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My both kids study there. The school was really good and worth till 2016-17. I felt 2017-18 was not good, but felt it happens due to changes. However, 2018-19 has been more bad.  Infrastructure is good. Staff, support staff are courteous and good (But education is not ).

1.  The number of leaves have GONE UP drastically (It was very high in 2017-18, but this year is breaking records). They r packing off in Mid March till June first week. Same done last year.

2. Quality of education is going down from what it was till 2016.

3. Portions are not at all covered fully. Till Nov end, almost 35-40% is only covered...then they rush to cover up remaining before Jan end. How will the kids learn basics !!! (NOT SURE ABOUT CLASS 10). This review till CLASS 9.

4. Lacks experienced staff / Permanent who can be for long and teach well. 
5. The fees are increased every year approx 10k-14k(includes all). Approx total fees including all stuff will come from 1.05 L to 1.5L depending on kids class, distance from the school. 
6. UNNECESSARY 4k they will ask to pay for Graduation day Expenses which is so MONEY ORIENTED.

I hope Management reviews the working / teaching style of school for better future for a school which could have become one of the best school in Bannerghatta Road,
I hope many parents may agree with my view.  It could have been ONE of the BEST. Now going down and down !!.

I give 2.5 Stars, but no option for it.



Both my kids go to Sherwood; my son is in IV while daughter is in X. In fact, this is the only school that my son has ever been to.

I have only positive things to say about this school. The entire staff is very courteous, they don't come across as money-launderers, and they care about their children. 

We now are planning to relocate (since school is till class X and my daughter has to look for another school). However, my son just does not want to leave the school at all.


Reading the positive reviews about this school I admitted my ward there in 2014 only to get disillusioned by mid year. Pathetic process of education, teacher's more concerned about completing syllabus instead of clearing the concept, poor student handling, corporal punishment in vogue, poor teacher attitude. They do not believe in helping the child evolve, instead believe in being defensive if you ask about their contribution in child's development. Too many sections in a class just for business. Beware before enrolling your child @ Sherwood High.



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