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redbridge school reviews Bangalore's best place to work. Professional people with good experience in teaching.Your child will mold under a best people in curricular and co curricular activities.


  Hi, My son is 3years and planning to put him to PreK next academic year. We had visited Redbridge international academy last month and we were quite impressed with the school. The procedure they follow to educate kids, the activities, the campus all are very good. But my concern is about the curriculum they follow, they say they follow a mixed curriculum where in they club cbse, icse and cambridge syllabus together, i.e they have their own curriculum till 8th. From 9th the students can choose either they want to go for icse or cambridge syllabus. So till 8th will they be trained enough to fit into any curriculum ,incase if I change school in between can they cope with the syllabus followed in other schools? Can anyone answer to my doubts ?


redbridge academy reviews bangalore's best international school with world class infrastructure and amenities. All the teachers and staffs are veterans who ads value to the school.


Redbridge academy Bangalore is my favorite school. As a parent as well as a teacher i would like to rate and give top redbridge academy Bangalore reviews. This is the place which gets growth not only for the children, but also the parents and teachers.


Redbridge international school is one of the top school with wide and green campus. redbridge academy Bangalore reviews as the favorite school of all parents as well as the students. 


redbridge international academy Bangalore is reviews as the best place to work in education sector. Improvement in career as well as knowledge level. Also the main thing is the corporation of each member to improve themselves.


No word to say about Redbridge international Academy which is offering high quality education for our kids. 


As per my opinion redbridge international school is one of the top international schools in Bangalore.


Redbridge school is one of the top ICSE/ IGCSE school in Bangalore. They are supporting kids to achieve their team with world class facilities. redbridge school reviews Bangalore's top school with large green campus and lush fauna and flora.


Redbridge academy reviews as the top ICSE school near Electronic city Bangalore with best residential facilities. The boarding is really gives a home like appearance. Redbridge academy Bangalore is the right place to mold your child in a right way to achieve success in their future.


My daughter has been studying in Redbridge for the past one year. I can say with complete assurance that it is by far the best school that she has been to. Infrastructure is obviously great, but that


This is our daughter's third year in the school. And we are very happy with her progress so far. We were looking for a school which gives importance to the overall personality growth of a child rather than just a bookish knowledge. We found Redbridge is a right fit for her.


Hi, My kid has been with Red Bridge for over 2 years now and this is my experience.

1) The Staffs are Good and they know the kids very well and as close as family.
2) the Principal is a very well experienced gentleman you would find. He talk's from his heart, which i love.
3) the class rooms are very roomy, well lit with natural light, good landscaping around, great vastu followed,
and not densely populated like my school was.
4) The fee is not on the higher side people say, and you do get more than what others are offering.
5) The school follows a good approach to learning with a lot of practical experiences.


I visited Redbridge International Academy as a parent looking to find the best school for my daughter. I visited nearly 10 schools and the search narrowed down to Redbridge as I saw that Redbridge gave me the best of what I personally wanted from schools.

They have a great faculty, superb extra curricular activities, superb Infrastructure, the campus is conducive to learning, the Children teacher ratio is optimum.

My child has been here for an year now, and the development I see in her fills me with pride. Her confidence, her communication, her level of comprehension, her zeal to participate, her joy, her outlooks towards others, her expressing opinion on affairs that I feel is way beyond a 4th grader... amazes me.  I am happy that i have made a great decision in putting my only child in a place that teaches children to Participate and giving your best rather than winning. The philosophy they teach at school is to enjoy and have fun while participating... winning or loosing is just a phase. The real credit is in participating.

Kudos Redbridge !!! My kid has found a true mentor.


Kudos Team Redbridge. My experience at your school yesterday has floored me. Loved the facilities, infrastructure, bright n Airy classrooms, rubberized flooring for Kindergarten kids, baby toilets, foot ball turf and the minute details that has gone into the school has made the tour a memorable experience. I wish the new management and the faculty every success and sincerely wish to be a party of the extended Redbridge family in the near furture.


My child is studying here for last one year and I strongly repent why did I put him in this school. If everything goes well, I


My Son is studying in nursery Red bridge Junior school  school at Bellandur branch. My son started school at IPlay I learn which was acquired by Red bridge during Sep 2013. At that time transition, the Red bridge has conducted a parent orientation program for all existing parents. They have explained about Red bridge and curriculum  and teaching methods. They have mentioned to follow  the board ICSE, IGCSE  and Jolly phonics (  teaching methodology. It was good and it was accepted by all parents at that time.

Later Sep 2013, the school has gone 100% with Red bridge management. Before the Christmas vacation, most of teachers quit from Red bridge due to management issues. In my son class, the two teachers quitted and they did not have any teachers for nursery class during the month of Dec 2013. We came to know this and we have  escalated this to management. During this meeting, almost all kids parents was in. One of the parent has asked about the kids progress for last three months. They do not have anything with them. It means from Sep2013, there is no progress/activities in class and there is no curriculum has been followed either IPlay or Red bridge. They has skipped all parent teachers meeting with reasons of festival holidays. In the month of Nov 2013, they have conducted parent teachers meeting which was prepared the progress report for each kids within two days.(I have come to know after check with a staff).  

They have invested in crores of money in Jigani bracnh school(Near to electronic city) which is the main school for them. Hence, they are marketing well to promote their Jigani school. But, they are not really concentrate on kids carrier growth to reach the Indian school standard. They are promoting well on crispy items like good campus, bus, parks, class room at main branch.

My question is here,

Where is curriculum/books/activity plan for nursery class till end of Mar 2013? 

They are replying, it is getting printed or in progress. 

While in parent orientation program, they have shown lot of books which is good and lot of activities which can be performed at class day to day activities. But in real, those items are not there in the school at Bellandur branch.

Few parents are trying to get admission in other school. Most of the kids are failed. Some parents escalated to management about the kids standard as expected in Indian school standard.  They have answered as to bring the kids in own standard(which is nothing basically). Hence, the kids must continue their school with expectation of something can be teached. After senior KG at Bellandur branch, the kids can continue at their Jigani branch school (which is 30 KM away from Bellandur) at hostel, since the parents will not get admission in other schools. This is really good Marketing strategy.

If you wish to visit the school for any admission process, I will request you ask one question with expectation of answer along with proof.

Can you please show me the curriculum, activities plan and books for whole year? 

They may have very crispy answers/proofs for marketing purpose. But keep stay in your question until show the curriculum whole year.



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