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BEWARE !!! Orchids Sarjapur Branch, Bangalore. Its not a school but an extortion racket. Every school in Bangalore has reduced the fees in this Pandemic and this school has increased.
When there is no actual class happening, their cost of running the school has come down to less than 50%. If there is a slight delay in payment of fees, they stop the online classes, and never respond on calls or emails. You wont find anyone in school premises as well. Principal and school authorities are completely out of reach and the staff behaves as typical extortionist, either you pay whatever and whenever we say, or we will stop the online classes as well without even informing you.
Simply putting students and parents on ransom.
All feel good gestures are till you have not taken admission, the moment you pay the fees, you are nothing to them.


I as a parent love this school. My daughter loves going to school everyday. They give her an atmosphere of academic challenges, creativity and leadership in ways we never thought it was possible in a school. And this happens every single day. Our dinner time discussions are always filled with talks of what she learned in her school. I couldn’t have asked for more :)


Beware of this school 
At the time of admission these people will manipulate you they


Teaching staff is good. Bus staff is good. School Bus GPS is not stable, some days will not work. Transport admin will not respond to calls. School announces holiday suddenly without much reason even though other schools functioning. There will be 2 summative assessments in a year. During assessment, school will be conducted only 3 hrs and there will be huge holidays between subjects.Teaching ends in february. In march only revision and exams and less time class conducted. Effectively initial 3 months classes will be there, rest of duration, lot of holidays and lot of pressure put on students to prepare for weekly dictation, daily home work, subject wise class test etc., Finally less chapter covered. Very less sports activity. Needs improvement. This year, school start date pushed 2 weeks and lot of construction activity at entrance of school and no place for students/vehicle go inside. This school becoming bad because of mismanagement.School fee is ok. But the text books and note book cost is 8000Rs + 300Rs courier charges.




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