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As an ex-student of Indus International School, Bangalore, I can say I have earned crucial life skills at my school that make me what I am today. The diverse campus and the caring faculty have molded me into an individual my parents are proud of. Thank You, Indus


I am an ex-student of Indus International School, and what I loved most about my school was how it promoted self-learning. I can credit my school for everything that I am in life right now


The well-defined curriculum is what makes Indus one of the top international schools in India. Topped by teachers who are not only brilliant but also caring toward their students, this school offers everything to help students grow and shine in life. My children both of whom are currently studying at Indus are now confident, self-learners who amaze me every day with their sheer exuberance toward learning


I chose Indus for my child as the pedagogy followed here encourages holistic learning and is not strictly limited to textbooks. The curriculum encourages my children to think and find answers themselves, which is a crucial life skill. I am glad I chose Indus, Bangalore for my child’s education. 


My kids' study at Indus International; Bangalore, and I have noticed that they are much happier thanks to the interactive learning programs and the community-building programs that have helped them cultivate qualities such as empathy and care towards others


Wonderful school. One the best in the city with excellent infrastructure and faculty. Ample amount of time is spent my the teachers on student which helps to develop them. Hats off to Management


This is a terrible school.
I am looking at the other reviews here and really wondering if my child went to the same school.The only good part of the school is the building and premises. The admissions and marketing department is very good, so initial impressions are misleading. Some teachers are good and do they best inspite of the school undermining them. The school is headed by two people who might have been good in their younger days but are senile and completely out of touch with kids. They have outdated ideas and can be vicious and cruel in imposing them.The coordinators are terrible. Communication is inefficient. Emails have so many grammar mistakes, you wonder what you pay for.  Programs like IB and IGCSE requires good coordinators with the multiple things the kids need to manage. Here they are given unreasonable deadlines and a lot of pressure making the kids really stressed out.Attrition is very high. And when people leave, instead of hiring from outside, they promote whoever is available. And your kids end up paying for their learning curve.Money talks more than work. The school prefects are usually the children who have the richest parents with absolutely no other credentials to their name. Predictive grades depends on how much you butter up the coordinators and teachers. Please do not send your child here.


I have two children (7th grade & 5th grade) studing@Indus since the beginning and both of them love their school and do not want to miss even a day of school@Indus. As parents, I found that we have a voice@Indus and are treated as stakeholders. Indus encourages parents to be activily envolved and acts upon their feedback to constantly improve. What I like is that Indus is a great mix of liberal international school and strict Indian school atmosphere. Further, the leadership curriculum@Indus from the beginning of schooling, trains the children to set and achieve individual goals, as a way of life, at an early age and gives them the skills to achieve it. Academics rigour is good and all round development of the child is the Vision. The school even holds after school support classes middle school onwards, absolutely free of cost. The passing out results are amongst the very best and students get admissions to the great universities! What more can you ask for!!! As a parent if you want to just SEND your chlid to school and forget about it, then Indus is not the place for you! However, if you want to PARTNER with a school, to make your child a well rounded, top achiever with the confidence to lead from the front! Then look no further...INDUS INTL IS THE WAY TO GO!


I love this school. Have heard a lot about this. School environment - 5 star, Teachers- 5 star, Hygiene maintained: 5 star. 
Simply amazing 
Thanks Indus for taking care of all our children and make them feel just like home.


I have heard that communication systems between the school and parents are very weak and academics suffers at the cost of extra-curricular activities because of very poor planning. Also the school management seems very disorganised in its planning and scheduling !


The style of administration at Indus International School, specially in the higher grades, by the current Vice-principal, is completely arbitrary. Heavy penalties are imposed on things like students coming in a few minutes late, but for Orchestra practice (perhaps to satisfy the Vice-principal's ego that she can organise such things) ! Grade 9 and 11 students are forced to attend practice from 11 am onwards and skip classes, which affects their academics. No clear alternative solution given by the Vice-principal, only a peremptory one, that too after a lot of pressure from parent groups. Those parents who are planning to admit their children here, for Grade 9,10 or 11,12 please look elsewhere. Plenty of other better managed International schools around, in the same area (Sarjapur Road, Varthur area of Bangalore).




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