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The school is forcing parents to send their kids to school despite of the fact that online classes were working fine and also kids are not vaccinated. The Principal never interacts with parents and always takes decisions in a dictatorial manner. Parents are never entertained and their emails are ignored. My kid is studying in this school and I am looking at other schools.


We moved from the USA last year. I did a lot of research online before deciding GWH Whitefield Preschool for my daughter. I am very happy with my decision and it's the best school. All the teachers are very caring. My daughter got adjusted to the new school very easily and loved her KG1 teacher Amitha ma'am. She was wonderful, very caring and helped my daughter in getting adjusted to the new school. I am very thankful to her.
This academic year started with a lot of challenges due to Pandemic. Initially, I was worried about online classes as the initial years play an important role in child development. But, the school management and teachers did a lot of hard work in learning new technologies and techniques in teaching kids online. They have put a lot of effort into making sure that the kids are comfortable with the virtual environment. They have divided the kids into small batches of size 10 to explain the important concepts. This way classes were very interactive and each kid is getting personal attention. They are giving equal importance to arts, crafts, yoga, music, PE and dance. All the teachers are doing an amazing job in conducting these classes online. My daughter is enjoying all the classes.

Her KG2 class teacher Priya ma'am is doing a wonderful job. She is very innovative in explaining the concepts and gives personal attention to each kid. I am very impressed with her teaching techniques. My daughter loves her and is very happy to attend the online classes everyday. 

GWH Whitefield Preschool is the best Preschool in Bangalore. I fully recommend this school.


I will wholeheartedly recommend this school.My daughter Avni loves going to school as the Teachers are extremely kind and helpful. During the online classes my daughter's teacher Jhanvi M Bhurani and Tanu Jha mam ensured kids had a smooth learning process. When my daughter was not paying attention Jhanvi mam stayed back and ensured that my daughter understands what she taught. I am very thankful for her progress. This school definitely understands what kids need individually. The teaching methodology is extremely kids friendly and they ensure that the content in the different classes are connected to each other.


My daughter is studying in UKG Greenwood High Koramangala. She joined in June-2020. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, classes are conducted online. Despite virtual setup and timing restrictions, school did a phenomenal job in teaching kids. Classes are well structured and also ensures it is balanced between core subjects and other activities like, craft, music, yoga and dance, etc. Teachers are putting lot of effort to make sure the virtual environment is as close to class room as possible. We are very impressed with her class teacher (Mrs. Hema ma'am), who is not just a subject expert but can comfortably adapts her teaching style to meet the child's learning needs.


My son Rajkiran loves this school. Now He is very disciplined and healthy. Very Good approach from administrative people. Wonderful facilities on the campus. 


I have enrolled my child for a few years at this school
Overall I am not satisfied. Communication with school is horrible, the school overcharges for certain amenities, fee hikes are way too high. We didn't really get the international experience we were hoping for, many teachers don't even speak proper english.
Highly recommend for parents to look at other options.   


My child attended Greenwood High International School (Sarjapur Rd. Campus) for 5 years and was part of the ICSE curriculum and then the IGCSE program.  We have mostly had a good experience there as far as the calibre and commitment of teachers go.  They were open and approachable and made an effort to explain concepts and curriculum.  We did not witness any churn and there was continuity through the year.  However, we were disappointed by the way cases of indiscipline, bullying, and bad behaviour were handled by the class-teachers.  They seemed reluctant to take strict actions and did not want to get involved in student matters.  My child was bullied both verbally and physically and I had to take it up with the Principal and Coordinator before something happened.  I would like to give due credit to Mr. D


I have been looking for the reputed ICSE school for my daughter in Bangalore. Today, I visited the Greenwood High, Bannerghatta Road campus. The school has a large campus and the school's administrative manager showed me a large sports complex is under construction. I also checked the large library and the well managed cafeteria. The school truly has world class infrastructure.


