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My son just completed his Pre Nursery at Sherwood High. And like any other parent, we were very anxious while deciding upon a school for our kid, were he would be investing his precious 10+ years into. And when we came across Sherwood High and enquired with many other parents who have their child studying in the same school, we only got positive responses. It's a beautiful school with very good infrastructure. The school management including the Principal Ma'am, Co-ordinator, the Class Teachers, Support staff including the Bus Drivers, all are very good at whatever they do. They handle the kids very patiently and with utmost care & love. Here, they don't just concentrate on academics, but provide a wholesome education. They bring out the best in every kid. And I am very happy that my child is in safe hands. It has made my life stress free too. And it adds up to my joy, when my son asks me if he can go to his school on weekends as well! He loves his school.. what more can a parent ask for! :)


My son studies in Nursery (now). This is his second year with Sherwood High. I must commend the principal - Mrs. Davies, the support staff and teachers for making the first year of my son's academic life so meaningful. As a parent, I was very particular about the standard of education, level of discipline and inclination to my child's welfare that the school would offer and I must say Sherwood has never disappointed me. 
I commend the patience of the teachers, transport crew and caregivers in school since it is because of them that my son enjoys his time at school. Another important highlight of this first year at Sherwood has been the emphasis given to academic as well as personality development of the child. My son was given ample opportunity to showcase his talents and his teachers have guided him tremendously. I am a delighted parent and I highly recommend Sherwood! 


We have taken admission for our son at Sherwood High last year and as of now we are happy about my son's knowledge growth. Teachers take care very well and always received honest feedback from them. Only challenge I can see the fee structure change on a yearly basis and this is going to be a burden if it increases this way.


My daughter studies in Sherwood High since Pre-Nursery (into UKG now) and i am very happy with the she is shaping up. We had put her in a main stream school in Pre-Nur itself after considering a lot of things like playschools and today i can proudly say that my decision was right. The Staff have been very helpful and provide their assessment and feedback on the child regularly. They are also approachable when ever needed for a discussion.

For any child needing to start their educational journey i would highly recommend this school.


We are parents of twin children, studying in Sherwood high in Grade 1 'A' and 1 'F' classes. We enrolled them into Sherwood high after checking a lot of other schools. Today we feel very happy and proud that we have chosen the best school for our children both in terms of academics and also various other extracurricular activities. They would love to be at their school. We extend our sincere gratitude to the principal, teachers and the management folks for all their guidance, attention and support provided to our children in nurturing and developing their skills and knowledge.  Teachers are very good. We get timely updates on our children's progress, activities and other curriculum plans. We are very happy that our children are doing very well in their academics and are also very active in many other extracurricular activities including sports.

 Sherwood high has a very good and clean campus which is maintained very well. This school also gives a lot of importance to discipline in character, moral values and health aspects of children. We would recommend this school to all parents who are in search of, the best for their children.


Our son is studying in Sherwood High from 1st standard on wards and we are one among the other happy parents since last 6 years.  Very much satisfied and never had any major issues. Teachers and most importantly Principal have good patience to listen to parents. She always take inputs positively and never seen that its been ignored.  All the teaching and even the non teaching staffs whomever we have interacted over these many years were really generous and cooperative. About the academics my child is doing very well and I never had any issues...They pay attention for an overall development of the child most importantly not only academic. I would suggest, please visit the school once and have your own experience to judge rather than taking any positive/negative review from here, you can also see their infrastructure and then compare fees structure from other schools nearby. I found some of the negative reviews very strange which prompted me to write this review for others help. As I suggested, take a visit and then judge.


Ireally appreciate Sherwood High School effort to improve my child. My son is in Grade 2 ,Iam satisfied with the school faculty and Academic curriculum. Teachers really take it off the overall personality development along with the day to day studies.Keep up the good work. Really proud to be a part of such an educational institute.      By Harshita 18/2/2019


My both kids study there. The school was really good and worth till 2016-17. I felt 2017-18 was not good, but felt it happens due to changes. However, 2018-19 has been more bad.  Infrastructure is good. Staff, support staff are courteous and good (But education is not ).

1.  The number of leaves have GONE UP drastically (It was very high in 2017-18, but this year is breaking records). They r packing off in Mid March till June first week. Same done last year.

2. Quality of education is going down from what it was till 2016.

3. Portions are not at all covered fully. Till Nov end, almost 35-40% is only covered...then they rush to cover up remaining before Jan end. How will the kids learn basics !!! (NOT SURE ABOUT CLASS 10). This review till CLASS 9.

4. Lacks experienced staff / Permanent who can be for long and teach well. 
5. The fees are increased every year approx 10k-14k(includes all). Approx total fees including all stuff will come from 1.05 L to 1.5L depending on kids class, distance from the school. 
6. UNNECESSARY 4k they will ask to pay for Graduation day Expenses which is so MONEY ORIENTED.

I hope Management reviews the working / teaching style of school for better future for a school which could have become one of the best school in Bannerghatta Road,
I hope many parents may agree with my view.  It could have been ONE of the BEST. Now going down and down !!.

I give 2.5 Stars, but no option for it.



Both my kids go to Sherwood; my son is in IV while daughter is in X. In fact, this is the only school that my son has ever been to.

I have only positive things to say about this school. The entire staff is very courteous, they don't come across as money-launderers, and they care about their children. 

We now are planning to relocate (since school is till class X and my daughter has to look for another school). However, my son just does not want to leave the school at all.


Reading the positive reviews about this school I admitted my ward there in 2014 only to get disillusioned by mid year. Pathetic process of education, teacher's more concerned about completing syllabus instead of clearing the concept, poor student handling, corporal punishment in vogue, poor teacher attitude. They do not believe in helping the child evolve, instead believe in being defensive if you ask about their contribution in child's development. Too many sections in a class just for business. Beware before enrolling your child @ Sherwood High.




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