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Smiley 2009-10-01 15:43:25



I am new member of parentree.  I have a daughter of 1.5 yrs as of now. I heard that if i have to join my daughter for PreKG next year i have to get application forms by this year end itself..

I am more interested in Chettinadu Vidyashram, but in their website, they have mentioned for last year.. as of 31 march 2009, the kid has to complete 2 yrs for PreKG and 3 yrs for LKG. My daughter will not be completing 2 yrs..n she will be loosing in 1 mth.

I got to know about A School and i shall call them too.

Is there any idea.. about how to approach or any other schools, I wanto join her in a good school..

If you can provide me some valuable suggestions, that wd be of much help.

Srivi 2009-10-01 16:31:03


The same thing happend to me, my toddler was born in August, so could not join him PreKG this year in any school due to short fall of age..Hence i have put him in Play school now nearby..Have to try for PReKG next year.





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