The fee structure of Greenwood High International School is a bit high. But then I have surveyed among Bangalore schools and found that most leading ICSE schools in Bangalore have a similar fee structure. My nephew had a deep interest in sports and the school gave him plenty to opportunities to show his skills in Football, Badminton and Basketball. The school has achieved a good reputation among top ISC, ICSE schools in Bangalore in terms of ISC-ICSE results success and my nephew has achieved high marks by studying in this school. Apart from his own merit and efforts, I think the teachers of the schools deserve a credit.


Nine years ago I relocated to Bangalore all the way from Delhi. I was looking for the right school to get my son admitted while fears lingered around the quality of education. My colleague suggested the name of Greenwood High International School, one of the best ICSE schools in Bangalore. I checked out its ICSE result and was impressed. Also, I visited the Sarjapur Road campus. I found the school had lots of facilities like library, laboratories, sports facilities, cafeteria, transport. I also spoke with the teachers and got the initial impression that they were really caring. My kids were admitted soon after my queries and today I am feeling happy about what they have learnt over the years.


By any means its not an international school. Parents looking for international school education and experience for their children should stay away from this school. I enrolled my child and pulled her out in one year. Their teachers aren't experienced enough to handle students coming for International education. There is no reason for any parent to pay such a hefty money when they are using same teachers for AISSCE board and IGCSE. I was called to school for petty issues such as.... takes too much time for Lunch.. talks to friends on facebook. They even forced open her facebook account in front of all and read her messages, My child felt humiliated, depressed and choked due to repeated complaints by the school and her experience was worst than the public school she came from. This school may be okay (I dont know) for All India board buy no where close to any standard of an International school. The reason parents admit their kids to these expensive schools for not only studying from different books but overall development which is completely missing in this school. Therefore, parents inspiring for International education for their children should stay away from Greenwood High. Just don't be fooled by their infrastructure. Principal is sweet mouthed to impress parents but in actual he has no clue what's happening and how his teachers are dealing with students under International curriculum. 


Our initial view is very positive. The school has good infrastructure, good facilities, the principal seemed very sorted and the school seems to have their priorities right. We begin next month and will post our experiences here


My son was 5+ last year when we moved in from Chandigarh. I visited about 25 schools in Bangalore and narrowed down to 2 schools out of which one was greenwood high. Our parameters were low student to teacher ratio, good infra, good mix of studies and extra curricular activities and option of Hindi as second language My wife and son both liked the school. Since October 2010, my son is going to Greenwood high. Initially we felt that there no studies happening at all and were thinking of going to school to discuss the lack of studies, but then when once the books came home, we saw that all was fine on the studies front also.Our son never used to tell us. We are very happy with the overall development of our son. The school offers yoga, chess, swimming,music, taekwondo for all the students and it keeps them occupied and happy. the studies are also good. The teachers and Principal are very responsive to any queries you may have or any issue you would like to discuss with them. The fees is a little on the higher side, but then I guess that most of the schools are also charging something near to that only. So I would definitely say that we made a right choice of the school, as not even a single day my son has said that he does not want to go to school and is very happy with his school.


We changed my daughter's school after a lot of deliberation. She was in a school that was located in the heart of the city and when we moved to Whitefield, we were really apprehensive about changing schools. It actually took us three years to make that 'big move'. We moved from the circus of dropping and fetching my daughter to the comfort of getting a bus pick-up:-) I must say that we're pretty happy with Greenwood High. We like the fact that they have a good combination of academic focus with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The kids get to participate in various activities that bring out their aptitude and talent. The teachers are nice. There is a good mix of gentle handling and discipline. The teachers inculcate the right values in the children and take good care of them. Of course, there are a few issues that crop up, like the GPS system not working, or the uniform delivery people not delivering on time, but then the school management does take action and resolves issues that we report. We're happy!


