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My son goes to Neev in Whitefield and I have only good things to say about the school. The campus is great because its all on one level. Its not too crowded. The teachers are amazing and you cannot measure their interest in the kids. The teacher - student ratio is excellent, probably the best I have seen which ensures close attention to each child.I looked at a lot of schools in the area and found Neev to be the most welcoming for parents and esp the kids! The arrogant receptionists referred here might be seen in different school. The so called Receptionists are called Branch Admin at Neev. With whom we have come across (Ms.Smita) is a very friendly lady. helpful, approachable, very soft spoken. In fact my child(arrogant??????????????}The welcome they give for the potential parent is amazing. Our first visit to school too good. Please don't blame the poor ladies, if you don't like to take admission. And this is the same in all branches.


Going by the fee structure, we found the infra-structure far below the expectation -- 1. For neev whitefield, its a bungalow turned into a school - the art class happens in garage; exercise session in a room in basement etc. 2. The class-rooms are of average size; no different from other pre-schools. 3. No beds for the toddlers to sleep even when you opt for extended day-care; the bed-sheet on one small mattress on the floor was the dirtiest possible. 4. The toilet seats seemed to have been put in place when the school was constructed but never maintained after that. 5. The water-can to dispense water to the thirsty kids was very ordinary (of the sort supplied by any general store). we didn't find it very clean either. Neev whitefield is not recommended at all due to poor infrastructure, zero transperancy & arrogant receptionists.




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