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Horrible. Waste of time. Creativity and thinking not encouraged. Students made to write notes full of useless stuff. Neither helps them score well nor helps build analytical thinking and creativity. Bunch of dogmatic minds run the school. If you want to train your kid to be a clerk, you won't find a better place. Trust me. Don't send your precious jewel to be turned to a brittle rock here.


Why are people sending their kids to this school?? If you love your kids then do not send.. Admission here are due to 1. Mid term returns from onsite 2. underage kids to higher class allowed 3. Parent's do not want their kids to study as they already have billions.. 4. kids hwo do not get admission anywhere else due to any other reason. 5. Ignorant prents 6. And who do not love their kids ...


i was an ex student here and the parents are right about the management. this school is good especially for ninth grade and above.


Please dont make the mistake of sending you kids to this school. Never seen such a terribly mismanaged school. No idea who the principal is as it changes every other day. Toilets are stinking and many times locked so kids have to suffer a lot. Complaining is completely usless. The Management does NOT CARE about parents. Management thinks they are doing a favour to us. Transportation is controlled by the Bus drivers and conductors. DO NOT SEND YOU KIDS here


Yes I agree. Terribly mismanaged. The principal changes every other day. Toilets are stinking. When complained to the Vice Principal she said the toilets will remains like that for another 6 months we will not replace the spoilt motor. You can take your child to another school if you wish. That kind of replies after paying 40k fees every year.No proper transportation


Pls avoid this school. The management is not bothered. Very disappointing that the teachers are not good and take frequent holidays. The principal's change more frequently than the weather in bangalore. Avoid like a plague.




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