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NPS Yeshwathapur charges exorbitant fees of 2lakhs for KG. It is not worth. After taking so much fees the school will have to device a way so that the kids learn everything in school and should not ask the parents to teach them the same thing.  Kids should be free at home and play with friends. Why should parents send the kids if they were to teach. The school should not ask the income of parents in application as this is discrimination. The government or education department should take action against such schools charging high fees. The principal is unhappy at silly things. She cannot teach tolerance to kids when she herself is intolerant. The other teachers also follow the same. The security guards are also advised to be strict. What will the school achieve by being strict? Will the principal and the other teachers treat their kids the same way as they treat the children in nps? If they are then god save them. The parents are not allowed to handover something that kid has forgotten during school hours. The school cannot be such narrow minded. NPS should be broad minded and teach the kids to be broad minded. Grown up and learn nps !


Read the previous review, since the Principal is very straight forward and strict most of the parents feels she is arrogant. But Principal needs be like that else it would be difficult to manage.

My son loves & enjoying going to school, his teachers are very caring. Principal is very motivating and speaks reality about the current generation which is very true and inspiring. Great going NPS YPR!!!


Extremely arrogant Principal , equally arrogant staff.
I am only scared to rake it up with them due to my kids presence but i am not going to keep quiet if i notice their arrogant behavior with my kid

all parents please make informed decision before admitting your kids, you will be stuck with them with their arrogant behavior and it will have bad impact on kids, they dont understand all parents are equally educated if they are spending so much on school.

they used to make kids sit in mud ground with their white dress and say this is our school rules , what more can you expect ?

Please check on basic facility one should get before you enroll your kids there


My child joined nps, ypr with great enthusiasm in 2014. But we are shocked to notice
that the language used by the students are very abusive. There is no friendly atmosphere in the class. My child is unable to approach the class teacher as she is very biased. She is also very discouraging and condescending. My child lost interest in  studies because of this unhealthy atmosphere. 



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