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My son has been associated with Vibgyor right from Kindergarten. The curriculum is very well defined incorporating all the aspects of education. The practical approach adapted by the school is commendable which makes it easy for the children to understand basic concepts in their early years of education. The children are given opportunities at various levels to exhibit their talent which will boost their confidence.

The biggest takeaway what I felt was that the children are able to face a crowd without any fear. Each and every student is given significant roles during annual days, culminating days etc.. which make the children face the world which is very important for their professional lives later on...A right balance between education, sports, SPA activities is clearly seen. 

My son has won 2 gold medals in the national level archery competitions. The support and the encouragement provided by the school is appreciable.  
Even during the COVID-19 situations, children feel excited to attend online classes which speaks about the extent of backend preparation by the teachers. 

Its is certainly an overwhelming experience with VIBGYOR and looking forward to be associated with them in the future as well.      


My Son is been a part of the Vibgyor High Bannerghatta for the last 8 years starting from Nursery and our experience as parents and by Kids development has been very good. The school has an excellent blend of Academics and Extra curricular activities that helps kids to better engage.

I would also like to take this opportunity to appreciate the excellent teaching staff in all areas of Academics, Sports, Arts and Music.

And it would be wrong on my part if I don't bring up the front office staff who are the face to Vibgyor at every visit and they always have the attitude of HOW CAN I HELP and take ownership end to end.

A BIG THANK YOU to the SCHOOL and all the associated staff for making this experience one of the best and also an enduring relationship for over the last 8 years.


I have visisted the last last month. The school has got very good infrastructure and the look and feel of it definitely gives you a good feeling. Their integrated curriculum is something new that I cake across. And definitely is one which will help to take off the load from kids
The only con that I felt was that fee structure is a little towards the higher side and may not be affordable with everyone. 


This is my first visit to Bannargattha Vibgyor location and was walked through the complete set up and the counselling with the front desk executive and step by step info about the academic and what does it consist of and how the coaching pattern works.
As i was very much impressed of the infrastructure and the SPA activity available for the kids to opt for and the fee structure is pretty decent for the kind and academic and other activity that as a parent could opt for basically value for money what i am paying for. since i would be moving my complete family to Bangalore due to Job purpose.we completed with our registration process for our child in Vibgyor.Lot of expectations on Vibgyor as we got very good feedback from our colleague. Hope Vibgyor will reach our expectations and make us happy. 


Past from 4 years my kid is studying at school.
every year they raise the fees by 10-12% hike, you end of paying 2.20L every year other than you pay for the outing, carnival etc.
But no standard of school BAR stay low and low.
It may be  academics, food, games etc
Except for few teachers, remaining are not having deep knowledge in subject or child psychology
1st Year they did it in Kantirava indoor stadium and I don't know, 2nd year onward missing. it's in school ground.!
No cover up classes for sports: If a teacher is absent, no classes. And No cover up classes are conducted.
Even if there is sudden government holiday announced, they announce cover up classes next Saturday. But no classes will happen properly on that day in school.
During the joining period they informed, we provide food[Breakfast+ lunch ] unlimited for kids and the everyday menu has been posted in the portal.
Now, both are missing, very limited food-2 Idlis for 9-year-old, who start from home at 6:50 am and the kid gets breakfast at 9:20. if you require extra one idli, you need to pay extra. And the menu is missing from portal. you pay 1850/- for this every month.
On top of this, to save on food, they started clear plate competition so that, kids eat less.: Well, well Mr.Rustom Kerawalla. Good plan to keep kids starving
And no idea what, speech and drama, dance, swimming teacher coach.
During PTM they say kid is excellent, good, a leader in swimming.
But kid can't swim more than 4 feet length!!! :-(
They encourage /market parents to make kid join- after school hour activity, which is paid one.
Suggest. Not to go  this kind of school




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