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One of the best schools in Yelahanka Bangalore. Chrysalis High is one such school where individual student attention is given and extracurricular activities are also given importance. We are very happy to join our daughter here.


       I totally agree with previous review. Even we had a similar experience with the school, i can say even worse. I am writting to share my traumatic experience with this school. 
  This school, chrysalis high yelahnaka is not equipped to handle highly intelligent and naughtier kids. My kid is just 3.8 years old, went to this school for few days before which she had spent happy 2 years in preschool where there were no issues at all.  the teachers and so called special educator hit her and locked her inside the dark room multiple times. I questioned the school authorities and demanded the CCTV footage after getting to know the issue. The school people including principal, teacher, coordinator and so called special educator blamed my kid calling her as autistic and abnormal instead of accepting their mistake. I justified saying my kid started reading english and kannada at the age of 2 years and absolutely normal which fell on the deaf ears.
       I also went ahead, got the certificates from 3 different doctors and counselors saying my kid is absolutely normal and has above average IQ, just to prove the school is wrong.
         They are doing all these because they can collect thousands of rupees as extra fee in the name of special education for special need kids. The easy way is to tag a normal kid as abnormal and scare the parents to collect the fee.
        I was treated very badly and blackmailed by school people not to spread this issue to anyone. I am still going ahead and writing this review so that other kids can be saved and i do not want any other parents to undergo what we underwent.
Happy thing is that my kid is out of that school and happily settled in another school.


I had a very bad experience with this school culture, teachers and Principle.

" We are not capable of handling such students " Said by present Principle. If your kid is more active/Hyper active in all aspect please i suggest do not send him/her here. They are not fit to handle such students. In return they play a blame game and ask us to seek a child counselor (which is not an issue) and name them as special kids. Few teachers are not trained to maintain naughty kids. They ignore such kids in class and make them sit in the corner. My was son is going 3rd std now (but luckily not this school) and was more active before, but i never used to get any complaints from any of the teachers ( management was much better at that time ). But this year was very pathetic ( new lady principle). very often i used to get a call from teachers or principle. I feel she is not fit to be a Principle where she can make such statements. 

I was called every month to meet the teachers and principle regarding the complaints about my son. Though they have a school child counselor, they did not take any initiative/strategies to make him sit in class and do the work. Just to maintain 30 students in class by two teachers is more difficult for them. They never check their diary's or will not correct the class work book for days together, often they keep changing the teachers. 
When ever i go to PTM i meet other parents and even they have similar issues with teacher... do not send them to activities, corner them etc . But nobody opens their views in front of them. I guess Teacher should be sent to counselor to get some training on how to be with kids.

Finally i had been to the counselor whom they suggested and also to our own counselor and we got a positive result from them. My son is having very superior IQ level (told by both the doctors after doing an assessments). And even Doctors are not happy with the comments given to him by the school. After all the assessments done Doctor said he is fit and fin as other kids but we have to just keep him busy to bring down his naughtiness. And even Dr suggested not to put him in such school where they are not capable of taking care of naughty kids. 
Now i am happy they i am out from that school.




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