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School is good. Curriculum is also good. Only thing is school is crowded but that seems to be the case for almost every school nowadays. All dates and portions for exams are communicated much earlier. 


This is about my personal experience as a parent whose child is studying in Ryan. This is not intended to criticize any one in person. We had loads of hope when we first enrolled our kids in Montessori and the staff teaching and non-teaching was so excellent, that we felt relieved that the decision taken was awesome .But everything turned upside down when my child reached 1st standard. The teachers are all new not sure of all sections but sure on the ones coming to teach my kid’s section. ICSE syllabus is huge to learn ,and the learning is to be done at home solely is the only solution if my kid has to learn at present .I do agree my child is not a genius, but then if this is the state I better home tutor instead of spending ,money for schooling. Let me paste a content posted from teacher’s desk as home work 21 Sept 2011 Circular Dear children, Draw the margin line of top of each page with red pencil in maths II note book. Take your parents help and number the pages and certify in the first page that this book contain page no 1 to total number pages. Learn the Rhyming words and Cartoon charechtors from G.K text book. Write Each spelling 3 times in Rough note book. Colour the patren serece in Maths Text book. Thank you The highlighted meant “Colour the pattern series in Math’s text book “ …And this is not a first time for the homework updates . I omitted teacher’s name so that it’s not her to be blamed but the people, who hires teachers for school young fresher’s who do not have experience to teach ,depends on coordinator to guide them to teach for primary section. If the Primary section staff is not experienced, which forms the basics to kids for higher standards .The mismanagement not just affect one or two people; it’s just the future of kids that is at stake. I personally believe that if your class has 1 or 2 geniuses doesn’t mark the fact that you are a good teacher but by considering the average percentage of all the student to stand out well .Changing school is never a solution ,but by changing the system and which is what I don’t know what I could do about .I am a working mother ,and not a very easy task to juggle work at office and home . International school standard is not just in fee Structure, Curriculum but also in finding right people to deliver .And people newbie in this field has to learn not by directly exposing to 35 young kids but start by assisting the real Gurus capable of teaching and expect Management of school not to give the fact, “we cannot find the right candidates for the number for sections the school maintains” . But I do have to add the good facilities the school provides bus facility at low cost, Playground and existing teaching staff to convey back saying we will improve, but all this overshadows the quality education I look forward to ...


Of late there seems to be a overcrowding in couple of routes - the students fight for their seats , but, the school has not done anything to resolve this issue - in spite of having spoken to the Administrator over phone at least 3 - 4 times. The receptionist would never connect you to the Principal (presumably under instructions) and unless one personally visits him, it is practically impossible to talk to him. This is in very bad taste. Who has time and energy to spend for visiting the Principal - why does he fear contact of the Parents - is he guilty ? Why his direct phone no. is not made available? In spite of leaving my number - being promised for a return call, why that call has never materialsed? Will someone answer these questions?


First, in terms of convenience, Ryan is excellent! They have a good school bus system which connects to many areas in the city. If you live in a reasonably big apartment complex in the vicinity and there are enough kids from your apt. complex in the school, there is a dedicated bus to your complex and it picks the kids up from within the complex (if the apartment association would allow it). Now, that's quite safe and therefore does not need an adult accompanying the child to and from the bus-stop if the child is even only 7 or 8 years old! The school timings are convenient: 9-3.30 for kids up to class 4 and 8 to 2.30 for the ones in the higher classes. No saturdays up to class 8. (Isn't that a relief not to have to hear the most irritating sound of the day - the alarm - two days a week!) There's a snack break and a lunch break, so you don't have to worry about stuffing your child up early in the morning before he gets on the bus. Now to things that matter more: As for teaching, they do follow the syllabus and to schedule. In fact, they give you a syllabus schedule and exam schedule right at the beginning of the year - so you know when the tests are and what you can expect your child to be taught through the year. There are about four to five exams or tests during the year (they call these assessment tests). Your kid is graded - not ranked - so there isn't that much pressure on him to "try and get the first rank"! Well, anyway, who cares about ranks these days!!! There are just enough extra curriculars for you not to wonder if they do any of those at all (like music, dancing, art and craft, drawing, library activities, field trips, sports) although my son complains that sometimes these classes are borrowed to make up for lost classes of the more important subjects. And of course, there isn't much homework - only about 15 to 30 mins. a day on average, which means that on some days there isn't any homework at all. So, your child gets enough time to play in the evenings - a solid 3 or 4 hours every day! Some negatives: I don't know if this is the school or the kind of kids that go there, but it looks like many kids aren't all that disciplined, basically at home. So if your child is one of those soft types and gets bullied by the 'terrorists' (ref: Times of India, Bangalore edition, 29th Nov. 2008), there isn't much the teacher does to control the bullies. We mentioned this to my son's class teacher and she said: - But your son is also one of those bullies most times (!!!!) and - If many kids do this all at once, I cannot do much to mind them all by myself. So, I leave you to make your own conclusions on this! One more - I guess the toilet facilities can be better, at least for the smaller classes. They don't have hygiene faucets in the rest-rooms which makes it difficult for the smaller kids if they have to go and wash! And oh yes! They neither have an annual day nor a sports day - so don't worry about buying that expensive video camera to capture all those moments which you would never watch again anyway!




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