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My child studies at the Indus International Bangalore and we got a chance to experience a truly global attitude of the school. We had a chance to experience the united celebration of Korean and Indian Independence day. We are so happy that our child is learning unity in diversity.


I have heard that communication systems between the school and parents are very weak and academics suffers at the cost of extra-curricular activities because of very poor planning. Also the school management seems very disorganised in its planning and scheduling !


The style of administration at Indus International School, specially in the higher grades, by the current Vice-principal, is completely arbitrary. Heavy penalties are imposed on things like students coming in a few minutes late, but for Orchestra practice (perhaps to satisfy the Vice-principal's ego that she can organise such things) ! Grade 9 and 11 students are forced to attend practice from 11 am onwards and skip classes, which affects their academics. No clear alternative solution given by the Vice-principal, only a peremptory one, that too after a lot of pressure from parent groups. Those parents who are planning to admit their children here, for Grade 9,10 or 11,12 please look elsewhere. Plenty of other better managed International schools around, in the same area (Sarjapur Road, Varthur area of Bangalore).



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