I'm very disappointed with the school. Academiclly its no great shakes. despite charging us high fees most parents have to resort to private tuition . They claim to have all the sports facilities but they do not have the right coaches . the children who go to private sports clubs outside the school are picked hence ensuring less work for the coaches. They start up with hare brained schemes which do nothing for the child's development but only fill up the coffers of various externalagencies. i'm seriously considering changing schools. so parents please learn from my mistakes. It's a bad product packaged well and marketed very smartly.


And so our quest for deciding the school for our daughter ended when we entered the green gates of Greenwood high, Sarjapur Road School. My 3.5 YO daughter had been going to Shemrock Preparatory school for 2 yrs -playschool and pre-nursery. We went over a weekend to visit the premises and the facilities in the school with my daughter in tow. The first reaction was, wow, this is a nice place. YEs! For those, who are deciding on finalizing the schools from abroad, this school has that appeal. We were taken around the by admission officer, shown the facilities and the classrooms, the exam centre, sports complex and the swimming pool, labs, play ground, cafeteria. We decided to get into Greenwood after having a word with the ‘to-be-class teacher’ for my daughter. Next day, we went again to meet the teachers, who after some observation suggested that my daughter could join LKG as she knows most of stuff already! My daughter was happy to go in the class room with her teacher, and the next day and since then, she’s been happy to go to school. Whole process took around 1.3lac. For 50K –registration,56K-tution plus misc fees for full yr, 30K for transport for full yr. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for overall development of their child and not just scores in Xth exam. As I learnt, some of their students have got into state level swimming, chess tournaments. Some plays and direction by the director of ‘The Lion King’. So far so good. Will keep posted of my exp in this blog. Happy Schooling!


My daughter goes to Greenwood High grade 2. I find the school well balanced with a good mix of extra curricular activities and ICSE curriculum. I think the school is still trying to organize itself and is taking adequate steps to build credibility. Right now it is wait and see for us.

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Want to know if anyone get the nursery admission in greenwood whitefield preschool for 2021-22?
Hi, I would like to know more about the Greenwood High school on Bannerghatta Road.... I would appreciate if any parent/ teacher can please give me a feedback on this school.... I am looking at changing my daughter's school this year & she studies in grade 6..... Thanks, Divya

I am moving to sarjapur and I am planning to admit my daughter in greenwood high International school sarjapur.

I request some one whose kid is studying in greenwood to share the fees structure which will be very helpful.
I am looking for feedback of Greenwood High Whitefield Pre School.  How do you find this school in general with respect to the student teacher ratio, teachers / coordinator / administration staff quality, safety of kids etc. (considering it's only pre-primary) 

I am looking for feedback of Greenwood High Whitefield Pre School.  How do you find this school in general with respect to the student teacher ratio, teachers / coordinator / administration staff quality, safety of kids etc. (considering it's only pre-primary)


Hello I'm looking for my son nursery admission for next academic year in greenwood high preschool Whitefield...Can anyone please share your experience and fees structure?? Thanks in advance....
Hi, if any one could assist me on the fee structure for Greenwood International for ICSE curriculum. We are looking for 8th Grade admission.
Not sure if your child got the admission ..but check my experience  with them, when I have approached for my Daughters admission into year 9 IB. Fortunately there is an email to Ms Ritu for the explanation.

From: Sheela Padakandala [mailto:] 
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2017 6:29 PM
To: IB ; Principal Greenwood High ; Relationship Officer Greenwood High
Subject: Disappointing and Unethical approach of Ms. Ritu Singh

I am Sheela Padakandala writing this E-mail from Saudi Arabia. I was looking for Admission in IGCSE stream for my daughter Aditi Markapuram into Grade 9  who is currently studying in British International School, Riyadh and I was in contact with your Admission department since August 2016. I should precisely say that I was communicating with Ms. Ritu Singh through E-mail and over the phone. 

In every phone conversation, she always communicated that there are 15 to 16 seats available for Grade 9 and Aditi needs to take an Aptitude test for the admission to happen. We planned our travel to India in December 2016 to finish the admission procedures. Upon calling her in November, she informed us that she cannot schedule the test in December as the school has decided to take the aptitude test only after 22nd January 2017. 

