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I wanted to share my experience with this school for TCIS situated in Harlur implements different strategies. They have totally different methodologies towards examines and the strategy they receive is very different.It's completely founded on hands on understanding and reasonable experiments.This is the best CBSE school in Harlur,Bangalore I felt it every time. This school has everything that an kids needs while growing.I have seen that they apply subject based learning in classrooms and furthermore executes a decent curriculum.By this technique kids learn ideas exceptionally quick and recollect them for quite a while.


TCIS is simply great school !!!! I personally prefer the school which is expert in all over development of kids which includes fun,learning, experiements,etc.I was searching for a school which gives appropriate instruction just as educational program exercises. From one of my companion I found a good pace this school. Immediately i visited the school ambience and I felt notable.


I would strongly suggest this school to any parent searching for a school change for their youngsters in bangalore.My son is in this school. I saw great changes as a part of his character advancement aptitudes and his innovativeness abilities. This school is advance in all these matters in comparison to other.They also provide safety at highest level with CCTV camera in all campus.


TCIS inculcates the hands on learning which includes Field trips, Nature walk, etc. My daughter is in this school.She always talk about her she enjoys in field trips...what she learned or what was the new thing she saw.It seems she is very excited learning in this way.Even I appreciate this method of learning can remember well and connects it quickly with incidents.I think TCIS is working in right direction it's the best school in Harlur,Bangalore.


I went to this school with one of friend.Her daughter is in TCIS.I have seen that TCIS has Caring and always welcoming educator who educate students socially which helps children to grow as a resposible citizen. The way they explains and take care of single minor thing.I have never seen this level of tarined staff.Well done TCIS and Team.I'm totally impressed.


If you are one of those parents looking for a good school for your child, I can undoubtedly recommend TCIS, located in Harlur,Bangalore. It is one of the top international schools in Bangalore which promises to offer what it claims. I am recommending it since my niece has been studying in this school for the past 2 years and she seems extremely equipped with a lot of knowledge on various subjects and is also a good classical dancer. She has been trained to maintain a healthy balance between her studies and her extra curriculums.


TCIS is a promising education trust which strives to deliver satisfactory results to both parents and children.The Cambridge international school commonly known as TCIS located in the South of Bangalore at Harlur is by far one of the best international schools I have known. TCIS has a very rigid and an effective CBSE curriculum which targets on building the analytical skills of children through excellent faculty and planned lecturing for students. Additionally, TCIS offers unique infrastructure with various facilities like library,swimming pool,labs,playcourts,fields and hygienic canteens for students. My sister is a student at TCIS and I can assure all parents with confidence that TCIS is an institution which aims at helping students imbibe different skill sets for their betterment and practical knowledge attainability.



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