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May I know what will be asked for 11th grade science stream A Level entrance exam at NAFL BANGALORE? Is the test very crucial and do they pick only limited students based on how high they score in the entrance exam?


Hi All,

NAFL is one of a kind school . They balance very well academics as well as extra curricular and sports. Teachers are very knowledgeable, professional  and kind. They take all aspects of schooling very seriously in order to impart a holistic education to each and every child.
It is one of the only schools which conducts various events such as sports day, concerts, show n' tell and many other programs each and every year. They encourage students to participate in several competitions outside school campus. Lastly, the newly introduced IMIB program towards making children as contributors and problem solvers of the societal issues has been an immense success. They were chosen to speak at the U.N last year about their work. I strongly recommend NAFL. They take in admissions for NRI students at any point in the academic year.


My daughter has moved here a year ago and must say, the move has been worth it. The school has a very good blend of academics and extra curricular activities. She has learnt her concepts better and does not rote learn anymore. 
The fee is on the higher side, but i have consoled myself that this is a premium you pay for a school which supports learning by experiences. 


Both my children go to NAFL. The kids enjoy going to school, which is the main motto for any parent i should say. Academics are great, i just love the way they are being taught. The children overall seem to be more confident putting their creative ideas and thought together. I wish they had more of sport activities. And last but not the least, their events are just perfectly done. Absolutely punctual, not a minute here and there. Very very positive vibes through out the school. Kudos !! to the whole team :-)


Both my kids have been going to NAFL for about five years now. We moved from the US, looking for an Indian education, but with the beneficial elements of the approach used in the US. NAFL fits the bill to a T. My boy loves the environment, small class sizes, adequate discipline to not make this too easy going. Inadequate sports and participation outside of schools is the only downside. But a big thumbs up till now.


I don't think this is the right school for kids. The school is just thriving on its name it made a few years ago. Teachers here are not trained well. I'm well aware of this since my both kids are still going to this school. The teachers don't even have a clue on how child psychology works. Complete absence of LOVE to share has given way to absolute, ridiculously rude teachers making merry since they can do anything they want. Their ego reigns bigtime! The management only defends its teachers and does not address the real problems that are happening in school. Please read the blog posted on this website that states my horrible experience with this school: I am a parent, coming from the USA wanting to provide comparable education to what my children received in the US. I selected this school since it boasts of providing quality education. My experience with this school is absolutely horrendous. Many other parents have complained a lot about the school but don't have the courage or time to protest. Many other parents have simply taken kids out of this school in the past couple of years. Thanks for reading for your own good!!


My daughter goes there. I love their no-tension approach to studies. Even during reviews, my daughter is actually excited than worried (that says a lot, isn't it?) Fresh, no-rattofying and no-stress approach. But, has an otherwise conservative approach (discipline, etc), which I like. Can definitely do something about sports activities; participation in inter-school events also seems to be poor (they only compete with NPS, I feel!!)


My 2 kids go here. They love it. Small class size. Child centric. Teachers are great so far. Tuned to each child. They teach in a systematic and consistent manner. The school is a good blend of creative international schools and the Indian mainstream schools. The students come from a mix of professional, business, ex NRI, local backgrounds. Both CBSE and ICSE are offered in later classes. The facilities are disappointing though for the fees that are charged. Sports and activities could be better. But so far a big thumbs up.




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