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Past from 4 years my kid is studying at school.
every year they raise the fees by 10-12% hike, you end of paying 2.20L every year other than you pay for the outing, carnival etc.
But no standard of school BAR stay low and low.
It may be  academics, food, games etc
Except for few teachers, remaining are not having deep knowledge in subject or child psychology
1st Year they did it in Kantirava indoor stadium and I don't know, 2nd year onward missing. it's in school ground.!
No cover up classes for sports: If a teacher is absent, no classes. And No cover up classes are conducted.
Even if there is sudden government holiday announced, they announce cover up classes next Saturday. But no classes will happen properly on that day in school.
During the joining period they informed, we provide food[Breakfast+ lunch ] unlimited for kids and the everyday menu has been posted in the portal.
Now, both are missing, very limited food-2 Idlis for 9-year-old, who start from home at 6:50 am and the kid gets breakfast at 9:20. if you require extra one idli, you need to pay extra. And the menu is missing from portal. you pay 1850/- for this every month.
On top of this, to save on food, they started clear plate competition so that, kids eat less.: Well, well Mr.Rustom Kerawalla. Good plan to keep kids starving
And no idea what, speech and drama, dance, swimming teacher coach.
During PTM they say kid is excellent, good, a leader in swimming.
But kid can't swim more than 4 feet length!!! :-(
They encourage /market parents to make kid join- after school hour activity, which is paid one.
Suggest. Not to go  this kind of school



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