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My child has been attending BIS for last 1 year and I am quite happy with the quality of education as well as all round development activities offered. The entire approach to learning is aligned to child's capabilities and pace and there is no pressure. It is unlike the rush and rat race for cramming and performing which is seen in most other schools. At early years level itself kids are exposed to pottery, art, computers, library, dance, music, karate, tennis, swimming etc. Knowledge about the world, reading, math is imparted in a fun and engaging way. I am amazed to see how my child has been able to read and do simple additions at LKG level with great ease. Apart from this child gets regular exposure to perform on stage and public speaking which is an advantage to do well today's world All the staff is very polite, courteous and friendly. The teachers try to bring about the best in each kid and it is surprising to see that they can maintain such good class discipline while still being friends with kids. I would surely recommend BIS to those parents who are looking at international schools in North Bangalore.


I completely disagree with the previous review. Bangalore International School is an institution where global education is seamlessly integrated with positive social values, coupled with creative freedom that equips every student with necessary life skills. The children are surrounded with love and support. 


I Totally disagree with the previous review. My daughter graduated last year from BIS and she has been admitted in a prestigious College in Europe. One of her class mate has been admitted to Cornell University in US that is Ivy League. A girl reached Oxford interview last year.  The school has up to the standard facilities. It is not true that classes happens outside the school premises...and there is no lack of money. As a parent with kids studying in BIS, I feel offended by this comment.


What to say....a horrible horrible school - Bangalore International School, HennurIt has fallen out of school rankings for the last couple of years and I don't think there's any hope of gaining it back. 
Teaching-- Unqualified teachers from state board background trying to teach international curriculum-- No extra / remedial classes, need extra money for that too-- Teachers checking facebook while kids study on their own-- No substitute teachers for lack of money-- Instead of organising papers in a portfolio, kids staple papers to their notebooks like a government department-- No kid has ever made it to an Ivy League university from this school
Infrastructure:-- Pathetic location behind Bangalore Sewage treatment plant-- Broken road leading to the school with potholes worst than a village mud road-- Half the classes are held outside the school premises due to lack of space-- No covered auditorium-- Basic thing like "apron" missing
Money-mindness-- Only interested in charging extra money for activities citing pity little excuses-- Everything is "extra" and has to be paid for




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