Neev Indiranagar - Bangalore

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My daughter is 3yrs n has been going since June.She is very happy and looks forward to go the next day.I really what miracle they do but she loves this place.


I have 2 kids at Neev (K1 and K2). It was very hard to get seats, but I am very happy to have them in that preschool. They currently don't speak English and seem though to be happy to go to school, as the environment remains very friendly. The level seems also to be good. A lot of activities are organised and many events. It is a very good school.


My 3 year old goes to Neev at Indiranagar.This is her second year there. I was looking for a school that was clean, had a positive environment, colorful and happy for my 2 year old. I was happy to see that Neev had all that and also embraced the Multiple Intelligence concept in their curriculum. The teacher - student ratio is excellent, probably the best I have seen which ensures close attention to each child. They have also recently opened a branch at Sadashivnagar and have one in WHitefield.




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