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I agree with all the others who have reviewed this school. Buddhi is indeed a very disorganized playschool. The in charge , a lady, is a snob, who after admissions are over adopts a high and mighty attitude. Then they have problems answering your questions about anything trivial or arrogance when asked about the syllabus. I had put my 3 year old son there, even after paying the term fees, I removed him from there because of the attitude of the teachers and the owner. so please do your kids a favor by not admitting them to this horrible place !!!


Worst school that I have ever seen. They do not have a proper syllabus for regular or special needs children.If you ask them about syllabus they act pricy as if they are doing a favour. Their fees is exorbitant and special educators too are not qualified to handle the special needs children but they charge these parents extra. All talk initially to get admission. No effort is made to include these children in any of the cultural programs they have. But all big talk about inclusive school during admission time.


horrible school..yes..no procedures, no policies and no education and they give vague excuses to give back your caution deposit. Please donot place your kids in this school. I did and I now regret


It is a horrible school I have ever seen, the teachers are arrogant; please do not put your kids in buddhi


its an amazing school....




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