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My child joined Prakriya in the 4th std after spending 6 yrs in a regular academic school, which had no space for non-mugpots. My child is a v creative, bubbly child and loves to learn-by-doing. All these skills are evaluated consistently at Prakriya and a customized approach is used by the teachers for each child. We were pleasantly surprised by the detailed written report given by the teacher in the end of the year, which is equivalent to a parent's view in their child :) The prakriya children learn-by-doing and and are never stressed out during their exams/tests. Which means they are learning the right way and not by force. One cannot expect more than this!


My daughter, currently in 3rd standard has been going to Prakriya for 6 years. Frankly, I found the school during a web search, while we were looking for pre-school options, and I am glad I found it. Prakriya, in my opinion, provides children with a great environment to learn through self discovery. She has learnt to ask questions, not to blindly accept what she is told and try and discover things. We had wondered if this kind of environment would in some way hinder her progress, especially in comparison to her peers from a more structured "academic" school, but our fears were quashed when we moved to Singapore for a year and put our daughter in an "academic" school. She coped there just fine, and now that we are back, she was only glad to go back to Prakriya. I would highly recommend the school to parents who are looking at a school option in South Bangalore.




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