Sparkling Mindz Preschool Kalyan Nagar - Bangalore

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Finding the best for your kid is a natural thing we do as parent. I can proudly say that we have found the best school for my son. It is the fourth year of association with sparkling mindz.

I and my husband have always looked at education as not just academics but as the overall development of our kid into a better human being. We found our expectation met at sparkling mindz exceptionally well. They have gained my total trust with my kid over these years, and that is a big relief for the coming years. Our son is learning by exploring, deepening his understanding of his surrounding, he is more curious and confident year after year. I am so happy with the teaching methodology that allows him to learn more and deep without a speck of stress.

I should really talk about the facilitators. The facilitators are really capable of delivering the values they promise as a team. I mean I can see that understanding of what they are doing even from the deedi s and supporting staff. This surely is the one if you are looking for a place where you can trust your kids




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