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We all talk about women and men being equal.....please go and check the boys and the girls Bishop Cottons Girls school. You will immediately notice the difference and how the gulf has developed since the British have left. Women are second after Men according to this school which siphons the funds only for the Boys school. 
Let me give a comparison of the most visible things around you will and can notice immediately once you are there....The boy's school has a very well maintained Cricket pitch, the lush green field for hockey/football and a fully functional tennis court and an amazing auditorium.
I had my son and daughter studying until recently in this once highly prestigious institutes.
The girls' school lacks STAFF...(one basketball coach well past his retirement age training 100+ girls everyday morning only for a few minutes due to the lack of time, attention and space). Hockey ground where cars of the staff ply and are parked and buses commute (what a shame this school once produced many national and, international players), tennis ground closed forever (probably one of the best place to play the game with the natural tree cover/shade .... is becoming a dump yard and a questions loom in my mind....----why was it closed being right next to the security guards room, the reason given by the management is due to security? Seriously security guards are a security issue for the girls safely???/ What a joke?Auditorium is a BIG joke if you visit both the schools and will know how stark the difference is. Many more of such things exist due to high mismanagement and treating girls as second citizens. 
Finally, you will be appalled to see the principal and a few others can afford really expensive cars/but cannot afford right staffing and ply within the school when the girls practice in the PT field and honk at them, make their play areas a huge parking lot. Slowly and steadily the management is killing the sports acumen this institute was once famous for now without adequate staffing, training, and development for the kids. 
What a shame ....GOD only should save this once a prestigious institute which brought fame and glory to our Nation with some of the best minds and sports personalities.
I BEG the ALUMNI to do something about these things. Thank you.



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