As our flights bookings were made, requested for the aptitude test, during our school visit in December or online In her current school upon invigilation from the school staff, as most of the schools do and which happens often, as it will be very difficult to travel to India within a month's time. Ms Ritu totally refused saying it is not in her hands, respecting that, I have requested  for a campus visit and meeting with the principal. Upon her confirmation on 12th December 2016 at 10 AM, that I can visit the school campus and meet the Principal, me, my Husband  and my daughter reached the school as scheduled at 10AM, however a substandard behavior from Ms Ritu welcomed us and she informed about a management decision that there will not be any new admission for 2017-18 academic year. Even after several requests she didn't allow us to meet the principal saying he is very busy with sports day arrangements and no campus tour. 

     When I asked her why didn't she inform me regarding the management decision, she says that  it was a swiftly decision which came up on Friday evening. I think even though she got to know the decision on Friday evening, she should have mailed that there would be no admission for the academic year 2017-18 and cancel our appointment.

Please be informed that, I am not anticipating an admission for my daughter by writing this, being a parent lot of  homework has been done, to choose a school and throughout our research “Greenwood High†was one of the best schools and I was totally saddened and dumbfounded with the unprofessional approach of the school with a prospective parent and I am aware that there will be some guidelines for every school, which I think Ms Ritu is not aware or It might be the attitude. At the same time I should mention that fortunately I didn’t face this kind of Attitude in any other schools like TISB, INDUS, OAKRIDGE  or other schools which we had been. They are very welcoming and ready to speak the actualities upfront, should also mention that I have got the very next day appointment for the school visit on my phone call with INDUS

 Please find the E-mail thread between me and Ms. Ritu Singh for your reference. You can see that she had confirmed the appointment with principal on 12th December at 10 AM. 

Thank you 

How's greenwood school-bannerghtha road for grade 3 or primary classes ?
Hi all..plz let me know when will the admission process for class 1 (2017-18) in Greenwoood high school with IB Syllabus...
Looking at Greenwood for my son in Grade 4 and twins in Kindergarten.. your feedback would be appreciated.. in terms of
1) studies and extra curricular activities
2) teachers
3) parent teacher interaction
4) homework?? (too much especially for parents) 
and any other feedback....
looking for ICSE schools with french option around Sarjapur / bellandur 

We areplanning to relocate to Bangalore from US. My son will be in 8th grade. after reading many reviews, I am steering towards Green Wood High. I would like to know about the intensity of the second language in IGCSE syllabus. How much does he need to know? Also, about the standards of other subjects when compared to US syllabus? Thank you
Very expensive 2L+ for year, since you relocating , it might not be an issue.
Very big school.
Many top results every year in ICSE, teaching I heard is good and so is teachers' standards.
Before you go, read this also :

Hi all...

I am relocating to Bangalore. i went through many reviews about different schools in Bangalore. Finally I have selected Greenwood High School and send a query for admission. they called us on 7th of June. we are going to meet them .

but still I m confused ....can u all share ur experiences so that it will be little easy in making decision.

Thanks in advance
Ok, thanks for the reply. Do u know of anyone who has got the notification?
My kid appeared but we haven't received further notice for admissions. Looks like notification is sent for kids who have cleared.
Has anybody's child appeared for the admission test in Greenwood High on 6th Feb? 
Hi, Any parents here who can guide me what all should I prepare my child for nursery/lkg interaction program for Greenwood High school...Its kind of urgent..Plz help.TIA
Hi Arunim , Has ur child got admission in Greenwood High?Whats this u hv mentioned in ur post that the admission process will start in January?Can u throw some light on this plz. I hv been trying to get admission for my daughter in Greenwood High but I guess I m too late. :( Much thanks
We're also considering Oakridge, Harvest and Inventure. Please share reviews on them. 
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