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I like the fact that, Inventure always goes beyond the academics which makes my kid fit for the real world. Participation in sports gives them the edge in facing the real world situations with sportsmanship spirit. I'm personally very much happy with the performance of the school and my kid.


My daughter has been with Inventure for almost a year now. I am very satisfied with the school. The best thing about the school is that it dares to think and do things differently and pushes its children towards excellence. I was quite surprised to read some comments from parents stating that the school does not have any academic pressure. I would actually say that its quite the opposite. There is a considerable academic focus right from Grade 1. And at the same time it takes sports education quite seriously. As a parent I am very happy with the school. This year it was ranked 17th among the day school in India by Education World and I wouldn't be surprised if it ranks even higher next year.


Agreed, this is not the place for your kids. I myself had very terrible experience for my daughter (grade 1) and considering to shift to another school soon duing mid term. I am not at all happy with the behaviour of teachers ... very high attitude and does not treat parents well. They behave as if they are god/everything when you meet them on various occasion(PTM). Few teachers in Inventures are spoiling the name of school and I strongly believe that school management team should take some serious action against them immediatly. Wish you luck to the readers!


I have seen kids drink pepsi while stage performance is going on. No discipline. School works hard only to make better quarterly magazine. Please beware, there is no 'learning support' lab. There are 'special educators' who do not know what education means. If you are returning from US and put your kids in a 'big campus' school (for your satisfaction), great school. But do not expect discipline or excellence in academics.


I am surprised by the reviews here as they seem from someone who has not known Inventure Academy for long. I am parent of Inventure Academy for the past 3 years now and the school follows a very transparent process throughout and has been performing excellently in academics and sports. Besides their ranking among top 10 schools in Bangalore and among top 25 of India (Read Education world- Most respected schools on India 2010), as a parent, I am extremely satisfied with how my daughter, has evolved with them.


Inventure should better be called 'Inventure Sports Academy'. No studies at all!! Totally relaxed environment...come, eat, play and go home. It is a pathetic school. most of the parents are crying as the standard of the teachers is very very poor. A big 'NO' to this school.


We were taken in by the campus and the promise of an education that included a multiple intelligence approach to things. While for lower grades they have a component called theme, where kids learn about science and geography thematically, the materials presented along with the activities are not well thought-out or coordinated. The school is ultra-competitive in sports with a lot of favoritism to their top athletes and the administration is lax when it comes to implementing discipline. In addition to that, teachers change frequently and when the principal left this year, we were given only one day's notice. The curriculum is not coordinated well and communication between subject teachers and students seems non-existent. Studies suddenly become rigorous after 5th grade, with teachers implementing learning by rote. Inventure has a good campus, its bus service is decent and the food is not bad. Unfortunately, when it comes to education, they can't make up their mind whether they are Indian or International, and this is certainly reflected in the curriculum.




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