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One word -unethical school
makes money 1k in name of admission and wastes ur time in name of admission process
here is series of incidents to understand->
1.parent applies for one branch, schools tries divert him to another branch saying reasons like ur child is not fit for this branch, parent rejects that offer as that branch is not feasible to him.
2.After few months parent again asks for if any vacancy in that specific branch where he was interested before and school promptly sends registration link , payment link, entrance procedure for that branch only, parent happily proceeds for it.
3.After holding it for 2 weeks and many follow ups, school inform backs saying kid is not fit for this branch(assuming all scientists were studying in that branch I suppose.?) and very cleverly achool again try diverting that kid to their so called other branch which parent has rejected before .
4. Who can say this was all not scripted and planned way of making money?

Found school is very low in ethics and standards.


Very bad approach by staff and management. We have recently joined our son in gear school. My residency is very near to gurukul campus but they have to rose campus (kundalahalli gate). But they have promised us to change the campus soon. In meant time after joining they have sent a SMS saying that our school closes exactly 12:00pm. Parents should pickup the kids by 12:00pm other wise every 1hr they will charge us around 100 rupees. Today my wife went to pick my son by 2 min late to school and the school staffs are harshly spoken to my wife told that even they may put fine for single minute late. If any clarifications required you may talk to administration office not to us. Every minute they speak to us in commercial moto. Not with parent and school relationship.


I visited the school one Saturday evening in June 13. The receptionist pointed me to school website for information. I requested her if she could show us the school and the sports facilities. To my utter surprise, her answer was "we don't have such formalities here"! I wondered why a school will be ashamed of showing its premises.


I have gone through all the reviews before starting the application process with Gear with a thought that every school has its own strength and weakness. We went ahead with the admission process with keeping some positive thoughts in mind. But this school had very much disappointed us. The principal has very bad attitude and have no sense of talking.. we had a parent principal interaction before proceeding the admission. How is the students teachers ratio in M0/M1/M2/M3? - response from principal is its none of your worry or business. Why you don’t have uniform in montesari - response -> child grows very fast in KG section hence we decided no uniform Approx 75% of the admission fees is to be submitted in cash with no receipt. On question the answer was given as “we function like this” Initially our application was selected for M1 later on during meeting he asked us to join the kid in M0 from this year itself. He told us that there won’t be any admission given for 2012 directly. And of course he came to this decision with no kid interaction. To us they seems to be very money minded. You can’t ask any question to him like about the school, campus, results… he doesn’t respond adequately to any of the question. According to him his school is best and he is doing the great job. At last we decided to keep away from this school thinking if the principal has carried this attitude, the same would be carried to the teachers.


No communication from school except when money is required; very poor and arrogant management; wanted to introduce iPAD for 3rd graders in "partnership" with a vendor; does not want parents to interact with each other


1. Broke down tennis court to build house 2. Partially broke down basketball court to build house 3. Senior teachers terrible... very high attrition -->Senior batch had 5 computer teachers over 2 years 4. Just before giving TC, demanded 8-11k per student as "fees had been updated" 5. Take 15k as "caution deposit" ... forget about getting it back... 6. Hmm ... can't visit Principal without appointment... gives only e-mail id to contact and then selectively responds 7. Second batch of 11th started with 12 students... ended with 7 8. Most achievements by GEAR in the newspaper were by FIIT students 9. Basketball coach biased ... Most serious about it go outside for coaching 10. Ridiculously high transport fees ... upto around 4km its around 18k per annum 11. Obstinate staff .. forget trying to convince them about anything 12. Ridiculously money minded ... Batch of fifty students ... charged RS800 per student for wonderla when tickets were RS300 (sent only 3 teachers)


Gear Innovaitive International School is a wannabe school. 1. No Capable Teachers 2. Very high Teacher attrition 3. Hostile attitude of the Principal to parents and students 4. Pathetic Teaching in higher classes. 5. Run as a family enterprise. Warning:- STAY AWAY FROM GEAR INNOVATIVE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL


My 9 year old son who is currently in 4th grade goes to GEAR and this is his 2nd year in this school. I'm totally fallen for their creative learning and their weekend worksheets are awesome. Kid has to do lots of thinking and researching instead of looking for answers in the textbook. However,there is just too much teacher attrition and this trend worsens in higher grades. Kids are having too many free periods because of no teachers. The principal has a good vision for the school, however he is badly failing to implement it. Every year, he is hiking the fees by few thousands. I hear the teachers are very much underpaid and hence quitting. I would like to continue in this school but not with so much teacher attrition. Please share your inputs on Narayana techno school for 5th grade and above in Bellandur branch. I'm now watching this school closely. Thanks


My daughters now in 4th & 7th rades, have been going to Gear for last 4 years. They really like the school and dont want to change. The principal/teachers do not interact much with parents unless you specifically request a meeting. There are only 4 scheduled Parent teacher conferences per academic year. If you need to communicate in between - you need to send a note. The school focuses a lot on hands on experiments and activities. Lots of projects and offbeat, thought provoking worksheets where kids really have to think & apply themselves. Class sizes are quite small - < 25 kids in a class. Teacher attrition is an issue. They have few good teachers who they have retained, the others keep changing. There is a kind of competitive culture in the school, but not extreme. The school kids do really well in the ASSET test scores. The school also ranks pretty high in the school rankings published by ASSET.


The school is reasonable but the principal really has a pretty bad attitude towards parents. If he had his way, the only interaction he would like between parents and the school is the payment of tuition fees and maybe attendance at some school functions. The parent teacher meetings are a total waste of time. They expect parents to come and wait in long lines on a particular day to talk to teachers for a few seconds or maybe a couple of minutes when they discuss which chapters are covered for the exams. Like all schools they have their share of good and bad teachers. I suspect they do not pay their teachers very well because there is a good deal of teacher attrition. I do not have enough knowledge of other schools in Bangalore to judge whether bad management attitude and teacher turnover is worse at Gear compared to other schools or not, but as a paying customer I certainly expect better. For what it is worth, my child seems to be reasonably happy, which is one reason I have not tried to shift out of the school. I do like their attempt at encouraging multiple intelligences and the good set of students they have, especially in the lower grades. The facilities in the school are also pretty good, except for the dirty toilets that my child complains about. I also understand that some iit coaching classes are starting at the school, which may be relevant as my child grows older. The main problem I see with all private schools in Bangalore is that there is no way that we parents as paying customers can find out which school really offers us good value for our money.


My two daughters joined the school in 7th and 3rd grade two months back. I recently attended first parent-teacher meeting. Teachers appear accomodating and my kids have somewhat adjusted to school. So far I am happy but it is too early to say much about anything. I am considering it for my 3 year old daughter too. Let me know if you have ay feedback for 3 year old classrooms.




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