's school in upscale..omr. - Hiranandani Upscale School
22. Manthan Vidyashram -


1.Bala Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary CBSE Bala Vidya Mandir
2.Sri Sankara Senior Secondary CBSE - Adyar
3.Kendriya Vidhyala CBSE - CLRI/Adyar
4. The School- KFI ICSE - Adyar
5. Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar
6. Sishya, ICSE-Adyar
7. Sankara School - Thiruvanmiyur
8. St. Patrick's School - ICSE - Adyar



NBS 2011-06-23 21:54:42


thanks namenick



NBS 2011-06-23 21:55:55


thanks uma for the detailed revert. please suggest some gd schools out of this list . i am looking for cbse schools


umabala 2011-06-24 11:35:42


Opinions differ and hence it is safe to decide on the schools yourself. Check out for reviews online and in parentree group as many schools are discussed here. Also you can shortlist schools based upon your exact residential location in Chennai.


anbhi 2012-03-06 09:30:33


thanks a lot for the list...was just what i was looking for...very useful..


anubala 2012-03-06 17:34:23



I'm new here. My son's DOB is 20-jun-2009. I need to find an admission to him either in PreKG this year or for LKG next year.

Please help me on this as i'm relocating from Udumalpet to Chennai.


michaelrenny1 2012-03-06 17:37:41


@anubala:try for any school in omr....bvm,psbb,st.johns,st.britto

@umabala:hope u would be the better person to advise anu...


anubala 2012-03-06 17:52:09


@uma: I'm a single parent planning to bring my kid with me. So planning to find school in omr or velachery-tambaram line since i need to have access to all mandatory facilities like hospitals, bus stops, pharmacies, super markets etc.,

Also till enquired, I'm not sure if there are still admissions open in any of the CBSE schools listed here. Other wise i have to waste oneyear in my kids career.

Please lemme know if there are admissions open in any of the school


SUNDAR72 2012-03-07 10:58:58


Anubala: you kid to be put in LKG in next accademicyear only. Most of the CBSE schools to complete 31/2 year on 1st of june


umabala 2012-03-07 11:34:05


@anubala - Are you looking out only for CBSE or are you ok with matric schools as well? If it is CBSE, your kid should have completed 3 years 6 months on June 1st as Sundar has mentioned in the post. Most CBSE schools follow this criteria. If it is matric, your kid should have completed 3 years as on July 31st for that academic year. Most matric schools will be open for admissions now. To my knowledge admissions are still open in the following CBSE Schools:

1. SAN Academy - Velachery

2. Bala Vidya Mandir - Perungudi

3. Hiranandini Upscale School - Navalur

If you are looking out for matriculation schools, check the following as well:

1. Ganesan Matriculation - Velachery

2. Akshaya School - Velachery

3. Zion Matriculation School - Tamabaram

4. St. Patricks - Adyar

5. Vana Vani - IIT, Adyar

Hope this helps!!

Do let me know if you need anymore information.




rthi 2012-03-07 13:32:36


Hi all,

  Does anyone have any feedback about Sangford School, Perungudi?



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