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My daughter is at Gaia - she has spent two years there now - @ toddlers last year and K1 this year and thoroughly enjoys the place. I am fairly happy with the school and its methods.


Mango_mama, just one question..When did your children go to Gaia. I have my daughter in Gaia, but I am not very happy with the school. She was fine in Toddlers, but know that she has moved to K1 I feel the teachers are not qualified to handle the children of that group. Even the activites that they are doing now in K1 are not very intresting. I was talking with another parent the other day and she too was of the same opinion that Gaia no longer has the same standards it started with.


It is one of the few play-based schools of it's kind in Bangalore--especially in central/north Bangalore. My son loved it. It is a good blend of play, academics and other activities. It has lovely outdoors where the kids get to run around and play freely. They have a fair number of expats as well. The kids got exposure to science, art and music in a holistic and hands-on manner. There were times when they were a little inconsistent in their methods (example phonics) but then they did settle down. Overall, a good foundation for elementary school.


My son thoroughly enjoyed Gaia. The kids are absolutely free of any academic pressure. More attention is paid to the overall development of the children rather than just the academic development. The teachers were well trained and responsive. They had various after school activities like yoga, judo, carnatic music, cooking etc. Their timings are flexible and you can pick up your child anytime between noon & 5 pm, depending on the slot you choose during admission. They also have a very nice outdoor play area for the children. However, lunch had to be sent from home but most of the time the food would come back unfinished. The school would also give snacks but often these were off-the-shelf products that had artificial flavors and colors. Parents include locals, NRIs and expats. Overall I would definitely recommend it.




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