Chitrakoota School Gnana Bharathi - Bangalore

5 reviews by parents



          It’s a very good environment to work

          It’s very good platform to improve ourselves

          Very proud to say I belong to Chitrakoota family

          Very good support from the management and colleagues 


We live in very uncertain times and always feel insecure to send children to the schoolbutChitrakoota is one place where we are confident that our children will be safe. The care the teachers take of the students is amazing.  They show great concern for students’ welfare and do not discriminate or show favouritism.


The school is easily accessible and located in a safe, traffic-free zone.  The infrastructure of the school ensures that students get all the facilities like spacious classrooms, locker facilities, wellness room, 24×7 cleaned washrooms etc., to help them learn better.


The teachers in the school are always smiling.  They address all problems with a smile.  They are very energetic and enthusiastic to help the children in all the ways- be it education, sports or extracurricular activities.  All the teachers are very cooperative.


Education is taken in the true sense of the term, that is, education for life.  Education is not just about the textbooks or the curriculum or exams; it is about developing the all-round personality of the child and preparing him/her for the future.  And that is the reason why values education, life skills and various co-curricular activities, including sports, are given equal priority as academics.  In Chitrakoota


I am happy with all the facilities provided by the school.  Chitrakoota provides free transportation, ESI and PF.   The school conducts many workshops we are given the opportunity to attend many other workshops so we can learn and grow.   Thanks a lot for providing such opportunities




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